24 Tips For Marketing Your Own Web Store

Colourful baby steps

A little while ago, for a few weeks running, I asked every new Web Retailer member one simple question: What’s your biggest challenge right now?

I expected to see a very wide range of answers, but was surprised – there was a really clear theme coming through. It turned out that nearly half of new members had the same challenge: marketing. In particular, increasing traffic and buyers to their own independent online stores.

Internet marketing is a huge, complex topic. So in hindsight, it makes sense that sellers are struggling with it. To help cut through the noise, I asked twenty ecommerce sellers, consultants and suppliers to give their top tips for getting started marketing your own web store.

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10 Statistics from the Online Marketplace Seller Survey

Online Marketplace Seller Survey Stats

Earlier this year Feedvisor and Web Retailer asked over 200 sellers – Feedvisor customers and Web Retailer members – questions about where they sell, how much profit they make, their expansion plans, the software they use and more.

Here are the top ten headline statistics from that survey, together with deeper insights into the data.

Note: This isn’t from the Web Retailer member survey from June/July this year, which will not be made public.

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Ask The Expert: David Jaeger on Ecommerce Advertising

David Jaeger Thinking About Advertising

This Q&A has now ended. It’s been a real education, with some great answers from David. You can read it all here, and if you have any further questions please start a new discussion to ask them.

Today I’m launching our latest Ask The Expert event! The topic is advertising your ecommerce business, and our expert is David Jaeger, COO at InternetMarketing.net.

The discussion will close at the end of the week so please ask your questions early to give David time to respond and answer any follow up questions. No new questions will be taken after 8pm UK time (3pm EDT / 12pm PDT) on Friday 15th August so don’t leave it to the last moment to ask your question!

Go to the discussion now Ask The Expert: Ecommerce Advertising or read on for more about David.

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Featured Member: DayToDayeBay

Prabhat Shah

This month’s featured member is daytodayebay, also known as Prabhat Shah to his friends and neighbours in Newport, Wales!

Prabhat is a relative newcomer to the site but has made a big impact, bringing a lot of useful knowledge and a great helpful attitude.

I asked Prabhat a few questions about himself. Here’s what he told me.

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