Amazon Listing: Optimization Through Software

When you look up pretty much any term on Amazon, you’ll find hundreds and thousands of products in the search results. Every online retailer has faced the same issue many times, and that’s getting their listing on top of the Amazon page.

Today’s trending topic is there to help you out. Your retailing colleagues (i.e., your competition) are looking up Amazon listing services, and you shouldn’t lag behind.

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Selling on Amazon: Creating the Perfect Listing

As you’ve probably experienced so far, placing a product on sale on Amazon is more than just uploading a few images and adding a generic description. Sure, it can be only that, but if you want to succeed, you need to optimize your listing and attract a larger audience.

That’s where our latest trend comes in. Online sellers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that they can no longer just wing it. Amazon’s search engine is not as advanced as Google’s, but it still takes many factors into consideration when ranking products.

Amazon listing tools and services analyze your listing and suggest optimizations. The software suggests:

  • Missing keywords,
  • Visual improvement,
  • Process automation,
  • Profitable products.

Once you apply all the suggestions (or the ones that make sense to you), you’ll notice an increase in productivity, clicks, engagement, and, most importantly, sales.

Need help with your Amazon sales beyond listings? Check out our reviews of the best tools and services you can find for various aspects, such as marketing, and account health.

Seller Focus

In most cases, Amazon listing services are SaaS-based tools. As such, they don’t focus on a particular industry or niche. Every online retailer that uses Amazon as a platform for making sales can benefit from one such service.

Obviously, if you have an established brand in your industry or if you operate in an uncompetitive niche, optimizing your listings may not be necessary since you’re already reaching top pages.

The software is perfect for startups and solo sellers. Regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from the trend if your Amazon store has low product rankings.

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Pricing Examples

  • Helium 10:  An all-in-one platform dedicated to Amazon sellers. It has a dedicated listing builder that compares your listing quality score with similar products and suggests how you can improve your score. Price: $29-$229
  • Outlinematic: The service offers an entire product design package you can use on other marketplaces as well. It helps you brand your packaging, design your logo, take professional images, etc. Price: $127-$547
  • BaseLinker: A great solution for multi-channel product listing. The software helps you optimize the listing and automates its posting on various platforms. Price: $9-$119

Amazon Seller Stats 

Ever since the turn of the century, Amazon has been on a steady rise when it comes to net sales revenue. From 2015 onward, the revenue started going up at a staggering pace. That year, according to Statista, Amazon’s net sales revenue was at around $107 billion. The number almost reached an astonishing $514 billion in 2022.

So, what do Amazon sellers excel at? Well, Jungle Scout’s report suggests that beauty and personal care products share the top spot with the home and kitchen category. Each category attracts 30% of all online sellers, followed by clothing, arts, and electronics.

Most profitable sellers by category on Amazon

Target AudienceOnline retailers
Growth PercentageInterest in Amazon listing services jumped by 127% in the last six months. (Source: Exploding topics
TrendingA rising trend in the online retail community.


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