Product Sourcing & Dropshipping Trends

Here you will find the best dropshipping software. Learn how to find the best dropshipping products and trends by utilizing the most accurate tools and solutions out there. We review all emerging platforms and solutions that will help you in your business journey. This includes tools for competitive product analysis, finding the best dropshipping suppliers, and the best dropshipping products.

List Of The Best Dropshipping Suppliers:

Find the most popular platforms available to help you with dropshipping products, manage your inventory software, and find the best dropshipping suppliers.

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1. SaleHoo

— Service Details SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional… Read review

Pricing$27 / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Inventory Source logo
2. Inventory Source

— Product Details Inventory Source is dropship inventory and order management software that allows users to automatically upload… Read review

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3. Avasam

— Avasam is a dropshipping platform for retailers and sellers in the UK. It allows businesses to source…

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4. Doba

— Doba, a dropshipping platform, connects e-commerce retailers with wholesale suppliers. It allows retailers to add a wide…

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5. Wholesale2B

— Product Details Wholesale2B is a directory of dropship suppliers and an eCommerce inventory and order management system.…

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6. ConnectPointz

— ConnectPointz is a software solution for electronic data interchange that assists businesses in organizing business data. The…

Starting a business is hard enough on its own, not considering the countless brainstorming hours leading to the idea of how to dropship to your brand’s benefit. A business idea is a great starting point, but what happens next? 

Well, you need to choose what to sell and what to offer your potential clients. Lists of the best dropshipping products are constantly changing, and constant market research is vital.

In fact, sourcing a supplier of goods or services is practically the first step towards establishing your own brand (unless you’re creating the goods or services yourself). 

Luckily, there’s a way to cut corners and find precisely what you’re looking for regarding product sourcing dropshipping services.

We did our research and compiled a list of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers and user-friendly dropshipping services so you can handpick your choice and start selling online. Populate your online store and start profiting off your business idea, knowing you’ve made the right move.

How to Source Products for Selling

Source Products for Selling

As we mentioned, sourcing your products and services is the first step, if not the most essential one, towards successfully starting your online business. Now, you can even find white-label dropshipping suppliers and use the products to give them a brand-recognizable touch. 

Before starting your sales business, make sure you understand the concept of dropship inventory management and all the aspects revolving around reselling goods you do not hold in stock. There are a few approaches to consider to give dropshipping your best shot. This includes:

  • Choosing the most profitable dropshipping products;
  • Reviewing product quality, product price, and shipping costs;
  • Researching the best dropshipping services; 
  • Attending trade shows;
  • Finding the best dropshipping suppliers;
  • Turning to wholesalers;
  • Teaming up with a manufacturer.

Our Ranking Methodology 

We pay special attention to ranking products and services to be able to provide a shortlist of only the most reliable and affordable products. We took into consideration the top-shelf dropshipping businesses of multiple suppliers and categorized them in the range of the top 50 to the top 100. 

Our ranking process includes various expert and user-centered reviews for each dropshipping service — such assessment methodology allows us to define the functionality and affordability of the services we rank.

We favored dropshipping services that clearly defined key features and metadata and also reviewed demos of the services. In addition, our experts paid special attention to the UI features to determine the most favorable brand-to-user relation. 

We also dedicated ourselves to including the website traffic of each service provider, their Google rankings, and how they encompass the newest Google trends. This resulted in a score that we used to rank the services.

What Are Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services?

Product sourcing dropshipping services revolve around purchasing inventory from a supplier and reselling the items. Usually, product-sourcing strategies include finding a manufacturer of goods for custom products, or even buying goods from third-party wholesale suppliers, and teaming up with a dropshipper. 

Dropshipping is a product sourcing strategy, and at the same time, it’s an order fulfillment method. 

Some of the perks of using product-sourcing dropshipping services include the following:

  • Fewer and significantly lower startup costs; 
  • Easy to become part of;
  • No inventory-management skills are required (but we do recommend investing into inventory control software);
  • Flexibility in business operations;
  • You are in charge of the selection of products you offer;
  • Scalability.

How To Attract Customers With Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services?

To be the person that dropships, you should first outline a plan about how to advertise your business. Since many companies are looking to team up with a dropshipping party, you probably won’t have a hard time finding the right audience for your services.

