Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage

Find the best product research tools. Here you will find a list of the best product research software for online arbitrage sourcing to help you with reports and analysis on trending products to sell.

List Of The Best Product Research Tools

Whether you're setting up a new online arbitrage business or looking to expand your existing online store, the product research tools listed below are some of the very best options to use.

Online Arbitrage Deals Logo
1. Online Arbitrage Deals

— Service Details Online Arbitrage Deals uses virtual assistants to source profitable Amazon FBA deals. The fully-trained VAs… Read review

Excellent Deal Service
Simply Awesome
5 Star Service
STARTING PRICE$149.99 per month
Dynasource OA Logo
2. Dynasource OA

— Product Details Dynasource OA specialize in delivering unparalleled online arbitrage sourcing lead list through our exclusive subscription… Read review

Lead Flow Software access
Profitable Leads: $12 avg profit and 70% avg ROI
All leads have gone through multiple stages review
Starting Pricing$80 per month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
flipl logo

— Product Details Introducing Flipl, the ultimate eBay arbitrage software designed to help online entrepreneurs maximize their profits… Read review

Hundreds of New Flips Every Day
Time-saving and Efficient Product Sourcing
Profit Analysis & Keepa Charts Built In
Starting Price$47/month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Seller Assistant App Logo
4. Seller Assistant App

— Product Details Seller Assistant App is a browser extension that combines FBM/FBA Calculator, Advanced IP Alerts, Variation… Read review

Good User Experience
Makes Workflow Easier
Unique Differentiating Factors
Starting Pricing$15/month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
BuyBotPro Logo
5. BuyBotPro

— BuyBotPro is a data analytics tool for Amazon FBA sellers. It has an FBA calculator and works… Read review

Game Changer
Excellent Tool
One Stop Shop
STARTING PRICE$34.95 per month
OABeans Logo
6. OABeans

— Product Details OABeans offers Amazon online arbitrage sourcing lists to sellers. Leads are identified by a system… Read review

Average ROI 70%
Top 1% Best Sellers Rank
Average Profit: $12 / Lead
Starting Price:$118 per month
Pricing Model:Tiered Pricing
Money-Back Guarantee:Yes
Free Version:No
OAGenius Logo
7. OAGenius

— Product Details OAGenius helps arbitrage sellers discover opportunities, list products, manage inventory, monitor prices, and dropship orders.… Read review

Starting Pricing79 $ /month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
LeadGeek logo
8. LeadGeek

— Product Details LeadGeek is an online arbitrage system that provides Amazon sellers with a daily list of… Read review

Starting Pricing30 $ / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Sku Grid Logo
9. Sku Grid

— Product Details Sku Grid is a price tracking and repricing service that supports multiple suppliers (currently over… Read review

Starting Pricing50$ / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
SourceMogul Logo
10. SourceMogul

— SourceMogul is a product sourcing solution that provides real-time sales rank and Amazon sales performance analysis. E-commerce… Read review

Starting Pricing67$ / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
SaleFreaks Logo
11. SaleFreaks

— Product Details SaleFreaks is dropshipping automation software designed for Amazon-to-eBay arbitrage drop shippers. SaleFreaks supports sourcing from…

Arbiship Logo
12. Arbiship

— Product Details Arbiship provides automatic ordering for eBay arbitrage sellers who buy from online retailers including Walmart…

One Good Deal Logo
13. One Good Deal

— Recommended for… UK and US based FBA sellers

Repricehub Logo
14. Repricehub

— Product Details Repricehub is an all-in-one repricer and price monitor for Amazon arbitrage dropshippers. It uses dynamic…

Web Seller Guru Logo
15. Web Seller Guru

— Product Details Web Seller Guru is an automated repricing tool for eBay dropship sellers. It can track…

Tactical Arbitrage Logo
16. Tactical Arbitrage

— Product Details Tactical Arbitrage is an online arbitrage tool for selling on Amazon, with support to source…

FBA Wizard Logo
17. FBA Wizard

— Product Details Online arbitrage software that helps find products to resell from hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and…

Trackerbot Logo
18. Trackerbot

— Trackerbot is a tool that helps online retailers track shipments in real time. It supports over 500…

PriceYak Logo
19. PriceYak

— Product Details PriceYak is software for fully automated dropshipping. PriceYak is the original and most powerful software…

Atlas Leads Logo
20. Atlas Leads

— Atlas Leads online provides arbitrage lists with vetted leads. It has a restricted product sourcing list for…

