Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, Google’s New Holiday Shopping Tool and More News

With the week coming to a close, are you guys ready for another Friday News Digest? Last week we had some heated news about Nokia, Amazon and a potential lawsuit. This week, thankfully, we have some more cheerful news — after all, it’s almost time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming holiday sales! Without further ado, let’s check out what some of the big eCommerce brands have in store for us today.

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Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before. Kicking off on November 17th and running all the way through November 27th, this year’s event spans a generous 11 days, giving shoppers ample time to snag incredible bargains. 

Unlike previous years, Amazon has extended its sale period to include Cyber Monday weekend, ensuring customers don’t miss out on fantastic deals.

Get ready for jaw-dropping discounts on a wide range of products from top brands like Samsung, HP, ASUS, Dell, and more. Amazon promises some of the lowest prices of the year, with up to 49% off select Vitamix blenders, up to 40% off KitchenAid appliances, and up to 35% off Shark vacuums, Bosch tools, Garmin products, and more. 

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Plus, Amazon is spicing things up by dropping new deals as often as every five minutes during certain times, including during the first-ever Black Friday NFL game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins, which will be airing on Prime Video.

But that’s not all. The retail giant is making it easier than ever to find the deals that matter to their customers. Personalized recommendations, including ‘Buy Again’ deals and the ‘Keep Shopping For’ feature, ensure customers discover the perfect discounts. 

And for those who want the inside scoop, Alexa can send personalized deal notifications up to 24 hours in advance. It looks like Amazon wants its buyers to score incredible deals and enjoy an extended shopping extravaganza. As an eCommerce seller — make sure you prepare well for the event.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

For eCommerce sellers, Amazon’s expansive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales event represents a prime opportunity to capitalize on increased traffic and heightened buyer intent. 

Sellers should prepare for a surge in sales by ensuring they have optimized listings, sufficient stock levels, and that they’re competitive on pricing and promotions. This period is a chance to showcase top products, clear out inventory, and possibly introduce new items to the market. 

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Big Retailer News

Google’s New Holiday Shopping Tool

Google is coming to the rescue of shoppers with the launch of a dedicated hub for hunting down the best deals and discounts. The tech giant is on a mission to make the holiday season less financially daunting, and their new “shopping deals” page in Search is here to help. 

The hub will help buyers uncover millions of promotions from thousands of brands and retailers, all conveniently organized in one place. Whether you’re in the market for electronics, apparel, beauty products, or anything else, Google will help with all.

What’s more, the company is also introducing a handy coupon code tool on Chrome. When visiting product pages, the tool will display available coupon codes, allowing buyers to save even more on your purchases. 

And that’s not all – Google is adding tracking features that let buyers monitor price fluctuations and set price drop alerts. With a “shopping insights label” in the browser’s address bar, you can easily see the typical price range and 90-day price history of products on participating retail sites. Plus, buyers can receive push notifications whenever their desired product goes on sale.

During the holiday season, which can be both thrilling and wallet-draining, Google’s new shopping hub and Chrome features are a welcome addition to enhance the online shopping experience. Buyers can say goodbye to endlessly scrolling through different websites and, instead, welcome a more convenient and money-saving way to shop.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

For eCommerce sellers, Google’s new “shopping deals” hub and the additional Chrome features are a game changer, signaling the need for a strong online presence and competitive pricing strategies. 

Sellers must ensure that they have products listed in Google’s promotions. The products should be visible in this centralized hub — reaching a wider audience that’s actively seeking deals. 

It’s important for sellers to monitor their pricing strategies and possibly adopt more aggressive promotional tactics to stand out. Sellers should prepare for potentially higher traffic and leverage these insights to optimize their sales approach during the holiday shopping rush.

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Consumer Holiday Spending Stats

As the 2023 holiday season kicks off, online retailers are facing a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges. On the bright side, consumers worldwide are gearing up to spend more online compared to last year. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Cisco AppDynamics, 59% of consumers expect to do their holiday shopping online on key dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, up from 53% last year. 

