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How to Find Trends and Create Trending Products to Sell on Amazon

By Pilar Newman

Products that piggyback on popular trends can generate amazing sales quickly, but timing is everything and other sellers don’t always play fair.

How to Find Trends and Create Trending Products to Sell on Amazon

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Richard Forrest

Hi Pilar,

What an incredible story and amazing success you have had with Amazon FBA.

What would you recommend as the best way to launch a product that is on the 5th page? Social launch with a funnel and a discounted price of e.g $1?


Pilar Newman

Replying to Richard Forrest

Hello Richard, Thank you for your comments. Social launches are always a great strategy, but the days of excessively using the $1 and $2 deeply discounted coupons codes for ranking or to gain product reviews are coming to a near end. Amazon has already pointed out with their new TOS changes that this form of manipulating their system is being monitored and sellers will be penalized. The plate is hot on the burner and you don’t want to push out a sales funnel such as this and cause a red flag within Amazon’s algorithm. If you are carrying a niche… Read more »

Adrienne Dupree

Very informative article with great information for FBA sellers.

Pilar Newman

Replying to Adrienne Dupree

Glad you enjoyed the article Adrienne!

K. Hill

This article gave me a ton of new ideas. I see that I’ve some more detective work to do and heading over to Google Alerts as we speak…thanks!

Pilar Newman

Replying to K. Hill



Are you allowed to ask for feedback from Amazon customers? Can you put a note requesting it in the package if you sell MF or email to follow up?

Pilar Newman

Replying to Anna

Hello Anna,

The quote below is direct from Amazon’s Terms of Service for sellers:

“You may request feedback from a buyer, however you may not pay or offer any incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.”

You can find more information about this under Amazon Seller Help –> Reviews and Feedback.


Hi Pilar,

Wow, this article is great! Detailed and informative – such a great resource for Amazon sellers!

Really excited for your course launch coming up. I can’t wait to follow along as you grow to continued success.

Take care!


Pilar Newman

Replying to Tiana

Thank you greatly for your support Tiana! I’m working with my great group of Amazon FBA course pilot students now. By end of year, I should have something available for those on the waiting list for the final version of the course. Make sure you are signed up to my newsletter on my website to receive further information when it is ready to launch!

Best wishes.


A very motivating article and fantastic FBA results!

Pilar Newman

Replying to Rober

Thank you Rober!


Love the article! Wonder how well this would work for dental products?

Pilar Newman

Replying to David

The best way to find out is to try it!


Hi Pilar
Great article. Will you be having any meetups in the tri-state area where people can discuss Amazon FBA and related subjects.

Pilar Newman

Replying to michael

Hello Michael,

At the moment, I’m traveling overseas and have no immediate plans for a meet-up in the tri-state area. If anything changes, I will certainly let those interested be aware by email. Make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter on my website. That’s where I normally send out any news.



Very good article Pilar. Do you offer a coarse on how to spot trending items?

Pilar Newman

Replying to Rudy

Hi Rudy,

I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m currently working with students in my Amazon FBA Pilot course. I have yet to put together a course for trending items. If anything, I will let people know of upcoming courses via email. You can sign up to it via my website.

All the Best,


How do i subscribe to your newsletter? Thanks! I live in Panama and need to make this work from the southern part of the hemisphere. Gracias!!

Pilar Newman

Replying to Renate

Hello Renate,

You can go to my website at and sign up to receive my email tips from there.

Best wishes,

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