Blanket Hoodies Will Keep Your Customers Warm This Winter

Winter isn’t officially here yet, but it’s certainly getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s no wonder that blanket hoodies are now a hot trending product across eCommerce marketplaces. Let’s inspect this hot product and learn how you can sell it on one of your channels. 

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What is a blanket hoodie?

As the name suggests, it’s one part blanket and one part hoodie. Think of it as an oversized hoodie with the texture of a blanket. Most are made of polyester, cotton, or a blend sewn into a soft, thick fabric both inside and out that’s warm and cozy. I’m getting warm just thinking about it…

Added features for some models include large pockets capable of holding snacks or even a large smartphone and functionality for short trips out into the cold. They manufacture most of these ‘wearable blankets’ in a large, one-size-fits-all format, which makes them a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Whether you call it a blanket hoodie, wearable throw, or a wearable blanket, there are many sellers in the market. But with hundreds of top-tier suppliers on Alibaba and a solid fulfillment network, there’s an opportunity to offload this popular item with ease. 

A wide variety of platforms feature listings for this product, but here are a few listings that caught our eye.

  • Amazon – Sold by Horimote Home, they’re marketing this ‘oversized wearable blanket’ as a holiday gift for people of all ages. It comes in a variety of colors, is machine washable, and is lightweight. Price: $29.99.
  • WalmartFlyingStarLLC is selling this blanket hoodie in a variety of colors and marketing it as a ‘Catalonian’ style. The listing also brands this version as made of ‘fleece’ instead of cotton or polyester. Price: $32.99
  • The Oodie – Based in Australia, this Shopify store has a US version offering their branded ‘Oodie’ — it’s a blanket hoodie — and full range of lounge and sleepwear products. This version seems more high-end and offers free gift wrapping along with a trademarked warmth fabric. Price: $84.00

Selling blanket hoodies successfully

Major retailers across the US including large chains like Target, LL Bean, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more sell this product. But that shouldn’t stand in the way of a top-notch online seller like yourself. 

Outside of solid copy, photography and videos, there’s one other element that’ll help boost your sales for this niche product. In this week’s Webretailer News Tuesday Tips, we lay out benefits to offering multiple payment options. And last week, we pointed out why offering buy-now-pay-later options should also be a part of your payment options listings. 

If you’re not sure about expanding your payment options, simply click on The Oodie’s main page and scroll to the bottom. They offer a vast selection of payment options including all major credit cards, Meta Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and Sezzle as a BNPL option.

The Oodie website

Selling blanket hoodies on Amazon,, Etsy, and Shopify

Odds are, you won’t be manufacturing blanket hoodies for your business. Therefore, this is another niche market that requires a solid supply chain and fulfillment process. 

But first, work with a solid eCommerce web development service who can help you set things up on the backend to ensure a streamlined checkout and resupply process. From there, you can partner with a dropshipping service and leverage an automated system. You can also work with an Amazon FBA Management service if you plan to sell on the Amazon marketplace. 

Thanks for reviewing the Webretailer eCommerce Trends. Our aim is to provide insights into hot, trending products and services that online sellers should know about. 


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