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The process of quality control for your import and export can be challenging. It may be better to find a foreign partner. On this page, you can find the best partners for services such as supply management, product compliance, packaging design, labeling, customs, quality control, fulfillment services, and shipping and logistics company. Build your supplier relationship management system now.

List of the Best Product Sourcing Importing

If you're looking for the best product-sourcing importing tools to assist with your eCommerce business, this is the place to be. The list below shows some of the top services you can use for sourcing products internationally, carrying out quality control for you ecommerce fulfillment services, and managing international freight shipping.

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1. Guided Imports

— Service Details Guided Imports is a full-service sourcing and supplier management company. They offer the following services…

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— is the world's largest online business-to-business trading platform. It connects millions of buyers and suppliers from…

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3. Freightos Marketplace

— Service Details Freightos is a platform for comparing, booking, and managing international freight quotes. Rates are provided…

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4. Global Sources

— Product Details Directory of manufacturers and products. All suppliers have their details verified and are visited to…

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5. FBA China Sourcing

— Service Details FBA China Sourcing is a full-service sourcing company for Amazon FBA sellers, based in Hong…

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— Product Details Portal for importing products from China. includes a product directory, sourcing request service, payment…

Get the Best Product Sourcing Importing for Your eCommerce Business

In today’s world, many eCommerce entrepreneurs choose to source products from overseas locations, where raw materials and labor are cheaper than in their homeland. They do their market research, connect with reputable suppliers and look for potential buyers. Product sourcing services that specific companies offer are a way for these entrepreneurs to make their businesses successful.

For the process to blossom, using the best software and fulfillment services is crucial for any eCommerce brand or business. They will have to source products from places like China and later sell them to customers elsewhere around the globe. 

This guide will help you find the best product sourcing and importing services for your online store.

How We Ranked the Best Product Sourcing Importing

So, how do we choose the best businesses to work with? 

Well, we first look through user and expert reviews of the top-rated brands in this field, learning more about key features, pros, and cons.

From there, our experts delve deeper, looking at each brand’s demos and services and putting them to the test to see how effective they are. We then use this information to assemble an accurate ranking list of the top options in product sourcing and importing.

What Is Product Sourcing Importing?

Every eCommerce company or online store needs products to sell. Some choose to source pre-made products, while others commission companies to manufacture products of their own design.

In either case, finding a reliable supplier who can meet your needs and help you get the products you want to sell in your store is essential. And while there may be some local options available, it’s often more advantageous to source products overseas.

There are various reasons why this is the case. For example, it’s often more cost-effective to invest in product sourcing in countries like China, with lower costs related to materials and labor for manufacturing your products. 

International trade product sourcing can also help you enjoy greater control over product compliance. At the same time, you’ll cut your business’s risk level as it grows and evolves. If you need more clarification about consumer demand, you can start with minimum order quantities and see how it goes. Do your potential suppliers have high-quality goods? Request samples and see who offers the best product for the best price.

In a nutshell: find the most profitable products and the right suppliers abroad. Afterwards, get the goods across the borders and into your customers’ hands.  Sounds easy? Let’s see what else is needed to make this a successful business.

How Does Product Sourcing Importing Work

It’s clear that international product sourcing is an excellent option for any eCommerce business that wants to get the best value for money and the broadest possible range of products. But how does this process actually work?

Each product sourcing import company is unique and may offer different services. Still, they often focus on helping e-commerce brands find products in international regions and ship them worldwide.

For example, some of the best eCommerce fulfillment services can help you find the ideal products from a country like China to sell to your customers in your online shop.

Other firms may be focused on areas like quality control and auditing. They’ll help to ensure that the factories you source from and the workers you commission can provide the top-quality goods you expect.

