Outform Launches Digital Mannequin, Amazon Facing Legal Challenges and More News

Friday is here and you know what that means — it’s time to take 5 and read through the latest news of the eCommerce world. For this week’s stats, we have some interesting numbers — did you know that more than a third of Americans now prefer to shop online for clothes? On that note, let’s dive deep into this week’s main news…

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Outform Launches Digital Mannequin at EuroShop

Outform, a global innovation agency, has introduced an interactive Digital Mannequin at the EuroShop retail trade fair, marking a first-of-its-kind advancement that allows fashion retailers to enhance the in-store shopping experience for modern consumers.

The Digital Mannequin, a visual merchandising platform, permits customers to manage the products they see and their in-store representations via their smartphones.

visual merchandising platform

How does it work?

Shoppers can access complete control of the content displayed by scanning the QR code on the Digital Mannequin display. They can choose the products they want to view from various angles and the model wearing them. The shopper can then directly purchase the item through a microsite on their mobile device, ensuring the experience is engaging and convenient.

The Future of Fashion Retail

Outform conducted a global study on the in-store behavior of fashion shoppers, revealing that 64% already use their smartphones while shopping and 63% desire more interactive digital experiences. The Digital Mannequin is a solution that caters to these evolving behaviors and marks a crucial stride toward the future of fashion retail.

How can eCommerce sellers also use augmented reality for their online stores?

Many businesses have been trying their luck with augmented reality, and for CORT, that strategy has definitely paid off. The company took things to the next level in January 2022 by adding both 3D imaging and augmented reality (AR) to their platform. By May 2022, the business saw a conversion rate increase of 111%

With such huge numbers at stake, it’s safe to say that digital interactive experiences are here to stay, and using them in business is bound to do more good than bad. Perhaps it’s time for you to think about how to implement AR in your business?

Big Retailer News

Amazon is under fire this week, and the case is somewhat peculiar. The company is facing a lawsuit filed by the Center for Contemporary Equine Studies, which alleges that Amazon is selling products containing donkey meat. 

Despite the efforts of advocacy groups to end this practice, the lawsuit claims that Amazon is illegally selling products containing “ejiao”, a gelatin made from donkey skin used in various products, including health supplements. According to the lawsuit, Amazon is violating California’s animal welfare law.

A customer of Amazon expressed her surprise after discovering an anti-hemorrhage dietary supplement advertisement on the platform. It’s described as “100 percent pure, natural herbs” but actually contains “gelatina nigra,” which is another name for ejiao. 

Tech Times reports that the lawsuit against Amazon urges the company to prohibit the sale of ejiao immediately. If the court rules against the retailer, Amazon may face fines of $1 million per day for each transaction involving the gelatin in California.

It’s not the first time…

It’s not the first time for Amazon to be under fire. For example, back in 2009, publishing house Noble sued the retail giant for selling its books without permission. Check out that story and some other Amazon fun facts. 

For SMB online sellers

Sustainability is hot this year, so make sure that you and your company aren’t in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Check the ingredients of the products you sell, and pay close attention to any other sustainability tips you can use to make your business even more successful!

Finding Warehouse Space: Small, Diverse, and Woman-Led eCommerce Businesses’ Experience

In the United States, approximately 718,000 eCommerce vendors sell directly to consumers, with annual revenue below $5 million, and their numbers are increasing at a rate of about 15% per annum.

Due to the demand for storage space among small companies, Saltbox, a co-warehousing provider, expanded its operations by 100%. Moreover, seventy-five percent of Saltbox’s clientele comprises women or individuals belonging to ethnic minority groups.

The need for storage space is higher than ever since so many members of society these days are trying their strengths in the eCommerce field. Small to medium business owners need spaces to operate from, and basements and garages have a limited capacity. Plus, they don’t spark the inspiration necessary for these types of businesses to grow according to the business owners.

Thanks to companies like Saltbox, small, diverse and female-led businesses have the opportunity to thrive from spaces other than their homes and basements.

And how can you improve your eCommerce business workflow?

Increase efficiency in your business workflow thanks to some of the best warehouse inventory management software. Find the best management solutions on Webretailer and watch your business processes improve instantly! Click here to check out the best warehouse inventory management software. 

Also in the News

International Retailer News

Metaverse Transforming eCommerce in India

Industry reports show the Indian eCommerce market is trending North towards a predicted value of $188 billion by 2025 — marking a substantial rise from $46.2 billion in 2020. 

Various factors are contributing to this growth, like:

  • The rise in internet and smartphone usage
  • Favorable demographics
  • Ever-changing consumer preferences

With the market constantly evolving, the emergence of the Metaverse and virtual worlds is bringing about a significant transformation for buyers and sellers alike. 

Commerce in virtual worlds offers an immersive and interactive shopping experience, increasing engagement and fostering a sense of community among customers. It also opens additional revenue streams, reduces the risk of returns, and increases accessibility for customers — particularly those in rural areas. 

What does that mean for customers?

With the ability to try on clothes virtually, explore products from different angles, and interact with other customers and the brand in new ways, customers can feel more connected to the products they purchase. 

The increasing use of the Metaverse in eCommerce in India will likely result in a more engaging, personalized, and convenient shopping experience for customers while opening up new opportunities for eCommerce companies to differentiate themselves and generate revenue.

Temu: Keeping customers hooked with gamification

Last week we talked about Temu and how it’s taking over the US app charts by storm. This week, it seems the online marketplace doesn’t want to stay away from headlines as it continues to revolutionize its ways of gaining customers. 

Through playing countless games on Temu, users have the opportunity to win some great freebies, including items like camera drones, storage organizers, or meat slicers. 

Not only are the games addicting — they also need user engagement to gain more traction. To gain a freebie, the average customer has to play games throughout the day and refer friends to keep playing. Without referrals, a game is much harder to win, if not impossible. 

Final thoughts

It’s clear that this company is not planning to slow down any time soon. If there’s anything you can take away from Temu, it’s that their marketing strategy is proving to be immensely successful and is definitely one to get inspired by. 

Temu has undoubtedly transformed the online market — but what are your thoughts about their strategy? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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