To make sure you give it your best shot at attracting customers, try adopting the following practices:

  • Conduct market research;
  • Outline your customer acquisition funnel;
  • Customize the descriptions of your products;
  • Provide great customer support;
  • Deliver SEO-friendly content;
  • Be present on social media.

In addition, the best way to attract (and retain!) customers is to offer them high-quality products and services. If you plan on making a living off dropshipping, you must dedicate yourself to providing nothing less than quality service. Otherwise, you are risking customers and potentially the existence of your business altogether.

How Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services Work

As we mentioned earlier, dropshipping is a strategy for product sourcing where a vendor sells items they have acquired (purchased) from another seller. The vendor that has purchased the items is the party that completes the customer order.  

In essence, if you’re a business selling goods or services online, you’ll basically denote the inventory you sell, and the drop-shipper will tend to everything that happens after the sale. From packaging to shipping and so on — you won’t have to deal with the inventory, only with the final order.

Only a few people are aware that 33% of all online businesses rely on dropshipping. In fact, dropshipping is perfect for starting up an online shop or expanding the product selections in your already-established store.

How dropshipping works will mainly depend on the arrangements you make, but in general, it revolves around the following:

  • The seller signs an agreement with the drop-shipper;
  • The customer makes an online order;
  • The seller receives the order;
  • The customer receives a confirmation of the order;
  • The seller forwards the order to the drop-shipper;
  • The drop-shipper sends out the order;
  • The customer receives the order.

How Can Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services Help Businesses?

Did you know that businesses that favor dropshipping reach higher profits of an average of 18.33% compared to those that operate through traditional e-commerce channels? 

Moreover, dropshipping services are most beneficial to businesses selling electronic goods, beauty products, and other trending search items.

Online stores with great business ideas but a lack of sizable working (inventory) space can find dropshipping services to be a genuine lifesaver. 

No Overhead Costs

Since you won’t actually ship or hold the products you sell, you will basically have no overhead costs to worry about. Maintaining a physical storage space is known to cause many headaches to business owners, but with dropshipping, you won’t be concerned with no overhead expenses. 

Lower Starting Costs

Scissors cutting a dollar bill

Everyone with a business idea but no actual physical inventory can use product-sourcing dropshipping services to jump-start their online shop. Dropshipping saves you the trouble of investing money to rent a facility to process your clients’ orders. 

Instead of renting a facility, you might want to invest in inventory management software that keeps track of your sales, orders, and deliveries–and it’s still a lot cheaper. 

Smaller Business Risk

You save money because you don’t have to invest in a physical inventory. You will only sell what your customers request. Because you are not purchasing inventory before selling it, the risk of losing money or your business failing is greatly reduced.

Multichannel Selling 

Dropshipping works well with selling platforms, so you aren’t constricted to your own e-shop. Make sure to check out what is the best dropshipping platform for your business. Moreover, you can use popular selling channels like Amazon, social media, or eBay — it’s all up to you.

Operating Location

Dropshipping is perfect for on-the-go businesses that do not operate out of a typical brick-and-mortar store, so you can fulfill your customers’ orders wherever you are. 

For instance, you sell K-beauty products you don’t have in stock because your drop-shipper is located in Busan, Korea. Nonetheless, you can do business from the U.S. and have your drop-shipper send the items from Korea to the given address in the States. With just a few clicks, your online store will be up and running in no time from anywhere.


Dropshipping’s scalability options are particularly appealing to goal-oriented business owners. Dropshipping allows you to leverage suppliers against demand and never be stuck with an order you can’t fill. Getting the minimum order quantity is something you can do with dropshipping. To keep track of your orders, we recommend using dropshipping software.

The Meaning of Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services

As we mentioned, dropshipping is rapidly becoming a favored e-commerce practice used to speed up the inventory process and order fulfillment process. To put it simply, dropshipping is a process that connects the buyer to the seller, cutting off the middleman altogether.