High inflation is driving consumers to seek online deals, with 48% believing they can stretch their budgets further, 42% valuing the wider product selection, and 31% aiming to avoid last-minute in-store rushes.

However, the bad news for online retailers is that consumers’ expectations for a seamless digital shopping experience are higher than ever. The survey reveals that 64% of consumers would feel anxious and angry if the applications and digital services they use for holiday shopping fail to perform. 

Furthermore, 58% of shoppers believe retail brands have just one chance to impress them this holiday season, and if the digital experience falls short, they won’t hesitate to switch back to in-store shopping. This underscores the importance of retailers ensuring their digital systems are running smoothly.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

In this increasingly competitive landscape, it’s crucial for online retailers to prioritize the performance of their digital platforms to meet consumer demands and secure their loyalty during the holiday season.

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Also in the News 

International Retailer News

Refurbed’s Sustainable Consumerism

Elevating the eco-friendly shopping experience, Refurbed, the Austrian trailblazer in refurbished electronics, has raised a vibrant $57 million through a Series C funding round. 

This financial boost will enrich the platform’s array of products, deepen its roots in key markets, and refine the customer journey on its digital storefront. With a laser focus on leading the charge for sustainable consumerism, Refurbed is crafting an ecosystem where tech lovers can indulge in high-quality, pre-loved gadgets without leaving a carbon footprint.

In just a few years since its 2017 launch, Refurbed has scaled its operations beyond its Austrian-German origins into a suite of European countries, clocking in an impressive external sales milestone of over 1 billion euros. 

The latest funding surge, championed by loyal investors Evli, C4, and Speedinvest, along with fresh faces like All Iron, signals strong market confidence in Refurbed’s green mission.

As the retail realm rides the wave of sustainability, with giants like Amazon rethinking packaging and waste, Refurbed is perfectly positioned at the intersection of tech and eco-consciousness. The platform’s ethos not only resonates with the burgeoning $53 billion resale market but also with a consumer base hungry for planet-friendly purchasing options. 

With this fresh capital, Refurbed stands at the forefront of a sustainable revolution, ready to redefine the European tech scene with a promise of quality and care for the earth.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

The increasing demand for refurbished products reflects a growing market for sustainable and eco-friendly options. eCommerce businesses can take this cue to diversify their offerings, possibly including refurbished or upcycled products, to cater to the eco-conscious shopper. 

Locus Robotics’ Smart Expansion

Locus Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous mobile robots for warehouses, is transforming the fulfillment sector globally. With strategic expansions in Italy and Poland, Locus is elevating operational productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, while cutting down labor expenses. 

CEO Rick Faulk highlights the brand’s commitment to reshaping smart warehouses in Europe, empowering partners with innovative technology.

Breaking new ground in Central America, Locus has teamed up with lifestyle powerhouse Solo Brands at their Mexicali, Mexico, warehouse, marking Locus’s premiere deployment in the region. 

This collaboration is setting new standards for order fulfillment, according to Solo Brands’ VP of Operations Brett Kulesza, who anticipates a surge in speed and precision, freeing up the human workforce for more skilled tasks.

Armed with over 27 industry accolades and a record of picking over 2 billion units at near-perfect accuracy, Locus Robotics’ AI-driven robots are redefining warehouse synergy, streamlining layouts, and ensuring swift ROI. 

As the fulfillment and eCommerce spheres evolve, Locus’s adaptable robotics service model stands out, offering businesses an edge in a competitive market.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

For eCommerce sellers, Locus Robotics’ expansion signifies a pivotal shift towards more efficient and cost-effective warehouse operations. Utilizing autonomous mobile robots can dramatically improve order fulfillment processes, allowing sellers to manage higher volumes of orders with greater speed and accuracy.  

This technological leap can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction due to faster delivery times and fewer errors.

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