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Re: Introduce yourself here
30 Dec 2015
@Andy Hi: My name is Tamara. I have been selling fine estate jewelry on eBay since 2012. My over 1,950 feedback score is 100%. At times I have been a powerseller as well as a top rated seller.

I have consigned to a local jewelry store. I also sell to friends and family members. All of this started out as a hobby that I want to get into full time. I offer unique genuine gold and platinum jewelry at very reasonable prices.

I am researching ways to eventually start my own fine jewelry selling site. I would like to help retail jewelers liquidate unsold jewelry, new old stock, or dead inventory. I also plan on taking in consignments from individuals to sell on my website.

My specialty is saving estate jewelry mountings from being melted down and having them restored, often adding gems and diamonds from my collection.

I also sell colored diamonds that I source by sending white diamonds to a vendor to have them treated for permanent color change.

My passion is creating custom one of a kind pieces.

I would like advice on how to start a web jewelry store. I need advice on creating a website, logo, SEO. Basically starting from scrap.

I am very happy to have stumbled onto this site. I look forward to absorbing as much information as possible here.

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Re: Introduce yourself here
3 Jan 2016

I'm Jay Smith, the CEO of 3rdVenue.Com

I've been primarily selling on eBay since its inception. I've started many websites on many platforms with varying degrees of success. I've managed to make a living, but Google crushed us when they took away free traffic and shopping. It has taken us awhile to get some steam again, and have some time to contribute to the ecommerce community!

We have always been held back by the lack of tools and software integrations among all the selling platforms and experienced difficulties with website technologies. I found Web Retailer about a year ago and I can't get enough of this site! I'm what's known as an "end user developer" which means I know just enough to be dangerous, or configure a theme, LOL.

Thank you for starting this site and thank you to everyone who has posted here, the information has been invaluable.

Jay Smith, CEO,
3rdVenue.Com, LLC
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Re: Introduce yourself here
10 Jan 2016
Hello everyone

My name is Igor - I am a fairly new seller at eCommerce with some level of experience. My Desire and Strive for great knowledge and earnings has brought me here - so will accept all the best of advise possible and try to learn and ask as much as possible ^_^
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Internet Retailer editor
12 Jan 2016
I'm the editor in chief at Internet Retailer magazine and We closely follow all facets of online retail, and sales on Amazon and other marketplaces are among the hottest areas of our coverage.
I'll be interested to hear what's on the minds of marketplace sellers. Feel free to let me know if there's a story we should be covering.
Best of luck.
Don Davis, editor in chief, Internet Retailer
Shunde, Foshan,Guangdong China
Billy in China
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15 Jan 2016
Dear All,

Thanks to your innovative community to gather us here.

I'm Billy from China, i'm living in South of China, where are full of manufacturers, products involve building materials, furniture, home appliances, steel and light,I've just got myself as a seller in Amazon, as a fresh, i need learn much from you, so if you have any experiences or new findings, please share with me by my mail,further more, i can't sell all the products around me, so if you have any idea or any demand for product wholesale, please contact with me, i will try to get the supply for you from China.

Billy from China.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
18 Jan 2016

Glad to meet you here,

I am Dennis, working as a marketing executive in IT firm for ecommerce products, I join this community to know about various marketplace updates and latest marketing trends. I find this forum a right place to discuss about my interesting topics, so I join this forum.

Orderhive is a cloud based multichannel Inventory Management Software
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Re: Introduce yourself here
19 Jan 2016
Hi! My name is Timur Shcribliyak. I am a Tester QA. I prefer studying and learning something new. I am here to discourse with professionals and newcomers
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Re: Introduce yourself here
22 Jan 2016
Hello Everyone,

I am the Founder and CEO of atmosol, an eCommerce Implementation & Conversion Optimization Agency.

We deeply collaborate with our retail clients to discover & build customized, scale-able and conversion focused eCommerce stores. We leverage Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento CE (1 and 2) for our SMB retailers. And Magento EE (1 and 2), Mozu and Demandware for our Enterprise retailers.

Our passion is eCommerce, which allows our clients to lean on our expertise while they focus on running their business. We have launched 200+ successful stores and we’ve built long-term relationships with our clients.

I joined this forum in order to learn from other thought leaders in the eCommerce consulting field, and also hope to add value to retailers that are seeking advice and feedback on their eCommerce initiatives.

Thank you.

P.S - you can learn more about us here -
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Re: Introduce yourself here
1 Feb 2016
Hi there! I`m now one member, i`m beginner in all, just read ans learn now. However, i hope to start soon to make my own website. Nice to meet with all of you
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Re: Introduce yourself here
2 Feb 2016
Hi all,
My name is Greig. I'm an eBay seller and just came across this website and found it really useful.

Hopefully i can contribute something back to the community here.

Nice to meet you all.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
2 Feb 2016
I have been an Amazon Seller Since Mid 2013.

Since Mid 2014 I have been running a Keyword and Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers called

We have a Huge Database of over 46million Keywords that you can run a Reverse ASIN Keyword Search on, to find the keywords it ranks for on any of the 150million+ Amazon products we have in our database, with included Estimated Search Volumes for each Keyword.

Also, We now have a Amazon Keyword Trends Tool that lets you see how keywords trend over time, and you can find the top trending keywords on Amazon on a daily basis because of the data being updated daily.

Also, KIPRT is our product research tool that has enterprise level data on 150million+ products on Amazon, including historical data on salesranks, sales per day, reviews, ratings, pricing and much more.
To Your Online Success!
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Re: Introduce yourself here
3 Feb 2016
My name is Francis Erekosima, I am new to online marketing and am here to learn more on how to market product especially on eBay and Amazon, am also a publisher and has published 5 of my friend's books on amazon titled, In the shadow of a killer, slamenge, senator collection, blood of the fallen and fellowship of the damned, if you type in my full name on amazon search column, it will display these books as well, I am also here to learn how to market these books. Thanks
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Re: Introduce yourself here
6 Feb 2016
Hi Everyone..

I am Himanshu Chaudhary and I am running sales,marketing and business development for Velociter's Solutions Pvt.Lt.

We here at Velociter's provide a one stop software and branding solutions with a dedicated team for e-commerce businesses with expertise especially in web and mobile application development.Our strength lies in impeccable software solutions with excellent UI's.

We have worked on massive projects like,,,which are running huge in startup and e-commerce market.
We serve fortune 500 clients like Wipro, Mahindra, John Deere, Symbiosis, Donear etc. We have executed complicated solutions for a lot of brands and you can trust us in terms of professionalism and quality of the service.
We are currently based in Pune but provide solutions for clients in Malaysia and
We would love to help aspiring retailers and entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.
Also see our more work at
You can also reach me at my email
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Re: Introduce yourself here
6 Feb 2016
Good afternoon,

New to the board. I have an ecommerce business that sells exotic leather goods and we are expanding and am looking for information that will help us expand efficiently.


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Re: Introduce yourself here
9 Feb 2016
Hello, Angel Martinez ...I am a novice on online retail, after a short start, not so sucessful , I am back again for a new chance, using my learned lessons and trying to learn more for a better chance.
Now just start an eBay place , aim for the best
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