The Webretailer News for October 25, 2022

In only a week, Halloween will be over and holiday ads will take over the airwaves and internet. This week’s tips focus on how you can make the most 💰 on big retailer marketplaces throughout the season and beyond.

Big Retailer Marketplace Seller Tips

Marketplace Seller Tips

On Friday, we reported two grocery giants merging after Kroger acquired Albertsons. With powerful marketplaces powered by Mirakl, their direct shipping operations are about to expand exponentially in direct competition with Amazon, Walmart, and more. 

Many retailers focus their efforts on one of the big marketplaces, so here are some tips that will carry you through the holiday season and set your business for success in 2023.

1. Follow content guidelines

Every platform — Walmart, Etsy, AliExpress, Amazon, etc. — has a set of content guidelines. The guidelines could be suggestions for better placement — marketplace SEO. Or, they could act as rules that, if not followed, will get your listing taken down. 

Whether hard rules or suggestions, follow the guidelines. Trying to be a maverick or innovator with your listings is counterintuitive, and you’ll spend more time fighting a platform than selling on it. 

When Walmart suggests “Titles should be clean and concise, between 50-75 characters.” or Amazon asks that you don’t crowd images on ads, follow the rules! 

You’ll sell more when your products list at the top of searches and aren’t being taken down for noncompliance. 

Note: Amazon sellers should use A+ Content in their Seller Central Tools if they’re not already.


2. Use high-quality images and/or rich media

We touched on images last week in our tips on maximizing your sales during the holiday season. But reinforcement on this topic can’t hurt.

Online shoppers can’t pick up and touch your products, so the quality of your photos is a key factor that will make or break a sale. Both Amazon and Walmart have hard rules regarding images. However, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Use the max number of photos allowed on the platform
  • Include all accessories
  • Mix close-up shots and multiple angles

If your photography skills aren’t up to speed, it’s in your best interest to invest in a professional product photographer.

Rich Media

One of the best ways to let customers get a feel for your products is through 360 images. The equipment to make it happen is inexpensive and widely available, so take advantage and give your customers a real-feel experience. 


3. Use AI to optimize pricing

Every platform has a distinct set of fees, fulfillment, shipping options, etc. And it’s up to you to set your pricing at a rate that provides your customers value and nets you a nice profit. 

That’s a lot of math for one person to do — especially if you’re working multiple marketplaces. Here are some top programs that make use of AI to help you keep your prices on track. 

Also in the news

  • Amazon is holding a Holiday Season Seller Success Summit. You must register today! Amazon.
  • eBay execs will speak about marketplace pricing at this week’s Money 20/20 event in Vegas. Money 20/20.


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