Weight Stuffed Animals Delight Children and Online Sellers

With Christmas less than a week away, we’re looking at a holiday-heavy product that’s also popular for birthdays and special occasions. Weight stuffed animals are trending heavily for Google SEO and within large marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.com. Let’s examine this product and see how it may fit into your online business model.

Teddy bear

What is a Weighted Stuffed Animal?

A weighted stuffed animal or weighted plush animal mixes a large stuffed animal with a weighted bean bag. Manufacturers make them in a wide range of sizes and figures — dinosaurs and unicorns seem popular — and offer a weight range between 2 – 5lbs. (907g – 2.3kg). 

Why a ‘weighted’ stuffed animal?

According to Healthline, more research needs to be done, but an initial study showed weighted stuffed animals caused a 63% reduction in anxiety in participants, and 78% reported a calming effect. The theory is that the weighted effect offers more pressure to the touch, which calms the nervous system and can improve sleep. Both of which are beneficial to children with ADHD and anxiety. 

Weighted stuffed animals on the marketplace

Whether a plush or stuffed animal, you’ll find a lot of sellers on the top marketplaces. Alibaba has a wide selection in this category, but be sure to check the size and weight on the stuffed animals before you buy. We also have connections to many solid products supplying tools and services.

With that in mind, let’s look at some top listings:

  • Amazon – Sold by U-Creative, the listing copy includes additional keywords like ‘weighted pillow’ and ‘weighted plush.’ They offer two sizes and mention that it’s washable and weighs 3.5lbs (1.59kg). Price: $35.99.
  • WalmartJoybuy Express  — low seller rating — is selling what looks like the same dinosaur on Walmart at a lower price. However, they have a lot of complaints that some of their ‘weighted’ plushes aren’t weighted. eCommerce 101: never mislabel a product. Price: $15.99.
  • Etsy – Sold by Star Seller BakersBearsUS, this listing offers two weight options and includes a lot of images regarding sustainability on the materials. Their stuffed animals are also made-to-order. Price: $29.99.

How to sell Weighted Stuffed Animals online

Large retailers like Target and Kohl’s also offer this product, but the market isn’t as saturated as some of the other products featured on our Webretailer eCommerce Trends — like Blanket Hoodies

You’ll need some excellent infographics, product photography, and solid copy to move these stuffed animals online. Whether you go with a health or sustainability angle, it doesn’t hurt to mention the ‘well-being’ aspects of the product. 

Selling Weighted Stuffed Animals in top marketplaces

Sellers should be mindful of the weight and size of this product. Whether you’re storing the stuffed animals yourself or at a fulfillment center, they’re going to take up some space. And storage fees at Amazon and Walmart can dip into your profits if you don’t move your products quickly. 

To avoid this issue, work with a solid eCommerce Product Sourcing Tools & Services provider who can help you set up a solid supply chain. You’ll save money in the long run, and it frees you up to focus on sales and marketing.  

Thanks for reviewing the Webretailer eCommerce Trends. Our aim is to provide insights into hot, trending products and services that online sellers should know about. 


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