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Amazon Vendor Central: Everything You Need to Know

By Alex Knight

From getting started to purchase orders, Direct Fulfillment, and understanding allowances. We demystify Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon Vendor Central: Everything You Need to Know

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Kristen OConnor

Hello, Is the demographic data available to ARA Premium users based primarily on the account owner? For example, if the data says the majority of your customers are middle age married women with a high school education – is that data based on the person who owns the account? Or, actual end users? I find most people share an Amazon Prime account, or there’s one account per household, so I’m wondering how useful ARA Premium demographic data can really be for developing a persona/target market? Is the mother purchasing soccer gear for her 13 year old son (who asked for… Read more »

Carina McLeod

Replying to Kristen OConnor

Hi Kristen, my understanding from previous conversations with Amazon is that it is based on the account holder. Although, Amazon discloses very little information about the sources of their data.


Hello We have a vendor central account we have updated the direct fulfilment inventory of the products we listed but, for some reason, the products are not showing up as sold and shipped by amazon.Amazon is not showing up on the sellers list of buy box
What might be the reason??

Thank you!!!

Carina McLeod

Hi, a lot depends on the product you are selling. For example if it is a liquid, the listing might have been pulled by Amazon as risk of hazmat and they require certain safety data sheets to confirm it is ok to ship. I would suggest sending a ticket to Amazon and asking them if there are currently any exclusions on the listings that are preventing them from being available on the website.



I enrolled in my brand on Amazon. My Seller Central is new and but products are already selling my own website. Is there any way to get Vendor Central Invitation?


Carina McLeod

Replying to HJ

Hi HJ It depends on whether you are looking to be a vendor in North America or Europe and if you are a large player in your industry. In North America it is very difficult to get an invite. You could try and contact them via Contact Us on Vendor Central but the chances of them responding are limited. For Europe they do have a new vendor recruitment team that does recruit new vendors but with all the current changes happening on the vendor side with Amazon moving small distributors over from vendor to seller, I am not sure if… Read more »


Replying to Carina McLeod

Hi There,

I am looking to get sign up as Vendor Central account but not sure about the exact process can you please briefly explain me or guide me with a link which would help me in this,


Carina McLeod

Replying to Bilal

Unfortunately Vendor Central is an invite only program. If Amazon are interested in your brand they will be in touch. If you have not received an invite and want to sell on Amazon, the only way would be as a seller via Seller Central.


Very Good article. One thing is unclear to me though. The allowance is the percentage (like 10%) but a percentage of what?

Carina McLeod

Replying to Jussi

Thanks Jussi for the feedback. It is a percentage of total cost of goods for a particular period usually by month and is based on goods received. I hope that answers your question. Thanks, Carina.


How to search asin in Merchandising campaign page

Carina McLeod

Replying to Deiveegan

Hi, thanks for your comment. Are you able to explain in more detail your question?


Awesome article. Thank you! We are a national brand and manufacturer that sells to Amazon (Vendor Central). We are finding that Amazon is lowering the price on our products as much as 40% and now other retailers that we sell to are complaining because they can’t be as competitive. Amazon says it’s due to a “3rd party promotion” but we see no evidence of such. We think it’s Amazon. We’re not sure what to do. We pay for a good amount of ad promos, so I’m wondering if the prices on our products would go back up if we took… Read more »

Carina McLeod

Replying to Chris

Hi, glad you enjoyed the article. If Amazon are selling the item for a lot less, they are usually matching a competitor online or offline. However, they might be mapping an old retail price or an incorrect product. It is a hard one to manage as Amazon won’t engage in these conversations. You could try and mention that you believe there is an incorrect price match, but you will probably get an official response back from Amazon saying they won’t discuss this and set their prices as they please. With regards to your comment about the ad spend, this is… Read more »

Vincent Andrich

When funding promotions does AMZ want to remain margin neutral or do they make the vendor eat all of the lost penny profit

Carina McLeod

Replying to Vincent Andrich

Usually with promotions the funding they receive from the vendor is passed fully onto the customer. For example, you provide funding of £10 per unit on a promotion. Amazon will run a £10 off promotion on that item.

Terry Drackett

How can I notify Amazon about my brand and give them chance to invite me to be a Vendor Central business?

Carina McLeod

Replying to Terry Drackett

Unfortunately there is no process. Some businesses have reached out by using Contact Us on the Vendor Central log in page, but there is no guarantee anyone will respond. Some Amazon focused agencies have links to the new vendor management team but that often requires you working with those agencies. However, first I would make sure you are clear on why you want to be a vendor and if that is the right route for your business or would seller be the better platform.

Joseph Yeruva

I want to extract the data of my sales and inventory from Amazon vendor central account into my on premise data base, what is the procedure?

Carina McLeod

Replying to Joseph Yeruva

Amazon is slowly introducing APIs for Vendor Central. It is worth reaching out to vendor support for more details. Otherwise the other way is a manual download of a csv file and then uploading it in your system.

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