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Free for 5 snipes a week, easy to use with short snipe interval.

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A review of JustSnipe by Barton1,
20 Jan 2007
I have only used this service for a few months. It has worked for me. It is fairly easy to use, has a 5 second snipe interval and has a bookmark that merges with your browser. Just open the Ebay item you are interested in either watching or sniping, click on the bookmark, enter your ID and password and then what you wish to do. Just Snipe does all the rest. At any time you may go to Just Snipe and see what your current status is. Recommended.

How did we ever do business before Laris ???

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A review of Laris by JohnnyC,
17 Jan 2007
We are a long established non-profit selling on ebay and Our monthly sales volume is around $40 with at least 70 shipments going out every day. Before Laris, we used the eBay Sell Your Item Form and the My Ebay page to manage our business. It was like running a super Walmart with an abacus and a legal pad... Since we started using Laris, we have nearly doubled our sales of last year. Most importantly, the time required to manage customer questions, payments, and shipping was c

Opened ~ Closed ~ Same Day...... Still charged me 21.95 ??????

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A review of Andale by tjmmktg,
17 Jan 2007
Had to open account to see listing templates. They are hardly professional. I thought their selection was limited and cheezy. I closed my account the same day and they immediatly charged my account for the full months fees! I didn't even list one item with their service!!! Stay away if you like your money, I think they tried to upsell me on their products every time I opened a page. For the money Blackthorne is the best full service lister out there, for ebay.

Cheap option, but you get what you pay for.

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A review of AuctionTeller by peter12,
12 Jan 2007
We have used them for over 1 year ,, while they are cheap they offer NO support and there site goes down everyonce in a while there is no one to talk to and they DON'T answer e-mails.Based in India I think .Once they went down for 3 Days and there server was down , so any auctions you had up had no photos, Must be better options out there.

Highly accessible yet buyer unfriendly bulk auction site.

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A review of by ddarreng,
7 Jan 2007
I have been using for more than a year with mixed results. I tend to be a conservative auction attendee, and yet still manage to be on the losing end of this auction websites decisions during dispute processes. Of the five auctions I have won, I found that two where not as advertised/missing items. That is bad enough but the resolution process was slanted in favor of the seller both times. If you plan to bid be sure to keep in mind the quantity variance listed on the auction,

Smoke and Mirrors - Zoovy is perfect, it's the retailer that needs to change to fit Zoovy's system!

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A review of Zoovy by innocentjon,
5 Jan 2007
First off - Hey Uber Geek Comics - Maybe it would be helpful to let everyone know that you are an employee of Zoovy....IE your opinion here is tied to your bonus. Zoovy promisses the world, and delivers only a small portion of those promisses. It is a company in trouble.....when customers started comparing notes in their forums and it became clear that a MAJORITY of customers were having the same problems in their Warehouse Manager software.....zoovy was quick to respond.....and took down th

A Lot of Problems - Support SLOW!

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by Bigmotter,
5 Jan 2007
I have used SA Basic and SA Pro for 7 years on 2 separate sites. Very few glitches and pretty stable. Blackthorne software not so. A ton of bugs and glitches and very slow support of any kind. Of those 7 years one of my sites has been as a gold level seller. I actually received a telephone number and a dedicated account representative to call for trouble. I still had very slow support for the software programs! I'm sure this software will be great someday! I just don't have that kind of time to

We Love Laris!!

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A review of Laris by debgirl,
4 Jan 2007
After selling on ebay for 7 years and trying just about every auction management sytem out there, I think we have finally found our home! We have found the staff at Laris extremely helpful- they actually answer the phone- no emails back and forth for days- and answer every question. They really work to help grow your business and have given us some great ideas on how to do things better!! We transitioned from another system and they were very helpful in the whole process- We run approx 3000 auct

Missed Snipes!

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A review of BidSlammer by funjolian,
3 Jan 2007
BidSlammer missed placing bids on 4 of my last five snipes. I want my money BACK!!!!

Great Tool!

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A review of CARad by bdjolie,
27 Dec 2006
This was an easy to use tool. It had plenty of nice templates to choose from. Also, I used all the listed upgrade features and have no regrets. My Fairlane listing looked professional and had a ton more hits than other ebayer's listing a similar car (about 10,000 hits). I sold it on the second try after I made some changes to my pricing strategy. I highly doubt I would use a different tool for listing a car. As long as you know what you are doing with marketing your car on eBay, you will sell yo

Out of Business? No Response, never worked very well

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A review of Auction Auto Bidder by patterson,
26 Dec 2006
I have tried to put up with the various problems, mostly I cannot load up more that 3 or 4 auctions or it will fail to place the bid. On 12-11-06 it crashed with a data overflow error. I emailed him on the 11th and the 21st and no response at all. It is the 26th so he is either out of biz or just not interested in making this program work correctly for me.

