Inkless Printer: The Future of Printing Is Here

Say goodbye to cartridges and environment-hurting inkjet. The advancement in hardware is nonstop, and printers have not stayed unnoticed. Today’s trending product is an inkless printer, a modern, eco-friendly substitute for old-school printers that will see you print your profits in green.

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What Is an Inkless Printer?

Inkless printers are here to replace cartridges. Using ink to print is harmful to the environment and creates toxic waste during production. Ink cartridges take about 450 years to decompose, making inkless printers eco-friendlier and cheaper in the long run.

One cool thing about inkless printing is that it’s erasable, and you can remove any mistakes from the print. However, that doesn’t mean you can easily smear the printed results with your hand – the printer comes with an erasing option.

How Does Inkless Printing Work?

An inkless printer does exactly what its name promises – it prints without using any ink. The printer uses heat-based technology to darken parts of the paper. The technology uses heliochromic chemicals and UV light. Essentially, the paper reacts to being zapped by strong lights and leaves a mark.

Inkless printers require carbonized paper that’s thicker than regular paper, which would burn in the heating process. This can be an added bonus for online retailers, as you can add carbonized paper rolls to your portfolio to attract and retain printer users as recurring customers.

Product Examples

Inkless printers used to be far more expensive than regular ink printers, however, this has changed in recent years. You can now find portable printers for up to $10. You can always check out your local hardware stores to find an affordable wholesale price and not worry about shipping.

As always, Alibaba is a good place to start searching for your printer distributor. You can also check out top marketplaces to see what kind of printers rank the highest and how your competitors market them. Take a look at the following examples:

  • Walmart: Sold by Mixfeer. This printer comes in a compact size, making it perfect to use on the go during business travel. It works with A4 and 4-inch printing sizes. Price: $112.99. 
  • eBay: Sold by Arimall. Another portable printer that connects via Bluetooth with your phone so that you can handle printing tasks. The printer comes in different colors, and the seller also offers compatible paper. Price: $159.59.
  • Amazon: Sold by chuyin.Trading. A thermal, inkless printer with a capacity of 100 A4 sheets. It comes with a speed of 4 inches per second and can print out an A4 sheet in 3 seconds. Price: $129.99. 

Selling Inkless Printers Successfully

Depending on the model of printer you take on, they can be pretty bulky and may require significant storage space. If you need any help with that, check out some of the best warehouse management systems on the market. If storage is not something you want to get into, you can always consider dropshipping.

Aside from offering competitive prices, you can also stand out from the crowd by also offering the special paper the printer requires and selling them as a bundle.

Selling Inkless Printers on Top Marketplaces

As always, getting to the top of search results on the major marketplaces is not a walk in the park. It’ll take time and dedication to get there, but it’s not impossible. The market for inkless printers is not that saturated, and you can benefit from their rise in popularity.

If you want to make sure your efforts are optimized, check out tools dedicated to retailing on top marketplaces, such as tools for Amazon and eBay.

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