Tan-Through Bikini: 2024 Summer Fashion Is Here

With spring already here, people are already planning their summer vacation. You should do the same; that is, plan for their vacations. It’s time to stock up on summer products and find new trends that will dominate the 2024 summer eCommerce scene.

We’re here to help. Today’s trending product is a tan-through bikini that lets ladies get rid of those pesky tan lines without having to lose their swimsuits.

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What Is a Tan-Through Bikini?

A tan-through bikini is pretty self-explanatory and delivers exactly what it promises. It’s a type of swimsuit that allows sunlight through its fabric, significantly reducing and (sometimes) completely removing tan lines.

The goal of this bikini is to provide more tan to sunbathers without removing their swimsuits. Depending on the model, the amount of UV rays that penetrate the fabric and reach the skin varies. That’s why it’s still important to apply sunscreen even under the bikini.

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Now is a great time to stock the product and advertise it to your customers. While many people won’t do their summer shopping just yet, it would be wise to educate them about the product and have it ready. To help you with that, check out some of the best warehouse management systems and product-sourcing tools and services.

How Does a Tan-Through Bikini Work?

Tan-through bikinis use special fabric with tiny pores and perforations that let sunlight through. The bikini is usually thin and lightweight, with pores being small enough to cover your privates but large enough to let sunlight pass through.

As sunlight penetrates, UV rays reach your skin and cause it to tan, reducing or completely removing tan lines in the process.

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Seller Focus

This trend will fit right into your portfolio if you’re in the swimwear and beachwear industry. The fact that your customer base is already interested in similar products will help you with your sales efforts.

If you’re in the fashion and clothing niche, you can market the product as a fashion statement and the leading swimwear trend in 2024.

Finally, as this is a seasonal product, any retailer that focuses on summer articles can benefit from adding tan-through bikinis to their inventory.

Best Tan-Through Bikini: Review of Pricing

  • eBay: Sold by Kiniki tan-through Swimwear. Kiniki uses transol to create their 5th-generation tan-through bikinis, with 2,000 pores per square inch. It comes in seven different print options. Price: $34.03.
  • Amazon: Sold by SHERRYLO Swimwear. Mixing polyamide and elastane, this bikini offers a bandeau top and thong bottom with string ties for better support. It offers eight different colors. Price: $21.99.
  • Walmart: Sold by ZHAGHMIN Clothing. This polyester bikini is a three-piece: top, bottom, and a sarong. It’s machine-washable and can be beige, blue, and red. Price: $23.52.

Swimwear Industry Stats

In 2023, the sports and swimwear market in the United States reported a revenue of $76.13 million, with projections showing it will grow to $85.18 million in 2026. Aside from a slight dip in 2020 due to the pandemic, the stats show that the market revenue has been on a steady rise since 2013.

It’s interesting to note that the global sales volumes differ from one country to the next, with Hong Kong being in the lead with 5.91 sports and swimwear pieces per capita. If you offer international shipping, it would be wise to explore your options in Hong Kong, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Norway.

Per-capita volume sales in the sports & swimwear market worldwide by country in 2023

Target AudienceWomen of all ages
Growth PercentageThe interest in tan-through bikinis increased by an impressive 2,100% in the past three months. (Source: Exploding topics


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