Strategic Pricing for Amazon Marketplace Sellers

Strategic Pricing for Amazon Marketplace Sellers

This post is by James Thomson, the former head of Amazon Services, a division of Amazon which recruits over 100,000 new sellers to the Amazon marketplace each year. James is now President of The PROSPER Association, an educational organization focused on developing training and best-practice materials for early-stage online sellers. His consulting firm Marketplace Accelerator advises investment organizations, large Amazon sellers and vendors. He is also a business advisor to Skubana, and co-founder of SKUProfit.

Why is it so hard to get your pricing right on Amazon?

You want to win the sale, but you also want to make profit. Any decent MBA student will tell you that no matter how skilled a business owner is at building, marketing and distributing products, only those efforts around pricing will bring revenue (and hopefully profits) into your business.

Correspondingly, no matter how attractive the Amazon marketplace may look to a third-party seller, long-term success is not possible without a comprehensive understanding of how to price products profitably. Unfortunately, the vast majority of retailers/sellers – whether online or brick and mortar – under-invest in building effective pricing strategies. But we can fix that right here, right now.

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How Suspension Crashed My Amazon Sales From $50K To Zero

Car Crash

This post is by James Amazio, a veteran online marketer, web designer, and developer. He is also the founder of Feedbackz, software which can automatically email Amazon buyers with follow-up requests for seller feedback and product reviews. This post was first published in two parts on the Feedbackz blog: Amazon Success Story and Amazon Horror Story.

I am writing this long-overdue story about my journey on Amazon FBA. I’ll try to get into some good stuff from humble beginnings to month 8.

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Amazon Private Label Checklist – Will Your Product Sell?

Amazon Private Label Checklist

This post is by Mark Scott Adams, a serial entrepreneur who has started, built and sold six businesses. He is also a full-time Amazon seller, author, speaker and creator of the popular Amazon training course FBA HeadStart.

I spend my days working as a full-time Amazon seller and helping my students private-label their Amazon products in my FBA HeadStart training program.

We cover a variety of questions and topics on a daily basis.

But still the most asked question I get from my students is…

How do I find products to sell on Amazon?

Quite frankly, this is actually a really good question. But the better question is “how do I find the right products and the right market?” The two go hand in hand.

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The World’s Top eBay Sellers: 2015 Update

The 2015 update to the The World’s Top eBay Sellers is out today.


  • estocks has leap-frogged babz to take the number one slot.
  • Cross-border trade continues to grow, with Chinese exporters pushing out home-grown businesses, particularly in the UK.
  • Phones and accessories are no longer the top product category – now it’s clothing and shoes.

Read the updated 2015 list and stats now.

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