Main Features of a Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping comes with a set of perks most e-commerce businesses will find valuable, so without further ado, here are the top features of product-sourcing dropshipping services for 2023:

tick new Easy to start– Less time is needed to jump-start your selling business.
– There is an abundance of resources for detailed guidance.
tick new Significantly lower start-up costs– No need for a warehouse, inventory space, or research costs.
– More money is in the budget for ads and brand promotions.
tick new Large selection of products to offer buyers– Sourcing the right products to sell is made easy. 
– You can switch up your offerings at any time.
– You’re not limited to local suppliers and can discover worldwide brands.
tick new No logistics– No need for storage space or warehouse fees.
– No inventory at hand.
– You won’t deal with packaging, shipping, etc.
tick new No shipping products by yourself– The packaging and labeling are not your responsibility.
– You have more time to deal with raising your brand’s awareness.
– It’s easy to keep track by choosing the best inventory management software for your business.

As you can see, the main points of product sourcing dropshipping services revolve around no need for storage space, no meddling in packaging and shipping, and more time left for actually running your business. The entire process is made to be straightforward and focused on getting as much profit as possible.

Benefits of Using Product-Sourcing Dropshipping Services

As you read in the previous section, the perks of using product-sourcing dropshipping services are abundant, and rightfully so. Let’s see more of the benefits of dropshipping, and take a look at some of the problems you might encounter as well:

plus Significantly lower starting costsminus Limited control over product quality
plus No need to stock up on productsminus Dependence on suppliers
plus No overhead costsminus Possibility of supply chain issues
plus Clear scalabilityminus Brand awareness may be problematic
plus Increased customer baseminus Competitive market
plus Time-efficient order processingminus Product shipping may be challenging

Who Should Use the Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services

You might be surprised to know that retailers use suppliers who ship the products directly to the end consumer rather than managing the stocking and shipping themselves. Unlike traditional retailers who keep physical inventory, dropshipping retailers use suppliers and only pay for the product when a customer places an order first.

Startups and any businesses looking to extend their product portfolio can extensively use partnering with a dropshipping store.


Businesses just beginning to attract customers and spread their brand awareness will benefit from dropshipping. 

For one, startups operating from a non-traditional workplace (like, from their home or shared office space) probably don’t have a designated area to keep inventory or process orders. This is where dropshipping is essential to make things simple. All they need to do is forward the order to the drop shipper, and they carry out the rest.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small businesses usually need help maintaining regular cash flow and staying within budget for all business-related costs. To that extent, such companies need to be able to deliver quality service without going bankrupt. 

Product-sourcing dropshipping services are an excellent way for small and medium-sized companies to save money on inventory and warehouses while keeping overhead costs out of the way.

What Do Product Sourcing Dropshipping Services Cost?

Depending on the service provider, there are different price ranges in play. Let’s look closely at the different pricing options for various product sourcing services and see if they offer reasonable prices.

Service ProviderStarting PriceFree TrialBest for
tick new Profit Protector ProStarting from $9.99 per monthYesAmazon selling
tick new BuyBotProStarting from $19.99 per monthYesProduct Sourcing
tick new 3DSellersStarting from $10.99 per monthYeseBay selling
tick new ConnectPointzUp to 5 Connectors: $29.00 per connector;
One-time $150.00 setup fee
N/AMultichannel dropship management
tick new ShippoStarting from $10 per monthYesShipping and fulfillment 
tick new Outsource SchoolStarting from $997 per yearNoInternational dropshipping

As you can see, the prices generally differ in the number of users connected to the services and in the options included in the cost. While most providers offer free trials, forever-free plans are available by some providers but with limited use and access to features. Providers also lean towards making custom plans tailored to the business’s needs. 

Logically, international dropshipping costs more since there are more considerations in play, and as such, the option is most suitable for large-scale businesses.

As with any other aspect of business, knowing what’s currently trending can help your business attract a wider audience. With the right supplier and best-selling products, you’ll be making your dropshipping dream a reality in no time. 

In addition, staying in the loop of e-commerce happenings can help you pinpoint the demand and source the correct goods and services.

To find out what’s trending in the world of online shopping, research some of the following topics:

Do some investigating to discover what people, i.e., potential customers, are researching. Knowing this helps you choose what winning products to sell and minimize the margin for error regarding unsuccessful sales.

What was hot in 2021 will not necessarily be trending in 2023, so make sure you stay on top of the demand — it’s one of the best ways for potential buyers to consider you for their purchase. If you need more clarification about what’s trending in the e-commerce world today, ask yourself: “What does everyone need every day?”, “What’s something that people will order over and over?”.

