Amazon’s EU Regulatory Hurdles, SellersFi Collaboration, eBay Layoffs, and More News

Happy Friday, eCommerce folks! February is here, and we’re starting the month off strong with important Amazon and eBay announcements. But first, make sure you’ve caught up with last week’s News Digest. Once you’re up to speed there, feel free to return here and explore the latest developments in the eCommerce industry.

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Seizing Opportunity in the Wake of Amazon’s EU Regulatory Hurdles

Amazon’s venture into the European Union’s (EU) marketplace recently encountered a significant hurdle. The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) slapped a hefty $35 million fine on Amazon’s France-based warehouse arm, Amazon France Logistique. 


Amazon’s employee monitoring system was under the microscope. The CNIL found the system’s use of barcode scanner data and precise task tracking to be overly invasive. This rigorous surveillance, they argued, unfairly pressured employees and tilted the scales in Amazon’s favor in the online retail race. 

However, Amazon is pushing back, defending its system as a crucial tool for ensuring warehouse safety and efficiency.

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But that’s not the only obstacle Amazon is facing in Europe. Their ambitious $1.4 billion bid to acquire iRobot, the brains behind the famous “Roomba” vacuum cleaner, also hit a roadblock. 

EU business watchdogs raised the alarm, concerned that Amazon might edge out iRobot’s competitors on its digital shopping platform, particularly in key markets like France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. 

In a surprising move, Amazon pulled the plug on the deal. This decision had immediate repercussions for iRobot, leading to a 31% cut in their workforce and a $20 million slash in research and development funds. 

Amidst these shifts, iRobot’s leadership landscape is changing too, with Colin Angle stepping down as CEO and founder and Jeff Engel stepping up as the new Chief Restructuring Officer.

Despite Amazon’s challenges to these regulatory decisions, recent events signal some turbulence in their European journey. As Amazon navigates these choppy waters, its position in the competitive EU market remains a hot topic for discussion.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

Amazon’s recent regulatory challenges are a crucial reminder for eCommerce sellers: staying compliant with stringent data privacy laws is essential, especially in handling employee and customer data. 

With Amazon facing setbacks, there might be temporary openings in the market that agile eCommerce sellers can capitalize on. Consumer robotics is one of the sectors that eCommerce sellers could potentially look into. 

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Big Retailer News

Amazon and SellersFi Collaboration

SellersFi has joined forces with Amazon to introduce a groundbreaking financial solution aimed at empowering eCommerce sellers and customers with the secure capital they need to flourish in the competitive digital marketplace. 

This collaboration will revolutionize the landscape for eligible Amazon sellers by providing access to credit lines of up to a staggering USD 10 million, all through the cutting-edge Amazon Lending platform. 

In addition to these substantial credit opportunities, eligible sellers can look forward to streamlining their access to broader lines of credit, fostering the optimization of their online stores’ growth strategies. 

SellersFi’s mission revolves around addressing the unique challenges eCommerce entrepreneurs face, particularly the arduous task of securing adequate funding for expansion. 

Through this partnership, Amazon and SellersFi aim to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by simplifying the eCommerce financing process and offering a range of safe and accessible financial products tailored to their specific needs. 

This collaboration isn’t just about capital; it’s about propelling eCommerce into the future. Amazon Lending and SellersFi share a commitment to enhancing the overall seller experience by tackling various obstacles in the online business realm. 

With a focus on meeting the demands of sellers and clients in the US and beyond, they aim to ensure compliance with local regulations while delivering flexible access to capital for businesses of all sizes.

As SellersFi expands its financial service platform, it aims to lead the way in fintech innovation, allowing eCommerce sellers and companies to concentrate less on financial worries and more on achieving their ambitious business objectives.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

By simplifying the financing process and providing tailored financial products, this partnership not only aids in overcoming the common challenges of expansion but also propels the entire eCommerce sector towards future growth and innovation. 

For eCommerce entrepreneurs, this means less financial stress and more focus on scaling and achieving their business aspirations.

