eBay Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives

Alex Knight picks out alternative eBay listing tools for sellers still relying on eBay’s much-loved but now obsolete Turbo Lister

This month marks the end of an era, as eBay retires its listing tool, Turbo Lister, after almost two decades of service.

Turbo Lister always splits opinion, as some sellers opted for third-party eBay listing software long ago. For many others though, Turbo Lister’s ability to create listings offline and upload them in bulk to eBay, for free, made it their listing tool of choice.

It is these sellers who are now left with a tough decision. On one hand there is eBay’s “improved” Seller Hub, which does feature a listing tool. But, it is not a desktop application like Turbo Lister and doesn’t have either the option to work offline, or the capacity to store finished listings.

This is driving many sellers to third-party eBay listing tools. But, with several tools claiming to be the premier Turbo Lister replacement, it can be hard to decipher which is right for you. Maybe you’ve tried several already, but haven’t found one you like, or are yet to find one with all the features you need.

To help, we’ve taken five listing tools that sellers could use to replace Turbo Lister: SixBit, Xpress Lister, Wonder Lister, Ad-Lister and CrazyLister. I’ve reviewed their key features, and identified which type of sellers they are most suited to.

What is a Turbo Lister replacement?

Before we review alternative eBay listing software, it’s important to set out the essential functions for a Turbo Lister replacement.

Most importantly, it needs to be completely focused on eBay or, if it’s a multichannel listing tool, have a very strong eBay integration. It should have the facility to create and edit eBay listings, both individually and in bulk, and have design templates to make listings look professional.

It must also be able to hold inventory data (or pre-built listings) independently of eBay and allow sellers to upload them to eBay at their convenience. An archive feature to hold past listings is also helpful. This means that if you sell a product seasonally, you can just copy your previous listing instead of creating a new one from scratch.

You may also want to consider features that Turbo Lister didn’t offer, such as sales processing functions. Or, with $9.6 billion worth of sales being completed via mobile devices in Q3 of 2016 alone, you should probably consider how well any eBay listing tool creates mobile-optimized listings.


SixBit is run by John Slocum, who created the first ever eBay selling tool, AuctionAssistant, in 1997. He then spent ten years working with eBay as a software developer before starting SixBit in 2009.

It is perhaps no surprise then that SixBit is the tool that has the most in common with Turbo Lister. The biggest similarity is that both are desktop applications, meaning that listings can be created offline and then uploaded to eBay. It also means that all your data is held on your computer, so you don’t have to worry about a third-party application only holding your finished listings for a certain period of time.

Former Turbo Lister users will be happy to hear that SixBit allows sellers to directly import listings from Turbo Lister CSV files. It also features a mode where sellers can customize the SixBit icons to match those used for the corresponding function in Turbo Lister.

In terms of features, SixBit goes further than Turbo Lister and offers post-sale functions, such as tracking orders and emailing customers. Other nice touches include a fully customizable data-entry sheet and built-in tools, which include a price researcher and picture editor. SixBit also lets you list your inventory on Amazon.

Who is SixBit best suited to?

An area where SixBit does differ from Turbo Lister is price. Sellers can take advantage of a 30 day trial before deciding whether SixBit is the right tool for them but, after that, pricing plans start at $19.99 a month.

This rules out the casual sellers who were attracted to Turbo Lister because it was free. Realistically, you have to be doing enough volume to justify spending $19.99 every month. If you can, then SixBit has several pricing tiers depending on factors such as the number of eBay accounts you want to link to your SixBit account.

SixBit is listed in Web Retailer’s comprehensive directory of software for marketplace sellers.

Xpress Lister

Xpress Lister allows users to create and edit listings in bulk using a spreadsheet-driven interface. After a quick sign-up process, users can start uploading spreadsheets straight away, in a number of formats. This includes CSV files, Excel files and even Amazon product files.

Former Turbo Lister users will be pleased to hear that they don’t have to include 100 columns of data like they did with Turbo Lister. You can upload spreadsheets to Xpress Lister with as little as four required fields. There are a number of optional fields that sellers can choose to include and two more required fields if you are listing a product with variants.

