eBay Roundup: Cassini, Conversion, Software and Sales

eBay Roundup

Over the past two years we’ve covered selling on eBay from many different angles, from Cassini and conversion to software tools, listing design and markdown sales. Here’s a roundup of our best posts focused on eBay.

Also see our Seller Stories and Supplier Profiles – many of those interviewed are also authorities on eBay selling.

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Ecommerce in Brazil: A Golden Opportunity?

Ecommerce in Brazil

This post is by Emma Scotton, Director and Founder at independent ecommerce consultancy KnowGlobal. KnowGlobal offers advice and support to online businesses, both large and small, on all aspects of their ecommerce offering. This post was originally published on the KnowGlobal blog as The Games Begin: Taking a Deep Dive into E-commerce in Brazil.

This year the Olympics hit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the largest ecommerce market in Latin America.

With the World Cup hosted there in 2014 and the Olympics this year, the country has needed to develop its transportation, aviation and general infrastructure to support the influx of tourists.

This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Brazilian ecommerce due to expedited logistics and increased internet penetration. So much so, we can expect to see continued double digit growth in retail ecommerce sales in Brazil, growing to $29.65 billion (US) by 2019.

So in the spirit of all things Olympian, we’ve taken a deep dive into the Brazilian ecommerce market to discover the opportunities available for retailers in this exciting and developing market.

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800lb Gorilla: The Dangers of Selling on Amazon

800lb Gorilla Amazon

This post is by Travis Romine, an ecommerce growth consultant at Sharp Commerce and previous owner of ParadiseFibers.com. He consults for online retailers throughout the US on building high performance ecommerce businesses, growth strategy and digital marketing. Sign up for Travis’s weekly ecommerce tips at sharpcommerce.com.

There’s no doubt that Amazon will continue to gobble up an incredible chunk of online retail in the coming months and years. Amazon has a huge audience with 54 million users of their Prime service alone!

As an ecommerce merchant, how can you best use this channel to your advantage but also protect your company?

For most B-to-C retailers I consult with, I recommend selling on Amazon as a general rule. A properly created Amazon listing will get your brand and product in front of a giant group of consumers ready to buy. However, there are some significant risks to using Amazon as your main or only selling channel.

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6 Challenges to Conquer Ecommerce Operational Efficiency as You Grow

Ecommerce Operational Efficiency

This post is by Sam Moses, CEO of RetailOps. RetailOps is an all-in-one warehouse management system for small to medium-sized businesses. Their web-based platform is built to scale and work with the processes of how ecommerce businesses operate.

A few years ago you had faith in your idea, took the plunge and started your online retail company. Now you’re seeing all that passion, drive and hard work pay dividends – your business has taken off! It’s a wonderful feeling, and well worth basking in. Go on, I’ll wait.

However, as great as this growth feels, sustaining this trajectory as a seven, eight, and nine-figure operation poses added challenges. Once you’ve identified your niche and know your customer, scaling your business operations can prove overwhelming – especially when success happens so quickly.

The challenges of warehouse and fulfillment management at scale can be huge – but not so big that they can’t be comfortably managed. As well as some everyday methodical tweaks, effective warehouse management software (WMS) exists to help you crush your problems and ease those challenges, allowing you to take charge of your growing business.

Let’s see how:

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Private Label Roundup: Sourcing, Trends, Trademarks and Compliance

Private Labeling Roundup

Private labeling is where sellers source generic items, usually from China, then add their own branding to create a whole new product.

It’s a hugely popular strategy for Amazon sellers, because it creates their own unique product listing and avoids direct competition. But it’s also surrounded by a bubble of hype and misunderstanding.

Over the past year we’ve worked to demystify private labeling, raise understanding, and let out a little of that hot air!

Here’s a roundup of our private labeling-focused blog posts. It’s also worth checking out our blog posts on Amazon and Sourcing, which are often relevant to private label sellers.

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