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eBay Global Shipping Program: All Your Questions Answered

By Jane Fazackarley

eBay’s Global Shipping Program allows sellers to access international customers and reach new markets, but is it the best option for sellers?

eBay Global Shipping Program: All Your Questions Answered

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Some of what is written in the above article is not true…. `Sellers are not responsible for lost or damaged parcels once they’ve reached eBay’s shipping center.` My international buyer opened a dispute for a parcel that was sent to a wrong address by ebays GSP. The seller got his money back, by paypal favoring in his favour and taking the money from my paypal account. After contacting ebay, and them agreeing that it was their fault they agreed to remove the bad feedback, and give me back my money. They removed the bad feedback, I`m still waiting for my… Read more »

Andy Geldman

Replying to Clayton

Hi Clayton, thanks for the comment.

We’ve corrected the article to point out that the total price paid is included on the packing slip. This will be for customs compliance. Thanks for that.

Regarding “Sellers are not responsible for lost or damaged parcels once they’ve reached eBay’s shipping center.”, that is true but the seller support sometimes fails so reimbursements aren’t made etc.

Besides shipping being expensive, it’s the most common complaint that we have seen – seller support not living up to the promises made about how GSP is meant to work.

David Narayan

I recently opt out of GSP and four days later I was sending items using GSP.
I guess the edit settings does not work on eBay
On another note, I purchased a lot of items from all over the world using eBay.
Not! anymore due to extra cost.

Dave Sloski

Is it common to have different price/shipping options within gsp?


Replying to Dave Sloski

I bought a set of wheels in the UK and they were a total of AUD147 to ship to Australia plus GST. A similar set of wheels on the same site is AUD456 to ship plus GST. Why? Cannot get an answer.

Bernard Blinebry

If I ship global ones everything need to be in one package for same price?

Ella Wajei

An overseas buyer has contacted me to say GSP have not given him a price for shipping costs and thus he is unable to pay. Is it because I offered free shipping within UK so GSP have no way of estimating the parcel size and weight? What should I do now?


If you haven`t given dimensions of the parcel then that is the most likely reason as to why he hasn`t received shipping costs. When using GSP it is important to be as accurate as possible with your dimensions and weight as you don`t want your customer to end up paying more than he should have to for tracked postage.

Sonya Anton

I am having an issue with an expensive item that was shipped to Isreal through the eBay GSP. To date the carrier has tried to deliver to the recipient at least 6 times and cannot locate them. What will happen to the package if it cannot be delivered? I am happy to receive it back if need be, I really loved the clock. Wanted to enjoy it for a while but I didn’t put a high enough price on it, was purchased rather quickly.


Replying to Sonya Anton

You can try and contact Ebay and ask them which carrier they used. Normally clicking on the tracking number will give you some indication of who they used to get the parcel out of the country. They will usually use the same tracking number for the other couriers as they change hands. Find out who the shipping company was and then contact them giving the tracking number and see if they can trace it. A friend of mine was able to get an Xbox Elite controller stopped from being delivered in France as the buyer opened up an unauthorized transaction… Read more »

Angelo Brown

So, I’m based in the US, I expecting a eBay purchase PBI, it had made it through UK customs and the package is in US. The package travelled the long route, but made it to my state two ago (due my ability yo see where my package was at all times it was less than 20 miles away, another day it was 1 to 2 miles, it was in my actual zip code a very small area. No the package is headed across country. The pack is scheduled for delivery next week. Why was the package not delivered? Is this… Read more »


Hi, Interesting article, thanks. I have one question that is related. I would like to send back an item I bought from a US seller. I am in France. I had to pay some custom duties and taxes with the shipping charge, via the Global Shipping Program from Ebay and the carrier (Pitney Bows). I want to send back this item because I made a mistake. It is not because the item is faulty. The seller is ok to refund the price of the item, but what about the custom fees I paid? Are they going to be refunded by… Read more »

Noel Mccormack

Pitney Bowes charged me twice for 1 package and I am finding it very hard to find someone at pitney bowes to understand that they have ripped me off

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