Another time-saving feature is that unlike Turbo Lister, where users had to enter the category code for each item individually, Xpress Lister auto-categorizes listings. If the category doesn’t fit your product, you can still change it manually.

A common criticism of Turbo Lister was that it reflected what was happening on eBay. So, if you’re listing finished on eBay it wouldn’t be stored on Turbo Lister. This meant if you wanted to relist that product seasonally, you’d have to create a new listing.

Xpress Lister allows you to upload your whole product catalog and holds your listings even when they are out of stock. As soon as your product is back in stock it goes live on eBay again and appears on the same listing as before, meaning you retain your sales history.

Who is Xpress Lister best suited to?

Xpress Lister has a wide appeal because it offers two price plans. One is a “free forever” plan called Xpress Lister Lite. This allows sellers to create listings for free but any changes to the listing after it’s been created must be done on eBay. This plan appeals to the casual sellers who used Turbo Lister because it was free. It also could help sellers with smaller volume, who can list their products in bulk for free and don’t mind making alterations manually on eBay.

The paid-for plan, Xpress Lister Pro, allows both creation and management of listings directly from Xpress Lister. It has 13 different paid options, with prices starting at $11 per month for 100 listings and going up to $499 per month for 1,000,000 listings.

It is important to note that Xpress Lister only allows you to create fixed price listings. So if you mostly use auction-style listings this tool isn’t for you.

Xpress Lister is listed in Web Retailer’s comprehensive directory of software for marketplace sellers.

Wonder Lister

Wonder Lister is an offline listing tool that allows users to create and edit listings in bulk. This is its main similarity with Turbo Lister and once again allows users to store data on their own computer. You can create listings offline, store them in Wonder Lister and upload them to eBay at your convenience.

Wonder Lister displays listings in a customizable grid, similar to a spreadsheet. Users can choose which fields are displayed in the grid, then those fields will appear for every product that is to be edited. Bulk editing features allow sellers to edit thousands of listings with just a few clicks.

Inventory and listings can be uploaded to Wonder Lister in a CSV file. It is worth noting that former Turbo Lister users can upload their inventory and existing listings to Wonder Lister using a CSV file exported from Turbo Lister.

Wonder Lister isn’t just a listing tool and offers users a number of post-sale functions. It can be used to generate pick lists, track shipments and generate invoices. Users can also see a profit or loss report for each of their sales.

Who is Wonder Lister best suited to?

Wonder Lister is primarily targeted at small to medium sellers who have a maximum of 5,000 active listings at a single point in time. For these sellers Wonder Lister offers very competitive pricing, allowing them to list 1,000 items for just $5 per month.

Cross-border sellers can also benefit from using Wonder Lister, as it has the ability to list on any eBay marketplace. This is made simple by using the bulk duplicate feature. Sellers can create one single listing for their product, duplicate it several times and then list it on eBay sites around the world.

Finally, cross-channel sellers can export a customized CSV file from Wonder Lister that can be used to import your inventory to another channel, such as Amazon, or your own website.

Wonder Lister is listed in Web Retailer’s comprehensive directory of software for marketplace sellers.


Ad-Lister allows sellers to create listings quickly, using a simple two-step process. The first page asks you three questions about the type of item, and the second asks you to input further information such as a title, description and images.

It is also heavily focused on promoting your products, as the listing creation process includes an option for sellers to share their listing on Facebook and Twitter as soon as it is live on eBay. Sellers can also manage their cross-promotional advertising by using keywords to select the most relevant products and create bundles (for instance you might want to list a drill alongside a case and safety gloves).

You can also add customized design templates to your listings using the drag-and-drop template builder. You can create one design for all your listings or a separate one for each category of product you sell. All templates are mobile-optimized and compliant with eBay’s new active content policy.

Finally, you can see an overview of your Ad-Lister account from the dashboard. This can be customized by dragging-and-dropping the different functions and also by adding widgets, which provide additional features such as a profit and loss calculator.