AZInsight Logo
21. AZInsight

— AZInsight is a powerful Amazon sales data analysis tool for sellers and brands. It offers real-time insights…

DSM Tool logo
22. DSM Tool

— DSM Tool is an all-in-one dropshipping software that automates an online store. It enables online retailers to…

FBA Deal Source Logo
23. FBA Deal Source

— Product Details FBA Deal Source is a British online arbitrage deal finder, helping Amazon UK sellers source…

Webscraperapp Logo
24. Webscraperapp

— Webscraperapp is an inventory and ordering tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform allows businesses…

Use Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage to Find the Best Products to Sell

One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to set up an eCommerce business is to invest in online arbitrage or reselling products you buy online. Product sourcing online arbitrage tools and solutions can help with this.

But, with so many services and specialists out there, you might not know where to begin. This guide is here to help, and below, we’ll help you find only the very best solutions.

How We Ranked the Best Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage

We first consulted user and expert reviews of some of the top-rated firms in this field to find the best options to recommend to our readers.

Our experts then looked at demos and trials of various software and services to learn more about how they worked, using all that information to assign a ranking and rating to each option.

What Is Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage?

Before we look at how product sourcing online arbitrage services work, it’s essential to clearly understand what online arbitrage is and why it’s such a popular method among eCommerce entrepreneurs.

In simple terms, online arbitrage is a form of product reselling. It involves buying a product from one online store or marketplace and then reselling it on another platform at a higher price in order to make a profit.

For example, you might find a simple product, like a spatula, sold for $3 on one site. You could purchase it for $3 and then resell it on a major platform, like Amazon, for $10, making a significant profit per item.

This method is entirely legal, and it’s one of the best ways to set up an eCommerce business with a relatively low amount of risk and effort, as you don’t need to make or design your products; simply find items that you think you can make a profit on.

How Does Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage Work

So, now that we’ve seen how online arbitrage works, we can focus on product sourcing for it. As the name suggests, this process is all about doing the right product research that you can use for your sales.

When reselling products, it’s crucial to research products to buy and sell that you can profit on. You can do this manually by searching through online stores and comparing prices, but that can take a long time and may not prove useful.

Instead, many eCommerce entrepreneurs use product sourcing online arbitrage tools and solutions to help them. These tools are specially designed to assist you in finding products to sell and running an effective and efficient business.

However, the precise way in which each tool or solution works may vary. Some of them might focus on product sourcing, while others will help with other aspects of your online arbitrage business, like tracking price changes and automatically updating your inventory.

Reasons to Try Online Arbitrage

So, is online arbitrage the right choice for your eCommerce business? Many eCommerce entrepreneurs argue that this is one of the best ways to get started, and it can be very effective for generating serious profits with minimal effort. The table below shows some of the key reasons to try it.

tick new Low Initial Cost One of the best things about online arbitrage is that you can get started even with a low amount of capital. All you have to do is find cheap items to resell.
tick new Quick to Start It’s pretty quick and convenient to get started with online arbitrage, too, as you don’t have to go through the steps of making your own products.
tick new No Need for Product Design As stated above, since online arbitrage involves reselling pre-existing products, you don’t have to worry about designing or manufacturing anything yourself.
tick new Beginner-Friendly Since online arbitrage is such a simple method of eCommerce, even total beginners can understand it and won’t need to spend too much time learning the basics.
tick new Profit PotentialUltimately, the main aim of any eCommerce business is to make money, and online arbitrage has a lot of potential for serious profits, if you find the right products. Becoming a successful online arbitrage seller requires a lot of understanding of the online marketplace in order to find profitable deals, but it’s definitely worth it.

How Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage Software Can Help You

As we can see, it can be a fantastic method for making money online in the eCommerce space, and it’s usually quite quick and easy to get started. However, there will be challenges along the way.

Finding trending products, pricing them correctly, tracking your store’s performance, carrying out market research, and ensuring that items are safely and speedily shipped out to customers are just some of the responsibilities you’ll need to take on.

Product sourcing online arbitrage can help you with this, and in this section, we’ll take a look at exactly how the right arbitrage tools and solutions can help you overcome certain problems and keep your business on track for success.

Naturally, a big part of product sourcing for online arbitrage is finding the right items to sell. This isn’t always easy, especially if you try to do it alone, but special tools can help you spot niche products to start selling with a big enough price difference and get great profit.

Managing Your Listings

Managing your product listings across major marketplaces and platforms such as Amazon or eBay isn’t always easy, especially if you have limited resources. Useful online arbitrage apps can automate many aspects of listing management.