Types of Product Sourcing Importing Services

There are a few different ways in which these businesses can operate. The table below shows some of these businesses’ primary areas of expertise. It should help you decide which type of company you might like to work with.

tick new Product and Supplier SourcingMany product sourcing importing companies specialize in product and supplier sourcing, helping you find the right items to buy and the right supplies to enlist.
tick new Quality Control & Audits

A lot of companies will also offer to carry out quality control checks and audits for you. They’ll ensure that the items you invest in are of sufficient levels of quality and safety.
tick new Delivery & Shipping
Of course, shipping is a big thing to consider regarding international product sourcing. Many shipping and logistics companies exist to speed up and simplify the freight shipping process.
tick new Guides & Advice
Some companies simply aim to serve as advisors. They use insider knowledge of markets like China to help you get the best value and make the right decisions.

How Product Sourcing Importing Can Help You

Investing in international product sourcing and importing goods from overseas is a great way to build a successful eCommerce brand. A huge number of major eCommerce businesses and stores buy and sell imported goods all the time.

However, while this method can be profitable and cost-effective, it also comes with many risks that business owners must be aware of. Fortunately, the right services can help you overcome various challenges.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the major risks you might have to face when importing products for your online business, while also detailing how given services and software can help you.

tick Low Quality Products

One of the biggest problems business owners face when importing goods from overseas is that many products can look fine in pictures but are actually very low quality. The best services help you source good quality items that won’t fall apart at first use. 

tick Untrustworthy Suppliers

Following on from the previous point, it can also be a real challenge to find a genuinely trustworthy and reliable supplier you can count on, especially with so many unscrupulous companies out there. Product sourcing importing services help you find the right people to work with.

tick Lack of Control

Another issue many eCommerce entrepreneurs face is that they feel like they’re not really in control of the supply chain and have little influence over how products are made and tested. Trusted product sourcing importing can help you with this by providing advice, audits, quality control checks, and more.

tick Supply Chain Delays

Delays in the supply chain can massively interfere with your business plans and negatively impact your revenue stream and customer relations. The best companies will help you optimize your importing supply chain for maximum efficiency and ensure that suppliers stick to proper delivery times.

tick Complicated Shipping Issues

It can also be quite complicated to handle international shipping of all the products you buy from brands around the world. Product sourcing importing services can manage shipping for you and help you find the most cost-effective way to get your products to your customers.

ProblemHow Product Sourcing Importing Helps
tick new Poor Quality ProductsHelps you find well-made items to sell
tick new Unscrupulous SuppliersAids in finding trusted suppliers you can count on
tick new No ControlGives you more control over your supply chain
tick new Delays and Wasted TimeSpeeds up sourcing and importing to maximize efficiency
tick new Shipping ComplexitiesSimplifies the international shipping process

Product Sourcing Importing Meaning

The term primarily refers to services and companies that specialize in helping eCommerce brands find products to sell from other countries, like China, and then get those products over the borders safely and efficiently.

Main Features of Product Sourcing Importing 

It’s important to note that there are many companies and services out there, and they can vary quite a lot in terms of the features and functions they provide. Therefore, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of what each company has to offer.

For instance, some companies focus purely on the ins and outs of the importing process. These companies will help you manage your freight shipping and get the best delivery value.

Other companies focus more on finding the right products and suppliers to maximize profits for your eCommerce online store or carrying out quality control checks to ensure your products adhere to international standards.

The table below shows a brief summary of the key features you can expect when working with different product sourcing and importing companies.

tick new Product Sourcing Many companies will help you find products that you can sell in your online store which are of good quality, as well as sourcing suppliers who have good track records.
tick new Product Manufacture Some product sourcing importing are also able to arrange the actual manufacture of new goods for your store, according to the precise needs and demands of your business.
tick new Quality Control A lot of product sourcing importing specialize in quality control. They can audit factories and carry out QC tests on individual products to make sure your products are made properly.
tick new Product Inspections Some product sourcing importing companies also offer product inspection services. This can be helpful for highlighting possible design flaws that can then be addressed to make your products even better and more valuable.
tick new Freight ShippingThere are also product sourcing importing companies that specialize in freight shipping, helping to ship over large amounts of the products you buy in a safe and secure way.
tick new Importing ManagementSome of the best product sourcing importing also specialize in managing the various steps of the importing process, ensuring that customs forms are filled in, and the correct processes are followed to avoid any issues.