Who is Ad-Lister best suited to?

Ad-Lister has something to offer sellers of all sizes. If new sellers can justify spending at least $185-a-year then it’s a good tool to start with. There is support on hand to help with any queries you may have, including free telephone support, and the upload process is very simple. Ad-Lister is purely a listing tool, so there also isn’t any added complexity.

Big businesses can also benefit from Ad-Lister’s data feeds. They have the ability to upload very large catalogs and create eBay listings for them. This would suit a big retailer looking to start selling on eBay.

The tiered pricing structure also offers flexibility for growing sellers, who can choose from a range of paid options that offer between 100 and 1,000,000 listings every month.

Ad-Lister is listed in Web Retailer’s comprehensive directory of software for marketplace sellers.


CrazyLister is a drag-and-drop editor, that allows eBay sellers to add customized design templates to their listings. Users don’t need to be familiar with coding or have any design skills, they can simply choose from over 200 templates and customize it to suit their needs.

The editor is easy to use, as users simply click on parts of the template and move them, resize them or delete them. You can also insert pictures, which CrazyLister optimizes, to make sure that your listing loads as fast as possible.

All templates adhere to eBay’s new active content rules and are mobile-optimized. When editing you will get two views – one will show your listing on a desktop and the other on a mobile device. These can look entirely different, as you can customize your listing to look and behave differently depending on how a buyer is viewing it.

When you have finished your template, you can apply it to all your existing listings with just one click. This has been especially useful for sellers who needed to alter their listings to comply with eBay’s new active content rules. They can use CrazyLister to change them all at once.

In the past, you could not create eBay listings using CrazyLister, but this is no longer the case. CrazyLister now gives you the ability to create new listings and edit live listings instantly, as well as allowing you to store your finished listings forever.

Who is CrazyLister best suited to?

CrazyLister is most useful for small and medium sellers who have over 100 active listings. This is because sellers with fewer listings won’t get the benefit of applying a template to a large number of listings with just one click.

CrazyLister is listed in Web Retailer’s comprehensive directory of software for marketplace sellers.

In Closing

When eBay announced it was going to retire Turbo Lister, many sellers were left confused and concerned about how they would create listings in the future. But, as you can see, there are some great alternative eBay listing tools on the market.

In fact, the retirement of Turbo Lister could be a great opportunity for many eBay sellers. They have the chance to sign up with new listing software that not only replaces Turbo Lister, but also gives them a whole bunch of extra features that could make a real difference to their sales.

58 comments on “eBay Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives

  1. We’ll that’s news to me! I have been using Crazy Lister for a few months and it’s good for making templates with lots of pre-designed options available, but I want aware you could upload a template to replace your existing eBay listings.

    I’ll take a look but I’m not even sure how that would work as surely each listing you have will have a different description?

    I’ve never had a problem with creating a listing in eBay and it’s a quick and easy 2-click process to copy and paste your template HTML into your listing with CrazyLister. The downside is that it is very expensive, with £20 a month allowing you just 100 listings.

    1. Hey Mark!
      Bulk revise a relatively new feature we’ve introduced in 2017.

      It uses placeholders for your Title, Description texts and image gallery which are automatically imported from your eBay listings. This way you get a uniform template with a specific content per listing.

      Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply a template to multiple listings –

      Try this on one listing to get a feeling of how it works. You can then apply the template to multiple listings with one-click!

