ADHD Chair Will Improve Your Posture and Profits

This week, we’re focusing on a handy trending product that can help out people diagnosed with ADHD, especially children and students. We’ve already covered weighted stuffed animals, which are perfect for anxiety, and now, it’s time for a more practical product – an ADHD chair.

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What’s an ADHD Chair?

ADHD chairs are specially designed chairs that help with controlling impulsivity. When it comes to this product, it’s all about the design and functionality. They have special features that allow children and grownups with ADHD to have movement while sitting down and remaining focused on the task at hand.

While features differ from model to model, every ADHD chair uses its design to:

  • Increase circulation,
  • Encourage movement,
  • Prevent fidgeting,
  • Improve posture.

These chairs come with vibrations, rocking and spinning settings, and you can use them while sitting, kneeling, or being cross-legged.

The good news is, it’s not only for people with ADHD. You can market it to anyone who feels pain after sitting down for an extended period of time, as the additional features can help even healthy individuals improve their posture and reduce back pain.

These days, the catalyst for seemingly any trend is TikTok, and ADHD chairs are no different. When you search for videos about the product, you’ll see they have an incredible 26.3 billion views.

Product Examples

A great way to source ADHD chairs is to find a local wholesale supplier and not worry about the shipping. If that’s not an option, Alibaba is always reliable, or you can try out various product-sourcing tools.

The following are some of the top-selling ADHD chairs on the most popular marketplaces:

  • eBay — Sold by Kidstoys4U. The relatively simple design of the chair helps children strengthen their cores and corrects posture. It allows students to wiggle around while remaining seated. Price: $56.99.
  • Amazon — Sold by Predawn-US. This ergonomic kneeling chair is perfect for keeping a proper upright posture while rocking back and forth. It can be a chair for children, but customers also use it as an office chair or for meditation. Price: $149.99. 
  • Walmart — Sold by Coey Trading Co. While it’s not a chair in the traditional sense of the word, the sensory swing is ideal for kids with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and various other sensory disorders. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Price: $85.39.

Selling ADHD Chairs Successfully

One of the challenges of selling ADHD chairs is storing them. While they don’t require any special storage conditions, they can be quite cumbersome and take up a lot of space. If you can’t facilitate storing ADHD chairs, you can consider dropshipping.

Selling ADHD Chairs on Top Marketplaces

Top marketplaces are fairly saturated with ADHD chairs, with thousands of entries available. One way you can differentiate yourself (apart from offering a competitive price) is product placement. You can try advertising the product as being not only for people with ADHD but as a clever chair that can help everyone improve their posture and increase their productivity.

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