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Amazon Restricted and Gated Brands: Your Questions Answered

By Leah McHugh

Some brands cannot be sold on Amazon without going through an approval process. Here’s everything you need to know about brand gating on Amazon.

Amazon Restricted and Gated Brands: Your Questions Answered

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Chris Dunne

Very informative, great post Leah. Good news that it won’t affect those sellers already selling branded goods.

David Alosi

We are a brand owner , brand registry member, and the only manufacturer. At he moment we have been “gated” from selling our own brand. Trying to work it out, we are running out of stock and prevented from shipping.


Replying to David Alosi

Hi David,

Unfortunately, this is not the first case like this I have heard of that happening. I would assume it’s a glitch.
It’s probably easiest to send them a letter of authorization, identifying yourself as the brand owner.


Replying to David Alosi

Hi David, We just encountered this yesterday (Oct. 10). We followed the approval process and have sent in a letter of authorization. Have you been able to work through this? If so, what did you need to do to get yourself approved?


Rich Weiss

We already have bumped into gating on some products on a particular brand. This is nefarious. We shall see how well this works out. I believe it is a way to put leverage on manufactures to sell to Amazon directly.

Joseph Ferriulo

Is there a way to get a list of all the gated brands?


Replying to Joseph Ferriulo

There are a few user generated lists around the internets, but no official list from Amazon.

Jennifer Abernathy

The are also requiring sellers of dietary supplements to re-apply and pay a $3000 non-refundable fee. I have been actively selling supplements for two months and they pulled my listing yesterday. Amazon is definitely not seller friendly. This will wreck a lot of sellers like me.


It seems like on that Selling Application for Brand picture that there’s a radio button that allows the seller to either pick one of the two choices: to either pick 3 invoices or to pick the letter from Nike. Is it a choice the seller can make or are BOTH documents needed? On the first link (CNBC) that was supplied by this article, the site also has a picture but it seems like an option was selected because the radio button of one of it is solid where the other is hallow. I’m assuming the seller can have a choice… Read more »


I truly appreciate the need to weed out all the dodgy little weirdos that sell counterfeit goods under the premise that they are legitimate but Amazon really has gone about this in the most atrocious way. Makes third party sellers think that this is just a way to get rid of third party sellers after building a customer base for Amazon and its back door affiliated big brands to steal the market share of the back of pur hard work. However, they’ll only mention it to be a conspiracy theory and act innocent. The worst thing is that i was… Read more »

Xiaojing Yin

Hi,I want to gate my brand,how much is the fee for brand gating?Can you do this?Thank you.


Is there a list of restricted brands?


Hi Guys – I hope this might help some of the Amazon sellers here – we have a full and regularly updated list of gated and restricted brands here – 🙂

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