  2. I am staggered that Alex Knight considers Sixbit to be closest to Turbolister. I downloaded it on a trial basis and found it bewildering. It has so many things that I simply don’t need and things that I need but can’t find them, no doubt.
    Why someone doesn’t put together something that looks like Turbolister (TL) walks like TL and quacks like TL beats me. I would subscribe to it immediately.
    Now, I have to put things on the ebay hub. Great, I have extremely slow internet connection and the one thing I managed to list that way took me half an hour. Previously, I would put 250 lots on TL, click on upload and go to bed!
    It’s time that ebay woke up the fact that not everybody who uses them is a 25 years old cybergeek and has lightning-speed internet connection.
    So – someone out there – build a TL lookalike and people like me will flock to your door. . Harvey Morgan

      1. I just bought a new computer and my daughter downloaded turbolister 2 for me and now it works pretty fast. I never had problems with it before and still don’.t I fear that suddenly eBay will decide to take it down totally and all the work I have done and listings saved in folders will be wiped out. None of the alternatives sound good to me. Having my listings saved is HUGE! I don’t want a store because I don’t want to be forced to list hundreds of things a month. It seems that eBay is catering to sellers who have made this a business and to brick and mortar stores that are selling on eBay. It was the little guy that helped eBay grow. It used to be like an online garage sale and like the Mom & Pop stores I feel the little guy is being squeezed out between the new rules, the lowered monthly free listings, the eBay and PayPal fees and the USPS rising costs it just isn’t fun any more. I am working towards reducing most or all inventory this year and giving up. Too much time spent for little profit. If somebody would give the old TurboLister lovers what they want I might stay but the future is not looking bright. eBay apparently doesn’t listen, doesn’t care. Perhaps we are in the minority. The best people to come up with a new TurboLister is eBay.

  3. I tried Wonder Lister and it is full of bugs. Looking on their forum, there are many bugs reported without any response from the support. They just don’t care about bugs in their software. Not meant for serious sellers.

  4. I list a few things occasionally on eBay. I also have very slow internet at home, so I’ve used TurboLister to create listings on my laptop, and then bring that to somewhere with WIFI to upload to eBay. So, I’m looking for a free application that I can use offline. The only one, from the above reviews, that appears to offer a free option is Xpress Lister. However, other than having a free version, it has NONE of the options I’m looking for. It doesn’t appear to be downloadable, so I can’t use it at home. And it doesn’t allow auction listings!!!??? How is that a replacement for TurboLister? EBay is an auction site. Xpress Lister doesn’t allow auction listings. It may be usable for those who have eBay stores, but, as far as being a replacement for Turbo Lister, it’s a total bust.

  5. I think the point is it’s a replacement for TurboLister that is suitable for the majority of people who used it. Nothing can be all things to all people, we all have our preferences, foibles, and specific needs, but things like Xpress Lister are primarily designed for those who do have shops and run businesses on the site rather than the casual user.

    For your purposes you would probably be better off just typing out the information into a notepad and copy-and-pasting it when you’re online, which would take minimal bandwidth. Either that or I think it’s possible to use a spreadsheet and upload information to listings that way.

    It’s not the perfect answer, but I often list items just using the listing tool on ebay which I don’t find any more difficult than using any sort of tool to do my listings given that I have to write a different description for every item anyway, and that’s the main part of the listing (although as stated above I also use CrazyLister). Even with a slow connection, once you have the listing design page open your internet speed shouldn’t make a lot of difference just to add your information to a listing template. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but I think everybody can save listing templates within ebay.

    I would also suggest that ebay is much less considered an auction site now than it was, say, 10 years ago.

  6. So in short there is no free alternative. Our options are all pay services. This is bullsh*t, I don’t want to incur another cost for ebay, a dying marketplace that brings in so little now. $30 god damn dollars a month for these services?! That’s a RIPOFF! Why can’t someone make a program that we can just buy, everything has a recurrent charge now. It takes so ****ing long to list manually on ebay that it’s not even worth the effort even though it is the most active venue, I’m sick of their sh*t, They’re killing their own site, maybe it’s time to just ditch that clown show.

  7. SixBit is one of the most confusing programs in the history of eBay. It is nothing like TL and anyone who actually used TL and tried to switch to it would know that.
    Turbo Lister wasn’t a complex program, and while all these “alternatives” have popped up the truth is, a slightly updated TL clone would be the most popular eBay listing tool ever. Even if it had a one time $99 price tag! Why isn’t it being done?

