Water Flossers: Car Wash Approach for Your Teeth

In recent years, dental hygiene has become more and more prevalent. New products have hit the shelves, and we have an ever-expanding list of methods to keep our teeth white and shiny. We covered purple toothpaste in the past, and this week’s trending topic is about your teeth as well.

Let’s check out how water flossers work and how you can sell them online.

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What is a Water Flosser?

Also called oral irrigators, water flossers are powered devices that release pressurized water. Think of them as a water jet for your teeth. Water flossers use pressure to clean the space between your teeth and get rid of plaque and other buildups from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Water flossers are great for:

  • Gum disease
  • Inflammation
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Decay
  • Gingivitis

While the apparatus is a substitute for standard dental floss, you can use them together to achieve the best results. It’s perfect for people that have issues with regular floss (e.g., gum bleeding).

Additionally, a water flosser is an effective choice against plaque and food buildup for people with braces and other dental implants. The water released from the flosser will easily get to the spaces in your mouth that a regular floss can’t reach.

Product Examples

Water flossers are a popular product that’s available on all major platforms. If you want to add the flosser to your inventory, you can use Alibaba or other product-sourcing solutions.

Check out the most popular listings of the product on the major marketplaces:

  • Amazon — Sold by GOF Electronics. The flosser comes with four modes (normal, custom, pulse, and soft) and five different replacement tips. It’s rechargeable and lightweight, perfect for travel. Price: $29.97. 
  • eBay — Sold by Cyber Dream World. This flosser comes with a water reservoir that allows for 90 seconds of uninterrupted cleaning. You can choose between 10 pressure levels to find a setting that best suits your gums and preferred experience. It comes with multiple tips for family use. Price: $38.88.
  • Walmart — Sold by JoyHealth. The flosser that tops Walmart’s list can work up to a month on a single one-hour charge. You can adjust the pressure to meet the conditions of your gums and clean your teeth efficiently. Price: $23.99.

Selling Water Flossers Successfully

Water flossers are a handy item to sell as they don’t require any special storing conditions nor come with an expiration date. Depending on the model, storing the flosser will be more or less demanding. Still, even the bulkiest ones don’t require huge storage space. 

One issue that may come up is getting your hands on the product. Check out the best shipping and fulfillment tools perfect for online retailers.

Selling Water Flossers on Top Marketplaces

Every top marketplace has hundreds of water flossers on offer. If you want to be the top result, you need to offer a competitive price and have a way of advertising your product differently.

For example, you can target people with braces or advertise the product’s portability. If you need help optimizing your selling efforts, check out the best tools and services made for Amazon and eBay retailers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Generally, dentists recommend water flossers as an effective tool to remove plaque and protect your gum health. Although they’re not a substitute for flossing and brushing your teeth, you can use water flossers to increase your oral care, especially if you wear braces.

The general consensus is that you should use a water flosser once a day, prior to toothbrushing. Removing food buildup will improve the effectiveness of toothpaste. Try to do it for at least two minutes at a time and get into all the spaces between your teeth.

Studies show that water flossers remove 29% more plaque than regular dental floss. They are also better suited for people with sensitive gums. Still, they’re not mutually exclusive, and you can use both to achieve optimal results.


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