Private Label Product Liability: Don’t Get Burnt Importing from China!

This post is by online business expert Matt Thomas. Since 1999, Matt has had many online business ventures of his own, alongside client consulting and project management projects. This post was originally published on Insider Secrets as Amazon FBA Seller Liability: The Dangers of Importing and Reselling Products from China. This isn’t legal advice – Matt is not a lawyer!

A profitable online business that’s growing in popularity is importing custom manufactured products from China and selling them through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.

One big advantage of sourcing your own product from China is the ability to be unique. While the competition is selling the same products as everyone else, importing a product from China and making it your own by private labeling means you’re the only supplier. If that product is in high demand, being the sole supplier can be a very profitable position.

The gurus hawking FBA as the ultimate risk-free path to riches make it sound easy to turn all your ideas into successful products. One post I read advised to take your idea and head straight to, a site where Chinese manufacturers and middlemen advertise the products they’re capable of producing. The post encouraged you to custom manufacture 1,000 units of the product and ship them direct to Amazon’s warehouse and, from there, sell them on Amazon at fantastic margins. The perfect online business, they say!

Until one of your products burns someone’s house down – as happened in the recent spate of hoverboard fires – or a child gets hurt.

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Exploit Your Ecommerce Data to Unlock New Business Growth

Exploit Your Data

This post is by Matthew Ferguson, Customer Success Manager at Volo, a provider of technology and services to some of the world’s largest marketplace sellers. Matthew worked as an ecommerce manager in Florida for six years, before moving into a marketplace services role in London.

A little while back we were working with a big retail chain, and they were thinking about pulling the plug on Amazon and eBay. They were putting more and more work into it, and their listing count had grown but sales were down. They were frustrated and ready to completely write off selling through marketplaces.

But they hadn’t dug into their data. When we ran some quick comparisons, we found that none of their key products had been restocked. Their best sellers across several brands hadn’t been reordered over a two-year stretch. Then we saw that their product prices were getting lower but their shipping rates were up. Overall they were less competitive than they had been two years before.

How on earth did they miss such simple things? Well, when you have a large sales volume and/or a team of people working in the business, you don’t “just know” that kind of information. You have to go looking for it. But when you do routinely examine your data, those things are really easy to spot.

But using data isn’t just a matter of regularly comparing sales figures, it goes much further than that. To put it frankly, data is make or break for ecommerce businesses. It can uncover problems, optimize current sales and guide you down new paths. That’s when you really start unlocking its power.

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The World’s Top eBay Sellers

UPDATED: This post has been updated in July 2016 with the latest eBay data. This year we’ve changed the feedback period used in the ranking to 12 months, to even out seasonal differences and to match The World’s Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers list.

For this post I’ve pulled together a big list – a very big list – of the top 1,000 eBay sellers worldwide. If you want to get straight to the data, here’s a jump down to the full list. An extract of the top ten is right here.

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Seller Stories Roundup: Many Ways to Multichannel Success!

Seller Stories Roundup

Over the past two years we’ve profiled successful marketplace sellers from the United States, UK, Germany and Australia.

We don’t like to put forward a specific business model or sales channel as “the best”, so we’ve covered them all: wholesale, retail arbitrage, liquidation, private labeling, used items, Amazon, eBay, online stores and more.

So this post is a roundup of all our Seller Stories to date. It shows there are many ways to sell online, and no right way or wrong way to do well in this business. There are many ways that can work.

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Are eBay Buyers 10x More Demanding Than Amazon Buyers?

eBay Buyers More Demanding

This post was originally published on LinkedIn as Why Are eBay Buyers 10x More Demanding Than Amazon Buyers?

A lot of businesses sell on both eBay and Amazon.

Many of them – from part-time traders up to multi-million dollar companies – have told me that eBay sales take a lot more of their time and energy than Amazon sales.

I’ve heard enough sellers say the same thing to be convinced that there’s some truth in it. But what I had never seen, until recently, were any hard numbers backing it up.

But then Web Retailer member Bigian13 posted some statistics in our forum, from his sales in January this year. His numbers don’t just back it up, they put a shocking perspective on it.

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