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In today’s highly competitive eCommerce world, successful marketing campaigns are essential to get your products seen. Compiling a portfolio of great products and creating a marketing plan are two completely different skill sets, and people rarely possess both.

Today’s trend is here to help. Creatopy is an ad design platform that will help you customize, automate, and scale your ad production through the use of AI and brand management tools.

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What Is Creatopy?

Creatopy is a Romania-based advertising creation platform that automates ad design. You can use various templates or start with a blank design. You can start with preset categories (display, social, print, digital, display sets, and video) and choose your niche to find the best templates. Some of these categories include:

  • Finance,
  • Health,
  • Easter,
  • Black Friday,
  • Sport,
  • Jewelry.

When I used the ad studio, I faced a learning curve that was a bit steeper compared to, say, Canva. However, the platform does offer onboarding to its users, and I found it mostly helpful (bear in mind that I’m not an experienced designer).

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The platform also allows you to create your brand kit and maintain design consistency across all channels. You can run ad campaigns straight from Creatopy and create performance reports. With the platform, you can do A/B tests, make live ad updates, and resize them all in one go.


What sets Creatopy apart are its AI-powered features. With the use of AI, you can generate banners, images, ad copy, and animations. It also removes backgrounds, translates copy into various languages, and edits existing content with ease. You only need to write a sentence of what you want to see.

Creatopy Reviews

Creatopy boasts mostly positive reviews on major review platforms. However, you should take it with a grain of salt since the number of reviews is relatively low, going from 49 to 289. Make sure to test out all the various features of the platform yourself to fully grasp if it will work for you or not.

Here are the average user scores and the number of reviews:

Review PlatformUser Score (out of 5)Number of Reviews
*As of March 2024

Seller Focus

Social media and digital marketing is unavoidable for any business that wants to succeed, and that includes eCommerce sellers. Regardless of your niche, you need to find a way to get your products in front of customers, and you can optimize your marketing budget by maximizing your return on investment.

With Creatopy, you can use AI to guide you through the process and create the most engaging ads. The pricing uses a per-editor model, making it perfect for smaller teams and one-person businesses.

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Creatopy Pricing

Creatopy offers a free seven-day trial you can sign up for without leaving your credit card information. It comes with 50,000 ad impressions, 200 export credits, and 250 AI credits.

After the trial, you need to choose one of the paid plans, billed monthly or annually. Depending on the billing period, the prices will vary.

Check out the table below to learn about Creatopy’s pricing plans:

Monthly$32 per month$45 per month$165 per month
Yearly$24 per month$36 per month$141 per month
*As of March 2024

Note that these prices are per editor. If you wish to add more editors, the price will jump. For instance, the monthly Basic plan with each new editor will cost $64, $96, $128, and so on. The Plus plan comes with a minimum of three editors (i.e. it costs $55/$47 per editor).

The State of Digital Ads: What the Stats Say

Digital advertising has been around for a long time and won’t go away any time soon. All the top marketplaces and social media know this, and they keep hiking up prices. This, however, doesn’t slow anyone down.

According to Statista, the global digital ad spend stood at $626.86 billion in 2023, more than $100 billion than just two years before. Estimates show that the ad spend worldwide will reach $835.82 billion in 2026.

Digital ad spend worldwide 2021-2026

With so much competition around, you need to do your best to optimize spending and deliver ads that people will click on. Creatopy can help out. 

Target AudienceeCommerce sellers and other businesses
Growth PercentageInterest in Creatopy has increased by 789% in the past three months. (Source: Exploding topics
TrendingThe company managed to gain a lot of interest after raising $10 million as a pioneer in AI-powered creative automation.


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