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Amazon Prime Day

It’s time for the most awaited two days of the year — for Amazon sellers that is — Amazon Prime Day is finally here, and it’s time to take advantage of it. The following week will be full of shoppers trying to find the best deals, checking out new sellers and deciding what to spend their hard-earned money on. And of course it’s also the time for you to spend your money wisely if you happen to be an Amazon Prime customer as well. 


As for the Amazon team, it looks like a fun time is awaiting them too. Amazon has recently released a video and took some statements from their employees about what they can expect on the day. The video shows all the different activities that will happen inside the fulfillment center on Prime Day, and they include DJ booths and dance parties, as well as basketball games and air hockey challenges. 

Elliott Wilkes, an Amazon employee, states, “ Prime Day is always fun because we have lots of different activities going on at the site. I personally love the trivia quizzes with prizes, and I have a reputation for winning them. It’s also exciting because you get to see what’s popular and what everyone waited to buy for Prime Day—it’s like window shopping is my job!”

And of course, Prime Day hit the internet by a storm, with many platforms offering a glimpse into the best deals before Amazon Prime Day begins. The Independent, for example, is showing us a live list of great deals, with options such as watches, air coolers, mattresses and towels that have huge discounts off their original price. 

If you’re still getting last minute inventory items for your Amazon store, then check out these websites for more seller inspiration. The People Magazine has also listed 35 items that are truly great deals for Prime customers — $50 off on a TV? Sounds like a great deal, we have to say. 

Last but not least, NBC news also has to say a few things about the deals — what customers should and shouldn’t buy during Amazon Prime — perhaps it’s also something to think about while stocking up? The time is almost up so hurry! And if you’re unsure about how much money you will be able to earn on your listings, then make sure to check out our Amazon FBA calculator and never miscalculate a penny from your items ever again. Good luck!

Big Retailer News

Klarna and Stellar to Develop a Revolutionary AI Tool

AI-powered payments platform Klarna and retail experience agency Stellar Global have joined forces to develop “Virtual Services”. Virtual Services is an innovative shopping tool aiming to enhance eCommerce conversions and revolutionize consumer buying experiences. 

This tool aims to replicate the in-store experience online. It will provide dynamic, live experiences that help consumers swiftly connect with brands, make purchase decisions, and complete transactions.

Leveraging Klarna’s proprietary technology and Stellar’s virtual retail teams, the tool provides a platform for brands to engage with customers directly during their online browsing process. It offers a chat feature, enabling customers to receive live advice and product insight from Stellar’s product experts.

The virtual solution will bridge the gap between physical and digital retail experiences. Customers will be able to initiate a live video chat in multiple languages with brand-aligned product experts. The experts will showcase products, assist with onboarding, and respond to technical queries from a studio space.

Following trials with cookware supplier Sage Appliances in the UK and Europe, Klarna and Stellar have found that Virtual Services has boosted online conversion rates, average order values, and customer retention.

The companies believe that with increasing competition and the dominance of social media giants like TikTok and Meta in online shopping, brands are in need of alternative e-commerce solutions. Virtual Services will also enable brands to generate content for their online platforms and host virtual masterclasses and mass onboarding events, either in their own studio space or one provided by Stellar.

To stay up-to-date, check out our trends, tips and other news on the platform.

Etsy’s Strange Promotion Tactics

Etsy’s recent practice of promoting other sellers’ products in shipping notifications has been causing concern among its community of vendors. Sellers have expressed frustration over this new feature. They reported that Etsy includes suggestions of items from different shops in the shipping confirmation emails sent to buyers. These promoted products often have no connection to the original purchase or seller’s inventory. The promoted products cause confusion and potential harm to the seller’s brand.

One seller, SilverandEarth, highlighted this issue, expressing disappointment over Etsy diverting their customers to other shops. Another seller, CabinAndCoast, noted the same products consistently appearing in multiple shipping notifications. These notifications may lead to the assumption that these are seller recommendations. The worry is that if these promoted listings turn out to be scams or counterfeits, customers might hold the original sellers responsible. In turn, this will damage their reputation.

Additionally, sellers questioned Etsy’s reasoning behind promoting low-priced items. The practice of featuring other sellers’ products in shipping notifications seems comparable, to some sellers, with promoting rival marketplaces inside their packages.

This development follows the controversy surrounding Etsy’s insertion of “related searches” into sellers’ product photos. Etsy’s silence on these new features has led to a sense of fear, uncertainty, and doubt among its sellers. However, the ecommerce platform has yet to provide any official statement regarding these issues.

eCommerce can prove to be tricky. Which is why it’s important for sellers to understand if they should operate in the B2B or the B2C market. Check out the differences and similarities between both marketplaces in this article.

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International Retailer News

Reduction of Waste in the Fashion Industry

Global fashion brands are making strides towards sustainable denim production. Though the ultimate goal of achieving full circularity, where no resources go to waste, remains elusive, according to the Crystal International Group. Various brands in the US and Europe are exploring methods to collect, reuse, and repurpose fabric and garment waste. They do this to reduce carbon emissions and water usage, according to Tom Wong, assistant manager of sustainability at Crystal Denim.

Despite these advancements, challenges persist due to diverse factory capabilities and differing government policies across nations. The fashion industry accounts for up to 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. It’s a major contributor to global warming, per the United Nations Environment Programme.

Crystal International Group has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, with an interim goal of a 35% reduction by 2030. Wong notes that while circularity is a pressing issue in the fashion sector, achieving it is complicated by varying national policies and constraints. For instance, China commonly uses recycled fabric and textile waste for gloves and sofa cushions. On the other side, there is Southeast Asia with fewer waste-to-energy solutions.

Despite supply chain hurdles, brands like Levi Strauss aim to be “circular ready” by 2026, planning to introduce fully circular products. Wong acknowledges significant industry improvements over the past 15 years, particularly in reducing carbon footprints and water consumption.

Amazon and Rivian’s Electric Vans

Amazon is launching its first Rivian-designed electric delivery vans in Germany, adding over 300 new vehicles to its European fleet. These innovative vans, set to operate in Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf, join thousands of electric vehicles already servicing Europe, including over 1,000 in Germany alone.

As part of a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Amazon plans to invest over €1 billion in electrifying its European transport network in the upcoming years, allocating more than €400M for operations in Germany. The unique electric vehicles, designed by Amazon and Rivian, prioritise driver safety and comfort while introducing innovative features not seen in other vehicles today, says Neil Emery, Amazon’s Director of Global Fleet and Product.

Pre-production vehicle trials held in Germany allowed Rivian to enhance performance, safety, durability, and overall functionality. These European vehicles are specially designed to be thinner and shorter than their US counterparts to better navigate the narrow city streets.

Amazon and Rivian aim to deploy 100,000 electric delivery vehicles globally by 2030, reducing carbon emissions by millions of metric tons annually. To support this initiative, Amazon has installed thousands of charging stations across Europe and will continue to invest in sustainable delivery infrastructure.

Amazon is really hitting it off this year. Two weeks ago we mentioned that the retail giant is also becoming the head of the beauty industry. If there was ever a time to invest into Amazon, it would definitely be now!

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