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eBay Layoffs

eBay recently made a significant workforce adjustment, letting go of 1,000 employees, which included 25 individuals from its authentication center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The authentication center played a pivotal role in supporting eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program. It is a vital part of its strategy to compete with industry leaders like the RealReal and StockX. 

The program ensures authentication in various categories, such as Streetwear, Sneakers, Watches, Jewelry, Handbags, and Trading Cards.

In addition to the Las Vegas layoffs, eBay also parted ways with three remote workers in Nevada, including a Director of Product Management, a Program Manager, and a Senior User Experience Researcher. 

These layoffs aren’t limited to Nevada; eBay also let go of 391 employees in its California headquarters, affecting both managerial and directorship roles.

What does it mean for eBay sellers?

The workforce reductions could impact sellers’ ability to quickly list and sell high-value items and potentially influence their sales and customer trust. As eBay adjusts its workforce, including managerial and directorial roles, there might be shifts in company strategy or operations that could influence how sellers interact with the platform and conduct their business.

eBay sellers, watch out! Changes may be coming your way.

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International Retailer News

Temu Welcoming European Sellers

In an exciting development for the global eCommerce landscape, Temu will open its doors to US sellers this March, with plans to welcome European sellers shortly after. 

Temu made its European debut last year, establishing an office in Ireland and operating primarily through a dropshipping model, where they ship products directly from manufacturers to consumers. 

This expansion has raised eyebrows among industry leaders like Amazon and eBay, as Temu’s presence in Europe has already led to a decline in their daily mobile shoppers. The move to allow local US and European sellers onto the platform will require sellers to establish logistics from their domestic warehouses, ensuring quicker delivery for customers. 

While Temu won’t manage pricing or marketing, it aims to emulate the successful marketplace models of Amazon and eBay.

Temu may plan to get a wider seller base, but we are yet to see whether sellers will flock to the Chinese platform, as other eCommerce giants like Wish and AliExpress have struggled to diversify their seller base successfully. 

Temu’s approach of allowing local sellers to use their domestic warehouses for efficient delivery mirrors the strategies employed by Amazon and eBay. As we await the March 15th launch, the industry eagerly watches to see if Temu can achieve what others have found elusive – attracting a substantial number of domestic sellers to its platform.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

With careful planning and execution, the integration of European sellers into Temu’s platform could pave the way for increased sales and higher global visibility in the eCommerce industry. 

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Chinese Selfie App Profits

The Chinese selfie app giant Meitu had an incredible year in 2023, with its profits soaring threefold thanks to its innovative generative AI-powered image and video editing tools. 

According to their unaudited accounts, Meitu estimated a net profit ranging from 330 million to 370 million yuan (equivalent to US$46.36 million to US$51.98 million), which is a remarkable leap from the 111 million yuan profit they made in 2022. 

Meitu can credit the substantial boost in profits to the achievements of its generative AI-based tools, particularly Action, which lets users create narrated videos, and X-Design, a platform for crafting graphics for product and service posters. Both of these tools surpassed expectations in terms of user growth and the number of subscribers they attracted.

In contrast to many tech companies worldwide, including those in the United States and China, Meitu has managed to effectively monetize its generative AI initiatives, which is a rare accomplishment in the industry. Kenneth Fong, who leads China internet research at Swiss investment bank UBS, pointed out that many other companies have struggled to generate income from their AI projects. 

Meitu also expanded its presence significantly last year, with its products now available in 195 countries and regions, and it experienced rapid subscriber growth beyond mainland China.

Founded in 2008, Meitu made a strategic move into generative AI in 2023 by introducing a range of new AI tools for images and videos alongside their self-developed AI large vision model, MiracleVision. 

This not only boosted investor confidence but also showcased the company’s ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive tech landscape despite facing challenges in various markets in the past.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

Meitu’s achievements in 2023 can serve as an inspiration and a reminder to eCommerce sellers to explore AI technologies and consider international expansion. 

It’s ability to monetize its generative AI initiatives shows that there is potential for eCommerce sellers to leverage AI-driven technologies to enhance their products or services and generate revenue from them.

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