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Amazon Transparency Codes: What They Mean for Amazon Sellers

By Travis J. Stockman

Amazon’s Transparency codes have huge potential for stopping the sale of counterfeits, but legitimate sellers are being caught in the crossfire.

Amazon Transparency Codes: What They Mean for Amazon Sellers

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8 months ago

Yet, it doesn’t work at all. I received a product with a code. The amazon app verified the code. It sais, it’s a valid code, but it doesn’t show any product information. So the code could have been issued for any other product and now stick on a fake product. Then, calling the amazon hotline, the employees do not even know what a transparency code is. Then writing an email to amazon headquarter the issue is handed over to the transparency code team. No reply since months. No transparency, yet.

justin stalker

justin stalker

6 months ago

Would be interested in knowing what information is being collected and sent back to amazon for marketing from both your phone and product as all the policies link back to and thier (Amazon as a whole) policies on using your data. Have brought up to Walmart as some of our manufactures use this and if they where comfortable with Amazon using thier customers info as no one reads the terms when installing the app.

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