5 STARS... wish I could leave more!!! I am so happy...

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A review of inkFrog by sky1,
9 Dec 2006
I finally found an excellent auction listing service in web based inkfrog! I have tried several desk top and web based services for my small ebay selling business over the years and have not been very impressed with any of them. Most recently I used web based auctionhawk which I liked but it turned out to be very un-reliable and frustrating to use (when I could access their site) do to constant bugs and poor customer support. So once again (a couple weeks ago) I ventured out to try and find a r


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A review of Gixen by saron,
8 Dec 2006
I won a dozen or so auctions so far using Gixen. I don't think I'll ever bid any other way.

To good to be true...

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A review of Auction Hawk by sky1,
6 Dec 2006
You know the old saying, if it seems to good to be true it probably is: I thought I found a great listing service for my ebay auctions in Auctionhawk. Used A.H. off and on for several months, loved their ease of use, price and features (when it worked)! Hated the constant bugs and lame tech support! Right when everything seemed to be running smooth again, bam, their system would go haywire: For instance, other A.H. users ebay items showing in my A.H. showcase on my ebay listings, they never cou


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Uber Geek Comics
A review of Zoovy by Uber Geek Comics,
6 Dec 2006
The most powerful e-commerce software you could imagine. This is not for the faint of heart. If Zoovy can't do it, you don't need it. It does Amazon, Ebay, webstore, wholesale, supply chain, postage, fed ex, ups, dhl, yahoo shopping,, shopzilla, overstock, froogle, googlebase, pricegrabber, and so much more. Everything you want in one package. It's not for amateurs or hobbyists. You have to be a serious e-commerce professional in order to appreciate it.

Five Stars all the Way!! Zoovy is the BEST!

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A review of Zoovy by andyf,
5 Dec 2006
Guys, I don't normally post reviews however, Zoovy is excellent - I just couldn't sit there and read the negative things being said about a system that has allowed us to grow exponentially over the past 2 years. Sure, there are issues with every system, but these guys care. They have bent over backwards working to provide us with, what I consider to be industry leading features and support. Their integration with Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, Google and the rest is truly remarkable. The order m

Great tool, but I was hoping for more!

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A review of ShipWorks by bdjolie,
4 Dec 2006
Wow! Awesome, user-friendly, and easy-to-use tool. It definitely streamlines the shipping process for so many. Without a doubt... Shipworks is the first shipping tool that really works, and actually works well with FedEx. I love how it retrieves the customer's shipping information and automatically inputs 999-999-9999 for missing phone numbers. This really saves me a lot of time, and of course, I save a lot of time not having to copy and paste my shipping information into FedEx's site. Additi

Great tool, but not enough on keywords

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A review of Terapeak Professional by bdjolie,
4 Dec 2006
My review is based on Terapeak's "Research Advantage" subscription. It is so easy to use! Although there is absolutely no learning curve, they still provide a quick and easy to follow manual with screen prints. All you have to do is type in your search term(s), select one or all categories, choose 1, 7, 30 days of data, and/or end day. Results appear within a few seconds. The research is based on closed listings, seller IDs, and categories. You have the option to save your searches.

great when it works customer support needs major improvement

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A review of Auctiva by rox,
26 Nov 2006
The free Auctiva Mr. Poster is almost EXACTLY what I need, and I've found nothing else that comes close. BUT when it comes time to submit your batches to ebay, there's about a 60% chance things will go smoothly. This is BAD on reduced price listing days, or if you need them to go at an exact time. I'm always scared something is going to crash on me or the update is going to erase everything, or some other bug is going to fly in. It's just not reliable it raises your blood pressure to a deadly le

Was Second Choice, but not now!

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Pro by bdjolie,
25 Nov 2006
From a seller's perspective, I think Channel Advisor is a decent tool and is one of the better ones out there. I also agree with all the previous reviewers' comments. From a buyer's perspective, stay away from their third party shopping chart. I am an eBay user first, a seller's customer second. When it comes time to checkout, I want to do it eBay's way. If Channel Advisor meets your auction management needs, great! You have a good tool to work with. However, I get the impression that they

From dream to nightmare.

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A review of Auction Hawk by barkasvan,
25 Nov 2006
Auction Hawk has become a nightmare. My first customer was invoiced four times. Most of my sold listings get put in an unsold folder, where the sold listings features are not available. These and other glitches were tolerable until they deleted most of my active listings and all of my pending listings, and they have now deleted my pending listings again, after I notified them of the problem. All I have left that works is the image hosting and listing template, I can't trust it to do anything
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