Amazon Workers’ Bold Black Friday Showdown, Walmart Enters the Metaverse and More News

As another week concludes, we come to you once again with pivotal eCommerce insights. This week, our favorite retail giant seems to be hitting a rough patch with its employees. But before you find out what’s happening behind the scenes, you might want to catch up on last week’s news as well. So, with your drink of choice in hand, it’s time to chill out with your favorite source of eCommerce news of the week.

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Amazon Workers’ Bold Black Friday Showdown

In a bold move, over 1,000 Amazon warehouse workers in Coventry, UK, plan to gear up for a four-day strike in November. Their plan is to focus on November 7th, 8th, and 9th, as well as the high-stakes Black Friday on November 24th. 

The strike revolves around demands for increased wages. It comes on the heels of Amazon’s announcement of a £170 million investment to increase the wages of its frontline workers in the UK. 

This investment should raise pay rates for these employees from £11.80 to £12.50 per hour, depending on their locations. The Coventry workers had previously requested an hourly pay raise from £10.50 to £15, setting the stage for this historic showdown.


GMB organiser Rachel Fagan has described the impending strike as an unprecedented moment. After all, low-paid workers are taking on one of the world’s most powerful corporations. Coventry is at the core of Amazon’s distribution network, and a strike on Black Friday has the potential to disrupt the company’s logistics across the UK. 

Fagan urged Amazon to reconsider its priorities, highlighting the risk of widespread disruption to customers and the public if the strike goes ahead as planned. This move follows earlier strikes by Amazon workers in Coventry, with over 560 workers striking in April and 900 in July. The strike underlines the persistence and determination of the workforce in their quest for better wages.

Amazon’s Coventry workers and their demand for fair wages not only echoes the broader labor movement for better compensation but also sends a message to corporate giants that they can’t ignore the voices of their workers.

As the strike date approaches, all eyes will be on Coventry. There, the outcome could have far-reaching implications for the labor movement and corporate responsibility in the UK and beyond.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

For eCommerce sellers, this underscores the significance of ensuring fair wages and good working conditions. Negative press and operational disruptions could harm brand reputation, customer loyalty, and timely deliveries. These are all crucial aspects of eCommerce success.

Additionally, if successful, this strike could embolden workers across the sector, leading to increased demands for better pay and conditions from eCommerce firms of all sizes. 

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Big Retailer News

Walmart Enters the Metaverse

Walmart and Amazon are diving headfirst into the metaverse, recognizing its transformative potential for commerce. Walmart’s VP and General Manager of Metaverse Commerce, Thomas Kang, asserts that virtual worlds are reshaping how we connect, play, and shop. 

Walmart predicts the metaverse-related commercial activity market could reach $8 trillion to $13 trillion by 2030, with approximately five billion users. The retail giant plans to experiment with this immersive technology by integrating purchasing capabilities into its House Flip mobile game. From there, players will be able to buy real-world products within the virtual realm. This move builds on Walmart’s previous forays into the metaverse, such as a virtual fashion segment with Scoop.

Amazon, too, is immersing itself in the metaverse. The company is offering a virtual shopping platform tied to Prime Video series and movies. They’re catering to Gen V series fans with a virtual campus tour, where consumers can explore and buy around 150 products related to the show’s universe.

As both companies navigate this immersive digital realm, the future of retail could undergo a profound transformation. This strategic move could offer limitless possibilities for innovative customer engagement and sales strategies.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

Walmart and Amazon’s ventures into the metaverse signal a paradigm shift in retail strategies. Adapting to this immersive digital frontier isn’t just about selling products, it’s about crafting compelling, interactive experiences that integrate shopping seamlessly. Sellers must now consider how to position their brands within these virtual realms, leveraging the metaverse’s potential to engage consumers in novel ways.

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Firefox’s New Feature: The Fake Review Buster

Mozilla is taking a bold step in the battle against fake online product reviews with its new “Review Checker” feature for Firefox. This experimental tool rates the reliability of customer reviews, aiming to help users discern between genuine and fraudulent feedback. 

Fake reviews have plagued online retailers for years, prompting platforms like Amazon to take aggressive measures to combat them. Firefox’s Review Checker, currently tested in the United States, assigns a grade to product reviews. It also provides an “adjusted rating” by removing unreliable reviews, and extracts key highlights from existing feedback. This innovation could be a game-changer for consumers seeking trustworthy information when making online purchases.

