Bronzing Drops: A Drop of Gold for Your Portfolio

It’s hard to predict what type of product will trend on eCommerce markets at any given time. As we’ve covered in the past, trending products can vary from car vacuums to weighted toys. One thing is for sure — you can always rely on the cosmetic industry to come up with a new product that will get people talking.

Today is no different. One of the most recent products drawing a buzz across all major marketplaces is bronzing drops. We’ll dive into exactly what they are and how you can promote them within your channels.

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What Are Bronzing Drops?

Bronzing drops are basically a skin cream with a catchy name that provides an excellent description of what effects you can expect. Apart from the moisturizing and skin protection benefits, the main purpose of these drops is to provide a slight bronze tan to your skin, giving it richness and a sun-kissed effect without having to sunbathe for hours.

They are also great for hiding wrinkles, scars, and any redness your skin naturally displays. As virtually all cosmetic brands have bronzing drops in their portfolio, they try to attract customers by using all-natural ingredients and increasing skincare benefits, not focusing entirely on aesthetics.

This product always peaks during the winter months, when we’re less exposed to sun rays, and people seek artificial ways to avoid looking pale. It’s a great product to incorporate into your inventory, especially if you have a large female audience.

If you see bronzing drops as a great way to increase your sales, one easy way to source the product is via Alibaba. Still, you don’t need to deal only with Alibaba — read our Amazon and eBay reviews to learn about tools that can help you make the most out of these popular platforms.

Product Examples

Look at these following example of top-selling bronzing drops on the most popular platforms:

  • Amazon — Sold by Elite Sneakers & More. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi uses an anti-pollution, bio-available serum that avoids ingredients such as drying alcohols that may have a negative effect on your skin health. It gives users a bronze tan and a protective layer that is perfect against environmental stressors. Price: $57.58.
  • Walmart — Sold by Cosmetic Source Plus LLC. Coming from a famous cosmetic brand, these drops provide users with a radiant color and a hydration effect. Aside from evening out your skin tone, it has nourishing ingredients that can benefit your skin in the long term. Price: $12.99.

Selling Bronzing Drops Successfully

Most brands like L’Oréal and Drunk Elephant sell these products on their websites along with major marketplaces. You should differentiate yourself from the competition by offering better margins to manufacturers. Alternatively, find high-quality products with lower prices to attract customers. For example, Inventory Source can help you reach out to hundreds of dropship suppliers to get a head start.

Selling Bronzing Drops on Top Marketplaces

For bronzing drops, storage won’t be as big of an issue as these are not bulky objects you need to store in special conditions. What can be tricky is making sure you always have enough products in stock.

Another issue is the fact that this is a skincare product — you must ensure it’s top-quality and doesn’t contain any potentially adverse substances. Check out our list of product sourcing tools to ensure you get the best products at the best prices.

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