Purple Toothpaste: Bathing in the Purple (Money) Rain

Remember the good old days when clicking your tongue was all the dental hygiene you needed? Bring back the stone age! Now, we have electric toothbrushes, mouthwash, activated charcoal, flossing, tongue scraping… The list is endless, and we’re about to add another entry with this week’s trending product

Despite the fact that yellowed teeth are often perfectly healthy, we strive to have white teeth, and many of us are willing to try anything. Another product that helps our teeth keep the pearly look is purple toothpaste. Let’s check it out.

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Our interest in dental services has more than tripled since only twenty years ago. The influence of the media on our perception of what beauty is has not left our teeth alone. Today, teeth whitening gives you a better smile, hides your age, and gives you confidence. If you don’t like your teeth’s color, purple toothpaste is a product for you.

What Is Purple Toothpaste?

The idea behind purple toothpaste is simple. When yellow and purple colors interact on a chemical level, they cancel each other out and leave a white color behind.

According to some manufacturers, you can remove all visible yellow stains in two weeks’ time if you use purple toothpaste twice a day. The majority of purple toothpaste products don’t use bleaching agents that may damage your teeth.

As you’re probably aware, this is not the first teeth whitening product to hit the market. One of the reasons purple toothpaste has become so popular is the fact that the results are visible immediately. If you use it for a couple of weeks, your teeth can become up to four shades lighter. But, if you’re looking for a quick fix, using it once will be noticeable, and the difference in color will be visible for the rest of the day.

Inevitably, TikTok played its hand in this toothpaste’s rise in popularity. When you search the platform, videos featuring purple toothpaste have amassed a staggering 2.7 billion views. 

Product Examples

If you want to add this dental care product to your online portfolio, you can use various product-sourcing tools to help you get them in stock. Alibaba is a great option to get the product at lower prices since you don’t need to care about shipping conditions or due dates.

Check out the most popular purple toothpaste products on these major marketplaces:

  • Amazon — Sold by ShangDeJiCaiKeJiYouXianGongSi. This toothpaste claims to prevent tooth decay and protect against future stains. It’s also helpful with soft tissue problems. Price: $13.99.
  • Walmart — Sold by Joybuy Selection. The foam toothpaste comes with sorbitol, glycerin, and natural menthol to offer non-abrasive teeth treatment that neutralizes yellow tones on the surface. Price: $11.86.

Selling Purple Toothpaste Successfully

Purple toothpaste is currently popular, so you may miss out on the trend if you’re late to the party. Still, it’s likely that the interest in the product will last since dental hygiene (especially teeth whitening) won’t come out of style any time soon.

One of the challenges of selling the product is the competition. While it’s not as saturated as some other products, there are still enough sellers trying to capitalize on the trend. You need to find a way to source a high-quality product for an affordable price that will allow you to offer competitive pricing. Check out our reviews of various online arbitrage tools that can help you with this.

Selling Purple Toothpaste on Top Marketplaces

Every major marketplace has hundreds of purple toothpaste options listed. If you want to succeed and stand out from the crowd, you need to optimize your business operations and make every dollar count. Check out some of the best Amazon and eBay tools to make the best out of your ecommerce efforts.

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