The Review Checker tool utilizes technology from Fakespot, which Mozilla recently acquired. Fakespot employs sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to detect deceptive patterns and similarities in reviews. 

While Fakespot already offers similar services, integrating it into Firefox could significantly boost its exposure and user base. Although an official release date hasn’t been set, this move demonstrates Mozilla’s commitment to improving the online shopping experience by helping users navigate the murky waters of online reviews.

While Mozilla’s Review Checker release date remains uncertain, it holds the potential to empower consumers with the tools they need to make more informed online purchases, ultimately helping them cut through the noise of unreliable product reviews.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

eCommerce sellers can expect a boost in credibility for genuinely positive reviews, leading to increased customer trust and loyalty. On the flip side, those who may have inadvertently benefited from dubious reviews must now pivot to focus more on product quality and customer satisfaction. 

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International Retailer News

Greener Plates, Brighter Future: Europe’s Retail Titans Converge for a Sustainable Food Revolution

European retail giants, including Lidl, REWE, Colruyt, Albert Heijn, Billa, Biedronka, and others, are on their way to come together at the inaugural Retailer Roundtable. ProVeg International is hosting the event in Berlin on October 24, 2023. 

The event, titled “Market Leaders Building a Greener Future,” aims to unite retailers in their mission to transition consumers toward more climate-friendly foods. Retailers have emerged as champions in this endeavor, and the roundtable will serve as a platform for collaborative efforts to accelerate the adoption of sustainable food practices. 

Mathilde Alexandre, corporate and institutional engagement manager at ProVeg International, expressed hopes that this gathering of industry leaders would facilitate the sharing of knowledge to drive their sustainability efforts forward.

The ProVeg Retailer Roundtable is a crucial step in spearheading a more environmentally responsible food industry. With the global food system responsible for up to one-third of total greenhouse gas emissions, it’s imperative to transform it to combat the climate crisis. 

The event takes place just ahead of the UN environmental summit, COP28, which has committed to highlighting plant-based diets as a climate solution. ProVeg International will also establish a Food4Climate Pavilion at COP28 to raise awareness of the importance of plant-rich and cultivated foods in reducing emissions.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

For eCommerce sellers, this suggests a pressing need to diversify their inventory with eco-friendly and plant-based products, positioning sustainability as a key selling point. As major retailers champion eco-consciousness, eCommerce platforms can amplify their competitive edge by aligning with this trend. They can do this by offering educational content on sustainable choices, and forming partnerships with green brands. 

Staying abreast of potential regulations and consumer demands will be crucial in this evolving landscape, where eco-responsibility is rapidly becoming the industry standard.

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From Cargo to Cyber: Belgium’s Battle with Alibaba’s Hidden Agenda at Liège

Belgium is currently grappling with alleged espionage activities linked to Alibaba’s logistics arm, Cainiao, at Liège Airport, one of Europe’s major cargo hubs. The investigation, spearheaded by Belgian security services, is focusing on potential espionage and interference carried out by Chinese entities, including Alibaba. 

This scrutiny arises from a Chinese regulation mandating companies to share data with Chinese authorities and intelligence agencies. As a result, concerns have surfaced about the possibility of collecting sensitive data and using it for potential cyber warfare. This issue highlights the broader concerns surrounding Chinese eCommerce expansion and its implications for global security.

China’s rapid growth in the eCommerce sector is part of its strategy to dominate global markets, raising alarm among US authorities. Cargo hubs and warehouses, integral to the efficient delivery of goods, pose increased risks of usage for espionage due to the advanced technology they employ. 

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has taken steps to ban various Chinese telecommunication devices and equipment to lessen these risks. However, the challenge remains in dealing with devices already in use and the apps downloaded onto them, such as TikTok, which has ventured into online shopping in the US and the UK. Experts emphasize the importance of consumer awareness in addressing spying risks associated with such apps.

What does it mean for eCommerce sellers?

These developments emphasize the paramount importance of trust, transparency, and data privacy. Sellers might need to rethink their affiliations with Chinese logistics and eCommerce firms, diversify supply chains, and ensure robust compliance with global data privacy standards.

As governments potentially introduce stricter regulations against perceived cyber threats, eCommerce businesses must remain vigilant, adapt swiftly, and ensure their operations and partnerships don’t inadvertently tarnish their reputation or violate international guidelines.

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