  8. Having been a long term user of TL, I was disappointed when it was discontinued. Thought I would try WonderLister. It di transfer my files from my TL file, and I thought it would work. However every time I tried to upload a file to ebay, wonder Lister would default to Fire Fox, and lock up my computer. to me it is worthless, so I cancelled it and will use something else

  9. I continue to be a TL user because I have my inventory stored and my descriptions written so I can upload at any time. You can still download TL updates of category changes just no software support but I rarely needed support anyway so TL still works for me. Just bought new Windows 10 computer and could not download the entire TL software but my daughter searched the internet and found out how to do it so now I have TL once again. She transferred my TL files from old to new computer. I have created new listings and uploaded them no problem. I have uploaded my old saved listings and that was no problem. I don’t want to pay $20 a month for software since I do not list every month and I never have 100 listings up at one time. Some of my inventory is seasonal so I need to keep it stored on my computer and I don’t need an eBay store. There is a need for sellers like me to have a program like TL and until eBay no longer updates categories for TL I’m staying with that product. Like others here I wish somebody would invent a selling tool that mimics TL. None of the suggested software options here are a perfect fit for me.

    1. Me, too, Margaret. I think ebay jumped the shark when they announced they would no longer support it. There was such a hue and cry that they finally said they would leave it alone for the time being but then would expect sellers to use sellers hub in the future. I spoke at length with an ebay rep asking questions like long term storage of listings, photo storage, etc, and they simply had no answers which means to me that they had not thought of how people use turbo. Typical ebay!

  10. Hi. I was appalled when eBay announced their intention to abandon Turbo Lister (a fantastic tool I have been using for 10 years or more). After reviewing the options available I was unhappy at having to pay further fees to run my modest operation and was delighted to discover, despite the alleged ‘switch off’ Turbo Lister still worked and could be updated. I am still continuing to use it to date and the only flaws I have found are the need to ensure this listing is compliant, once uploaded to eBay. I’ve banged on about this for years but I do wish eBay would acknowledge that it is the sellers not the buyers who are the source of their income (we’re the ones who pay their fees) and provide some support that is helpful end encourages growth. A new re-thought, compliant Turbo Lister would be good.

  11. I just switched computers this week and had to download Turbo Lister 2 on the new computer so I could restore my latest backup. The templates and Activity Log were restored, but not my ended listings. No program updates any more (I think there were still some when I last listed auctions in November), and apparently synchronization no longer works (it keeps freezing on “estimating . . .”, even though my most recent ended auctions are less than 60 days old. I will grouse a LOT if/when I finally have to “bite the bullet” and switch to a paid alternative.

  12. I have been using turbo lister since it was called Mister Lister. So I was really bummed it was discontinued. I still use it, and can update my categories but that is about it. I have recently been having issues uploading, but it is still far better then that stupid hub listing service. You can’t save anything and have to build it from a template, and it doesn’t always fit so it gets changed a lot. I am betting turbo lister was getting expensive to support and heaven forbid the shareholders don’t get their dividend.

      1. Wish they would hurry the hell up and whirl down the friggin plug hole! (Drain) They are over rated by far – greedy tw*ts as well! Happy New Year B Miller!! xx

  13. When I discovered that I couldn’t even get Pre-Filled Item Information any more when listing items 1 at a time in Turbo Lister, I finally downloaded WonderLister and set up an account for their $5/month plan. I am still learning how to use WonderLister while creating listings. Their user manual (viewable as an HTML file through one’s browser) does not address all of the questions I had, and appears to be unfinished in some sections; however, their support staff answered 1 big question I had quite quickly and with information which resolved that issue immediately (quite unlike my typical experience contacting eBay’s Turbo Lister support, back when they were still claiming to support it). I am not crazy about having to spend money for paid listing creation software after having used Turbo Lister for years (I started selling on eBay shortly before Mister Lister became Turbo Lister 1), but I am impressed so far with the quality of the software and its tech support, and at $15/3 months, it’s the cheapest way to go for such a tool for low-volume sellers who prefer auction-style listings.