Dealing with Errors

Sometimes, you might make a mistake on one of your listings, and mistakes can be costly in the world of eCommerce. The right online arbitrage tools are able to detect mistakes and deal with them in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary losses.

Safe and Secure Shipping

Shipping is another aspect that you have to take into account when running an eCommerce business. Online arbitrage solutions can help you with various aspects of shipping (and shipping costs), ensuring that products are safely delivered to your customers.

Coping with Competition 

There’s a lot of competition out there, and some products are simply too popular to sell successfully. With the right tools, you can avoid making mistakes with your product selections, honing in on less competitive items that will make you more money.

ProblemHow Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage Help
tick new Product SelectionChoose products that can produce real profits
tick new Complicated Listing ManagementSave time with listing automation
tick new Unexpected Price TrendsKeep up-to-date with the latest prices
tick new Shipping DifficultiesProvide your customers with safe delivery of their items
tick new Excessive CompetitionFind products that won’t be overly competitive

Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage Meaning

The meaning generally refers to pieces of software, tools, or specialist firms that exist to help sellers who want to set up or expand their online arbitrage business.

Main Features of Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage 

Product sourcing and online arbitrage tools can offer a wide range of different features to help with your product reselling business, and different tools can have very different ways of working. 

Some of these solutions, for example, will focus purely and simply on helping you find the right products to sell. They’ll highlight products that could have potential for reselling, as well as providing you with handy calculations to see how much profit you could make per item.

Some of the best online arbitrage tools are more comprehensive in their features and functions, offering the ability to track and manage your listings, automatically adjust prices, handle various aspects of shipping, and so on. The table below shows just some of these key features and how they work.

tick new Product Sourcing One of the main functions of product sourcing online arbitrage tools is to help you with finding products to buy and sell in your online store.
tick new Inventory Management 
Some of the best tools can also help you with managing your inventory, making it easier to keep track of the type and quantity of products you’ve purchased.
tick new Listing Automation You’ll need individual product pages and listings for the different items you want to sell. Arbitrage software can save you time by automating listing management.
tick new Price Tracking Prices in major online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart are always changing. The right tools can help you keep up-to-date with new prices and update your prices accordingly.
tick new Profit CalculationFinally, many of the best online arbitrage tools also come with profit calculators. They can be used to work out exactly how much net profit you can expect on each item or order.

Benefits of Using Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage 

plus Find products more easilyminus Many tools have high monthly fees
plus Save huge amounts of timeminus You may have to pay commission on each sale
plus Avoid costly errors
plus Maximize profits
plus Grow your business

So, why would you want to make use of product sourcing online arbitrage solutions? Well, these tools and apps can offer a plethora of unique benefits that could make a major difference in the future success and development of your business.

Source the Perfect Products

One of the main advantages of using product sourcing online arbitrage is how they can help you identify the very best products to sell. They make it quick and easy to find products at low prices in one store that have genuine resale potential on another online platform.

Of course, it’s possible to do it by yourself by browsing different sites and stores, but this requires a huge investment of time and effort. Product sourcing online arbitrage solutions make it much easier.

Maximize Efficiency

When running an eCommerce business, it’s vital to try and make your company as efficient as possible, cutting down on wasted time and resources by using various pieces of technology and handy tools, like product sourcing online arbitrage software.

These apps and programs can make your business infinitely more efficient, automating various processes related to product sourcing, listing management, inventory tracking, and shipping while allowing you to focus more of your own time and energy on other areas.

Error-proof Your Business

As explained earlier on, a single mistake can be costly in the world of eCommerce, but humans make mistakes all the time. That’s why modern technology is so useful and reliable, as it can carry out complex tasks over and over again without making mistakes.

With the best product research tools on your side, you won’t have to worry as much about costly errors causing harm to your company. Again, this also saves you tons of time that would usually be spent manually identifying and fixing mistakes.

Make More Money

The ultimate aim of any eCommerce business is to make money, and the right tools and solutions can help you make even more revenue and enjoy a stronger stream of profits from your daily sales.

They will make it easier for you to calculate differences between the selling price and the purchase price, find good quality products, and keep your customers engaged. Product sourcing online arbitrage solutions will have a positive effect on your profits in the long-term.

Grow and Succeed

Whether you’re just starting your business or running a successful store and looking to grow further, using good tools is bound to help.

