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Vendor Central or Seller Central? 1P vs. 3P Amazon Strategies

By James Thomson and Joseph Hansen

Brand owners can sell directly to Amazon using Vendor Central, or through the Amazon marketplace using Seller Central. Here are all the pros and cons.

Vendor Central or Seller Central? 1P vs. 3P Amazon Strategies

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Jodi Gaines Pereira

Really great article James and Joseph! Got some solid answers to questions I myself have been pondering leading up to the Prosper Show. Look forward to meeting you both in a few weeks.


Very well written article. One thing I feel that should noted is that technically speaking the seller does not need to make a choice between 1P and 3P. They can if they choose to do so use a Hybrid approach that if done properly can accelerate growth dramatically.


Replying to Sekot

Hi Sekot,

Do you have any examples of brands that have implemented the hybrid approach successfully? If you could share any details you have about this approach then that would be great.

All the best,

Andy Geldman

Replying to Daniel

Hi Daniel,

We have a post about the hybrid approach here:

If you want an intro to the author, feel free to contact me via the Contact Us link in the site footer.

Nathan Grimm

One thing you left out: Amazon’s product availability policy for manufacturers. If you are a brand and you sell the product to any other retailers, Amazon reserves the right to require you to sell it to Amazon Retail. They absolutely exercise this policy for products that sell well.

Link to Amazon’s policy

Eugene Smith

Replying to Nathan Grimm

Hi Nathan,
Do you know of any manufacturers that Amazon has removed from its site because of violation of this policy? Any other pertinent info?


As a long time 3rd party seller, one thing I think is an advantage is not having to sell everything with free shipping, a required through 1P/FBA. Things that often sell in multiples benefit when shipping is calculated by weight.

Srini Raja

This is a very informative article. In addition to the above, Vendor central expects suppliers to be EDI ready. Amazon will send EDI orders and expects suppliers to provide Advance Shipment Notice, Invoices in EDI Format.


Replying to Srini Raja

Absolutely not true. I manage the Amazon business for 20 vendors (VC). 2 of them use EDI. EDI is entirely optional on VC.

Gene S

Great summary! However, I didn’t see any mention of Amazon Prime in the post. Where does that program fit in the 1P vs 3P decision making process? Is it neutral now that 3P vendors have a Prime fulfillment option? What about access to the prime membership database?


I like your article as well.
I do have a question however-
how do you feel about a hybrid version- a cross between 1.and 3 party?

Nathan Hirsch


My name is Nathan Hirsch and I am the owner of, the hands-on solution to hiring remote eCommerce workers. I’m reaching out because our clients are demanding vendor central experts and Im wondering if there is anyone in this group who knows VC very well and is interested in consulting for our clients. If anyone is interested, I’d love 5 minutes of your time to speak about how FreeeUp works and see if the opportunity would be right for you.


We currently operate a Vendor central account and have never had a seller central account. My question is if it is possible to create a seller central account while we still have a vendor account. Is it against amazon’s policies to have both a vendor central and seller central account?

Johnny Andrews

Hello Matthew,

You can have both a seller central account along with your vendor central account. It is not against Amazon’s policies to do so.

If you need help getting your new account set-up or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I work with FreeeUp a great remote hiring company that provides both vendor central and seller central trained consultants.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or send me an email at

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