  14. tried Wonderlister, so much headache. I use Chrome for my browser, and Wonderlister some how uses Firefox to make it work. The program kept defaulting back to Firefox which in turned locked up my computer. Finally I removed the whole program and uninstalled Firefox, and problem solved.
    I am bummed to say the least that Turbolister is not available, I listed hundreds of items usijng TL, and could save the listing. Now I have to build them one at a time on the EBay site. Still looking for a great alternative to TL. I also resent the fact that any replacement is a pay to use. I may just have to give in and pay if I find a good app, but until Wonderlister functions seamlessly with Chrome I won’t be using them

    1. I’ve been using Wonder Lister with Microsoft Edge – not your preferred browser, but something other than Firefox. The Turbo Lister 2 download link @Bryon provided does work (I’ve used it in the past); my only problem currently is that there seems to be no way to retrieve Pre-Filled Item Information while working within Turbo Lister, which is a big problem in categories where eBay requires such info from the eBay Catalog for each item.

    1. How can people still use TurboLister 2 if its been discontinued? I’m so confused.

      I actually used the link above and downloaded it. What has changed? What am I missing about this? Again, just called me totally confused.

  15. Just got word in my eBay Messages this morning, that eBay wants all Turbo Lister users to download/install the latest update, so that their listings will be HTTPS-compliant. (And nagging/”encouraging” all of the TL users to switch to the Seller Hub bulk-listing creator.)

  16. How can people still use TurboLister 2 if its been discontinued? I’m so confused.

    I actually used the link above and downloaded it. What has changed? What am I missing about this? Again, just called me totally confused.

    1. It is no longer officially supported, but they are still doing updates to it. Seller Hub is supposed to have some sort of alternative for listings, but it wasn’t even close to ready when they discontinued support for Turbo Lister. I’ll check for updates every now and then and a lot of times there are updates. I use it because it’s easy, I’m familiar with it, I don’t need any support because I only use basic functions and all the alternatives have a monthly fee which is ridiculous since I only use this as a database to re-list items.

  17. I think the download link is intended for “legacy” Turbo Lister users who need to update or reinstall. EBay really doesn’t want new Turbo Lister users at this point, so the Seller Hub bulk listing tool is the free option that they’re directing new sellers to, and also what they’re pushing Turbo Lister users to switch to (even though it seems to lack a lot of the features that sellers liked about Turbo Lister).

  18. I, like others, have been using turbo lister for many, many years and quite frankly don’t want to change. However, my main business is books and for the past few weeks I have been unable to get the product description from ebay like I use to. I have no idea if it is on my side etc. so I started looking at all these other ‘tools’ and am saddened by their lack of flexibility. I have approx. 7,000 listings to convert and I don’t want to pay each month for items I am barely making .50 on now. From reading all these comments it was nice to find I am not alone. And have decided for now, not to bite the bullet and change. I will just list without the product description provided normally by ebay. Hopefully Ebay will introduce a product that could at least do what turbo lister did and will accept a file from turbo lister, otherwise I may be out of business soon.

  19. in over a year since it was retired there hasn’t been anything to better it all the 5 are utter rubbish compared to the turbo lister.I still use it but it’s getting harder when ebay change catagories or expand them all the listings just get lost amongst the other items without full descriptions.Massive error on ebays part they should of reworked it or modified it hell i’d even pay to get it back!

  20. I received a request from eBay to complete a form regarding how I use TL, what is the most important feature of TL to me and what would I like to see improved plus if I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for an improved TL. I was on the fence with the last question because there are now far too many fees.

    However it appears eBay is listening to TL sellers so they are considering revamping TL. Will a new TL bring back those sellers who have departed and bring new sellers aboard? If there is a fee can we afford it? If all the eBay fees and postage increases continue soon there will be no profits whether we get TL back or not. I think TL needs to be revamped to help the small volume seller or we will be squeezed out by the big companies very soon. Meanwhile I am taking a wait-and-see approach but not for long. Next wave of cost increases might send me out the door for good.

