Gaming Gloves can help your customers become eSports professionals

PS5s, gaming PCs, and Xbox Series X consoles flew off the shelves this Holiday Season. And with new virtual headsets, eSports events, and gaming picking up new players every year, many players are looking to accessorize and increase their level. 

Apparently, sweat and slipping are pain points for players as ‘Gaming Gloves’ — also known as ‘Gamer Gloves’ — are a heavily trending item this month. Let’s examine this utility purchase and learn how you can get it in your store.


What are gaming gloves?

Developers designed gaming gloves to provide gamers with the utmost comfort and control when playing video games. Fashioned from a mix of spandex, Lycra, and neoprene materials for an optimum fit around your hands. 

These gaming accessories provide extra padding in areas that need it most, which creates superior support and cushioning. The finger slots on many models also make movement easier with added tactile feedback features also available. Using gaming gloves, you’ll never slip or experience ligament strain during game sessions.

Competitive gamers often turn to gaming gloves for improved performance and comfort, but anyone can benefit from them too. Gaming gloves reduce hand fatigue and strain no matter your experience or skill level.

If you have gamers in your target audience, there are loads of gaming glove wholesalers. Alibaba has a lot of options and there are many shipping and fulfillment services available to help you set up a channel.

Sellers have gaming gloves listed on top platforms::

  • Amazon – Sold by Soveel. They’re marketing these gaming gloves as useful on any console. They don’t offer alternate colors on the listing, but they come in medium or large. Price: $27.99.
  • Walmartstay real Shop is selling this cheaper 100% nylon version as useful for mobile gaming. The model offers fiber on every fingertip for optimal smartphone functionality. Price: $7.29.
  • Amazon – Sold by the FuzzyLizard Store. These gloves take things a step further with a fingerless version that makes gameplay even smoother. Again, black is the only color, but they offer a wider range of sizing options. Price: $24.99.

Selling blanket hoodies successfully

Fortunately, this product isn’t a common item for major retail chains — yet. There’s still an opportunity to connect with a top-notch supplier and make a dent in this growing market. 

Amazon has saturation, so Shopify and are both viable options. But no matter what platform you choose, you’ll need a solid shipping solution in place. In this week’s Webretailer Tuesday newsletter, we covered the top ecommerce shipping tips for 2023. Some key tips include:

  • Setting up real-time carrier rates or a flat rate system
  • Offering free shipping
  • Purchasing labels in bulk

Using a top-tier shipping software like Shippo or ShipHype can help you save money with your dropshipping business.

Selling gaming gloves on Amazon,, Etsy, and Shopify

As a dropshipper, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing gloves. But you’ll need to set up a solid supply chain to ensure your warehousing and fulfillment service is always in stock. 

Experienced dropshippers know how to find and work with suppliers via top product sourcing directories like Doba, SaleHoo, and AliExpress. And if you go with Amazon as your platform, you’ll have a streamlined fulfillment and checkout process already in place. Amazon FBA Management is a solid source of information needed to set things up. 

Thanks for reviewing the Webretailer eCommerce Trends. Our aim is to provide insights into hot, trending products and services that online sellers should know about. 


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