What’s Wrong With Marketplace Management Software?

Musings on Marketplace Management Software

Selling on multiple marketplaces is hard. Everything is different and disconnected: categories, images, pricing, stock levels, policies and more. The only way to hold it all together is software: marketplace management software.

So selling on complex, diverse platforms requires software. That’s hardly a revelation. But what does fascinate and surprise me is the dozens of competing tools out there, all designed to solve that same problem.

The market looks saturated, but more contenders spring up each month. And yet more are thinking about entering the market with their own software. Why is that? I don’t have the answer, but would really like you to help me figure it out!

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Flubit: A UK Marketplace Doing It All Backwards

Flubit Team

Many Web Retailer members sell on multiple channels – eBay, Amazon, smaller marketplaces, internationally, and on their own sites. It’s pretty much the norm now.

Numerous new marketplaces have launched over the ten years that I’ve been running this site. Few have lasted. Even fewer have delivered more than a trickle of sales to the sellers who invested their time in them.

But that pattern has been changing more recently. Big-name brands with successful websites like Sears and Tesco have added their own third-party marketplaces. Newcomer Etsy finally bucked the trend for start-up marketplaces, and now drives over $1 billion in annual sales.

So I think it’s time to take a fresh look at “alternative” marketplaces, and I’m kicking off a new series today with an in-depth post on Flubit. They’re a UK marketplace that launched in 2012, with an innovative buyer-driven model. Read on to find out more.

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Top Rated Supplier: eBay and Magento Designer dZine-Hub

This is the first post in a new series interviewing some of the highest rated suppliers in the Web Retailer directory.

I spoke to Abbas Tharkar, Founder of eBay and Magento design company dZine-Hub. We talked about what’s changed in eBay design over the years, getting eBay designs to work on mobile phones, and the challenge of extracting product data from eBay listings.

To find out more visit the dZine-Hub website, or check out their profile in the directory. They have an impressive record of over 40 five-star reviews.

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Real Ecommerce: Adding 400 Products in One Week

True Interior Part 2

True Interior’s Story: Part II

Editor’s Note: This is the second part in a series going behind the scenes at new ecommerce website True Interior. Co-founders Paul Rogers and Rob Carter are frank about the challenges and successes their ecommerce business has faced. Catch up on all the True Interior posts here.

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