    TL still works for me. Had eBay pulled TL totally I would have left long ago. My daughter left already. Maybe eBay has been listening to the TL users who are still here and won’t give it up or perhaps their new tools haven’t worked as promised when they announced TL’s demise. But it appears they are considering doing something. There might be hope. How long would it take?

  21. For what it is worth, I am still using Turbo Lister (10 Oct 2018). There are one or two little glitches that you have to be aware of and correct once you have uploaded to eBay but otherwise it continues to work as well as ever. To add to the confusion, I still get regular updates, which seems to suggest it is still active, whatever the official line is!

    1. Hello (from France / Europe)
      I would like to reuse my TL (obviously go corrupt)to recover my many listings in it. But I cannot find any site to download and install Turbo Lister (10 Oct 2018).
      Do you know any site?

  22. TL allows me to edit my item & view it and correct any problems change
    my description just get my listing right It allows me to work on all my different items and store them before I bulk upload them to ebay, maybe even a months work I can create templates for different items and store them and use them when needed, FOR ME THIS IS A GREAT SERVICE AND KEEPS ME ON EBAY TRYING TO SELL MY GARAGE SALE FINDS

  23. I agree. I continue to use TL for the same reasons, mostly working off line and storing listings. Seems to me there are many TL users so I hope eBay acknowledges us and keeps TL and maybe enhances it. I guess they didn’t know how much we depend on TL. eBay has “stores” but I think it would be nice to have something for TL users that comes with some perks. I do not have the inventory or the time for a store and there are times I am not on eBay (we all need a vacation) so the storage TL provides is so important.

  24. Well Ebay has now pulled the plug on TL totally – nothing gets uploaded now and an error message saying it’s no longer supported in any way, so once my 30 days listings (2,300) drop off I won’t be able to rejig and relist them using TL – I guess I can do that with the Seller Hub but that takes four times as long to do a simple job than it took in TL……and of course all the work I have been doing preparing and saving new items to eventually upload when I was ready, has all been totally wasted time and effort as you can’t upload with TL now!…

    Looking at outside listing tools – none seem to be as basic and simple as TL (which is all I want) – I don’t need or want fancy marketing tools, what I sell is very specific and doesn’t need ‘cross selling’ or the like….. as so many have said – if someone created a TL lookalike tool I would buy it like a shot!

    I might just have to give up on Ebay and forget the last 14 years……

    1. Hi Michael, maybe that was just a glitch. I just uploaded one of my TL listings with no problem. At first try I got a warning message that with make offer I cannot make the payment immediate and it would not upload so I edited the listing and removed make offer and then it uploaded.

      1. Hi Margo,

        Tried again, but no joy – got the error message:

        Turbo lister is no longer supported.

        All my listing are just a straight 30 day buy now listing – no offers or any other trickery….

    2. MICHAEL PORTER,, are you someone that works for a TURBO LISTER REPLACEMENT and stirring up problems cause I am able to upload all my listings to Ebay from TL2 with no problems Apparently TL is only available now to U.S. & Canadian ebayers

      1. Hi – no idea where you are located, but here in the UK, TL has stopped allowing any new listings to be uploaded – hence my frustration as I have over 50 items ready to go, but Ebay won’t accept the listings any more.

        I have since spoken to a number of other private sellers who, like me, sell their unwanted ‘stuff’ on Ebay and they are all severely naffed off – NONE of us are interested in paying for the ‘alternative listing options’ – TL was free and that suited us all down to the ground – cranky yes, but it worked and was all we needed.

        When you look at the reviews for the ‘alternative listing options’ – none of them have reviews that tempt me. Most of them appear to have very poor reviews, so that makes me even more frustrated that TL won’t work any more!

  25. All Buy It Now listings will soon be 30-day only anyway, all other options (e.g. 7 or 10 day) are being discontinued by ebay.

    You need to move on Michael, things change and few businesses survive that are not willing to change with the times.

    We lost tons of business because of Royal Mail changes in the UK, once when they changed parcel sizes that made it no longer viable to sell small items – we used to sell thousands of phone and camera chargers – and once when they banned lithium batteries from being sent in the post. We used to sell tens of thousands of those.