Discover Relevant Niches

In e-commerce, being part of the right niche can make all the difference for the success of your brand. For instance, the grocery niche peaked during the pandemic, with almost one in two households ordering groceries online regularly. With the right niche in mind, you’ll be able to outline the right course of action and become a profitable business.

Be a Mobile-Friendly Business 

In today’s digital world, mobile commerce (m-commerce) amassed $359.32 billion in 2021, and forecasts show a peaking curve to reach a new high by 2025, with no less than $728.28 billion in the U.S. marketplace alone. With such a purchasing habit in mind, optimizing your landing page or website for mobile use can significantly help you sell online.

Shoppers Look for Unique Storytelling 

Whether it is a blog or a catchphrase, the way you tell your brand’s story makes a huge difference in how potential clients perceive you. The purchasing audience of today needs more compelling due to the massive competition. 

A great way to turn visitors into buyers and buyers into followers is to incorporate unique storytelling linking to the goods or services you sell. Share your brand’s mission, value, and starting-up story; don’t just plaster prices and discount deals all over your social media; tell a story instead.

Video-Marketing Is the New Catchphrase

In dropshipping, marketing plays a massive role in attracting customers. To compete with brands like Amazon or eBay, you need to find a way to get your message across, hence, video marketing.

Shoot a short video showcasing what you sell, emphasizing key points like fast delivery, high minimum order quantities, wholesale products, and so on.

Which Is the Best Product Sourcing Dropshipping Service?

When it comes to choosing the right product-sourcing dropshipping service, the matter is more complex than most think. This is because what works for one seller does not necessarily work for the other, which is totally fine. After all, there are many available options to choose from.

To find the right drop shipper and product supplier, you need to test-drive the option first. With such complexity in mind, we made sure to include several dropshipping options for your business needs.

If you’re a startup, you’ll want to find someone who knows what they’re doing. The best dropship suppliers will be those who have been in the dropshipping business for a while. Choosing inexperienced product suppliers might not be a good idea if you’re just beginning to circulate your sales.


Starting a business is fairly easy in today’s digital-first world, but only if you follow the right guidelines. When it comes to being part of a dropshipping business, the most crucial aspect is credibility and consistency. You want your customers to come back and buy again and not just make a one-time purchase and call it a day.

For dropshipping, finding the right product supplier makes all the difference whether you want to sell products nationwide, locally, or internationally. Investing in dropshipping tools, services, and inventory software will make the process a breeze. 

And we don’t necessarily mean investing money, but rather the time to get to know all the ins and outs of the business. If you don’t want to spend money right away, test out the waters with a free dropshipping product research tool before diving in deep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To put it plainly, a dropshipping supplier is a company that holds the products that are meant for sale at an online shop. In essence, the dropshipping supplier is responsible for storing the inventory properly so you can showcase it on your online store. Moreover, the product supplier is in charge of processing and shipping the orders and ensuring they reach the end user promptly. Ordering from the best suppliers will result in a successful ecommerce business.

As harsh as it may sound but no, not everyone can be a product supplier. If you’re part of the e-commerce sphere and make your own handcrafted soaps or earrings, then yes, you can be a product supplier to someone willing to sell your products, aka the dropshipper. However, it’s best (and highly recommended) that the person reselling your products is licensed, credible, and runs a solid online store.

Finding reliable suppliers and dropshipping automation software providers is the first step toward establishing your dropshipping business. To find one (or more), you can check out the dropshipping suppliers’ directory and go online to look for reviews. You’ll be able to find suppliers for an array of niches and industries.

Of course! One of the perks of this business model is the ability for remote management. Since you’re not a physical store but an online shop, you don’t have to hold the products you sell physically. On the other hand, you just have to establish a connection between the order you receive and the end user — that’s when your dropshipper comes into play. So, yes, as long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop, you can manage your dropshipping business from anywhere in the world with the help of various dropshipping platforms.

This is a great question many eager entrepreneurs ask, and we would say yes. Although many dropshipping startup businesses choose to avoid becoming registered, having some licensing is always a good idea. Owning a business license speaks to your customers and offers them peace of mind regarding the legality of your business. A potential buyer is more likely to purchase an item from an LLC, for example, than from an unlicensed seller they found on Instagram.