They are designed to make life easier for you, while also making your business significantly more profitable and efficient. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to build up a truly successful eCommerce brand.

Who Should Use Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage

Next, let’s talk about who product sourcing online arbitrage tools are meant for. Obviously, these apps and firms are aimed at sellers involved with reselling and online arbitrage, but they are particularly useful for specific kinds of businesses, such as the following:


If you’re trying to run an eCommerce business by yourself, you’ll need all the help you can get in the form of tech tools and solutions. Specific software can help you save lots of time by automating many parts of your business’ operations.

Startups and Small Businesses 

Small businesses and startups can have a hard time standing out on crowded and competitive online marketplaces, but product sourcing online arbitrage can give you the edge you need to get ahead of the competition.

Amazon, Etsy, eBay Sellers

If you want to resell products on major marketplace platforms like Amazon and eBay, you’re going to need to deal with high levels of competition. The right product sourcing online arbitrage will help you source the perfect products to boost your revenue.

Large Brands

Even the biggest brands that are already heavily invested in online arbitrage can benefit from the use of product sourcing solutions. These tools can help you make better decisions when it comes to which products you want to sell, while also automating various aspects of your business to save you time.

What Do Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage Tools Cost?

So, how much will you have to spend on product sourcing? Here are some examples of average price ranges for these kinds of tools and services:

  • Apps and pieces of software to aid with pricing calculations and product sourcing can cost anywhere from $25 to $100 per month 
  • Listing management and automation services are often priced with a commission system, taking a small fee or percentage for every sale you make

Typically, the cost of these kinds of apps and services will vary quite a lot depending on how big your business is and what kind of service you require, but such services often pay you back in terms of additional profits for your company.

If you want to succeed, it helps to keep yourself informed and aware of changes and trends in the industry that could affect your business. Here are some examples of important product trends that may influence your choice in terms of which tools you choose to use:

  • A Focus on Home Goods – Studies and surveys show that the products that sellers tend to focus on the most are those in the home and kitchen category. This can include the likes of kitchen utensils, cooking equipment, and simple home décor items. Expect to see increasing levels of competition in this area.
  • Expanding Marketplaces – Often, online arbitrage sellers focus their efforts on major marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. These sites are expanding all the time, with Amazon seeing higher numbers of active sellers than ever before. This means more competition and a greater reliance on technology to get ahead of the game.
  • Investment in Software – Online sales and reselling experts agree: technological tools and software are absolutely essential if you want to succeed. We can therefore expect to see more sellers investing in automation apps and product sourcing solutions in the years ahead.
  • Quality Control – Experts are also advising those who are getting into online arbitrage for the first time to look seriously into quality control checks for the products they choose to buy and sell. Picking the wrong product or a low quality item could tarnish your online store’s reputation and negatively affect future revenue.

Which Is the Best Online Arbitrage Solution?

With so many tools to choose from, you may simply want to find the best possible solution for your business. However, the best choice for you will depend on various factors, like the size and scale of your business. That’s why we recommend trying a few of the programs on our list in order to see which one offers the biggest benefits to your business.

How to Choose the Right Product Sourcing Online Arbitrage 

The best tools and solutions can transform your business, helping you make more money, source better products, and enjoy better relationships with your customers, too.

But how do you choose the best product to work with? Well, first of all, we recommend taking a look at your existing business situation and trying to find areas that need improvement or ways in which your business could be better.

Perhaps you need more help finding the perfect trending product, for example, or maybe you feel like your company is wasting too much time on trivial tasks, so you could benefit from automation in areas like listings and inventory management.

Once you’ve identified these areas of improvement, it should be much easier for you to pick the right tools to use. And, as stated above, we always recommend trying a few different programs to see what each one has to offer.


The world of online arbitrage can be a highly profitable one, as long as you make the right decisions. Choosing tools and solutions is a great way to get started and could help your business in more ways than one.

We hope that this guide has given you the insight and information you need to see how and why product sourcing online arbitrage tools and solutions are so important, as well as making it easier for you to pick the ideal tool to suit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It's the process of finding products to sell via online arbitrage, which is a method of reselling that involves buying products from one online store at a low price and then reselling them on another website or platform at a higher price.

It can be quite difficult to source and find the right products to sell. Usually, sellers will search on different retail stores for low-cost products, such as clearance items. They'll then buy them in bulk and sell them on other sites at a higher price. You can also use product sourcing online arbitrage software to help you.

There are many success stories out there. However, it all requires patience, careful investment, and clever use of technological tools to have the best chances of success.