    But it is what it is. You either give up or get over it and move on.

  26. Hi Michael, yesterday I backed up my TL data and downloaded updates and then listed something from eBay unsold items. Today I listed from something stored in TL so I don’t understand why it works for me and not for you. It was a year or more ago when we were told TL no longer supported buy my daughter downloaded TL2 for my new computer and then we transferred my data base from old to new computer and everything worked and so far is still working. Yesterday I created a new listing in TL and uploaded it.
    Will TL allow you to backup your database or check for updates? I assume not.
    I just uploaded another listing saved in my TL database. Could be I will no longer be able to do this myself soon. Can anybody still download TL2? After the review eBay sent out asking TL users if they would pay for a revised TL I thought they were working on updating with with a monthly fee. I don’t see any new posts on that subject.

    1. I certainly wouldn’t mind a revised TL, as long as the monthly fee would be no more than what I’m currently paying for the cheapest level of Wonder Lister (US$5/month, payable quarterly). Some of the features of Wonder Lister are beefed up beyond what I used to have in TL2, but as a small seller I can manage with a lot less. In fact, if a TL3 were to be split into free and paid levels, I’d probably investigate the free level, to see if that would suffice for my modest needs. I’ll consider anything that gets the job done on at least the level of the old TL2, preferably with a minimal or no increase to the overhead involved in preparing items for auctions & getting them shipped out.

    2. Hi – In the UK – it’s stopped allowing listings.

      TL for me hasn’t been able to check for updates for over a year – it just hangs, backing up the DB still works, but that’s a bit pointless now…..

      You mention a review – I never got that, so I’m guessing it was a selection only that got to see and comment about that.

      1. I never saw that review/poll either; maybe it was a US-specific poll of sellers still using TL2, and not including former TL2 users like me?

    1. I don’t see any links to download TL. I am still using my TL but using a saved listing as a template. I just saw a notice that TL in the USA will officially be terminated in Feb of 2019 but it is now March and I am using it. That’s not a complaint, just wondering what the real story is and why we are not getting it in a direct message from eBay. I think if eBay takes down TL it is a big mistake. I wonder how many TL users will just quit instead of continuing to list with another eBay tool that doesn’t fill our needs. I would rather pay something to stay on TL as long as the fee doesn’t take 100% of my profit.
      It does seem that the survey was only sent to USA users and perhaps to those that still actively use TL on a regular basis and if many users replied that they would not pay to use TL that could be a reason for eBay to retire it. But if the survey was only sent to a select users the result might not represent all TL users or previous users who might return to TL if available.

  27. I’m in the US, I’ve had Turbo Lister crash twice. The first time I lost all the images in the listings. ( I had over 800 listings) This second time, it crashed and took everything, and won’t even open. When I reinstall it, I can create my account, but it won’t take any of the backup files. As soon as try to restore, it crashes the program.( I have dozens of backups, and none of them work) Right now I’m dead in the water, and the alternatives don’t look very good. PLEASE, someone come up with a TL3 If it worked like TL I would gladly pay for it. This is a huge source of income for me and its just devastating.

  28. I’m in the UK and as I said in an earlier post TL just won’t work here any more……..

    I was forced to look at the alternative listing tools, but all of them have some part of the programme that I didn’t like, but I’ve gone with Dewabit and so far at least it’s working OK – it’s definitely the nearest format to TL that I could find – took a while to work out the way it works, but with a bit of work I now have the same structure in there that I had in TL and for me that means I can control my items in a way that works for me, and I’m happy with that……

    Fortunately I downloaded the programme before my listings ended on Ebay (30 day listings) and it automatically downloaded them all (with images) into it’s database on my PC so the only things that are missing are items I hadn’t uploaded to Ebay before they stopped TL and I can live with that.

    So far – for me at least, Dewabit seems to work – I will see how it all goes and ‘might’ upgrade to the next ‘package’ when I am ready to increase what I list.

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