Benefits of Using Product Sourcing Importing 

plus Minimize riskminus These services aren’t free
plus Find trusted partnersminus Results may vary
plus Quality products
plus Reassurance and peace of mind
plus Building a successful brand

So, why might you want to use these services and software when setting up or expanding your eCommerce business? Here are just some of the many advantages:

tick Minimizing Risk 

As explained earlier, importing or sourcing products from other countries has many risks and challenges. When it comes to Chinese suppliers, for example, there’s a risk that you might invest in a poor-quality product or partner up with a supplier who doesn’t meet your standards.

Picking the wrong product or supplier can be disastrous, as it may lead to lots of wasted time and unhappy customers, as well as products that simply aren’t worth your time or money. Make sure you cooperate with companies who help you avoid these issues and reduce the risks you face.

tick Finding the Right Partners

You’ll make it easier for yourself to find and connect with trusted suppliers and supply chain partners.

Some great businesses out there can provide high-quality products at fair prices, but it can be tough to find them. By working with the right firms, you’ll save lots of time and start building relationships with trusted supply partners who won’t let you down.

tick Investing in Quality Products

When it comes to product sourcing, quality is of the utmost importance. It’s no good simply finding lower-cost goods to sell to your customers; you also need to ensure that the products you buy are of a decent quality and meet certain standards.

This can be difficult to do when you’re buying from brands on the other side of the world. But, once again, specialists make it much easier to source and invest in first-rate items that you can proudly share with your customers.

tick Peace of Mind

A lot of eCommerce entrepreneurs worry about importing products from other countries. They fret about all of the things that could go wrong, and understandably so, as there are many potential challenges and pitfalls to overcome and avoid.

Working with a trusted specialist or advisor can provide so much peace of mind. These people are experts in the various aspects of importing and international trade, and they can guide you to make the right decisions for your business.

tick Building Your Brand

The eCommerce world is highly competitive, with many brands on all major platforms competing with one another. Some brands succeed, but others fail, and if you want your company to prosper, you need to make use of the right tools and services. 

The best product sourcing companies are ideal for turning to when it comes to building a successful brand. They can help you find products your customers will be happy to purchase and use, along with handling other aspects of sourcing and importing to save you time and money.

Who Should Use Product Sourcing Importing?

It’s clear that services that offer sourcing products from overseas can help many eCommerce brands to grow and succeed, but these services might not be right for everyone. Here are some of the main groups that can benefit from working with a trusted sourcing and importing partner.

tick New Sellers

If you’re just starting your eCommerce business and plan to import products from overseas, it helps to have trusted importing specialists. They’ll be able to handle some of the more complicated aspects of importing and sourcing on your behalf.

tick Small Teams

Small teams and businesses may not have enough resources or manpower to manage the many aspects of international trade and importing effectively. Having a sourcing and importing partner will help to ease the burden on your team members.

tick Businesses Importing from China

Nowadays, many eCommerce brands import products from China to save money (Alibaba suppliers are the winners here). but there are risks associated with this. Working with importing specialists will help you reduce those risks and find the best products and suppliers.

tick Expanding Brands

If you’re already running a successful eCommerce business but looking to expand, it’s worth hiring an importing firm to help you. They can source more products to add to your catalog and help you quickly build business relationships with overseas manufacturers.

What Do Product Sourcing Importing Cost?

So, how much will it cost to work with a product sourcing and importing specialist? Well, this will depend on what kind of firm you hire and what services you need.

  • For product sourcing, specialists may request a commission of anywhere from 5 to 10% of sales value. 
  • For advice and importing assistance, specialists may charge one-off fees ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • There is no uniform pricing for audits and quality control, and costs will vary depending on the value of the products and the level of inspection required.

As you can see, the cost of these services will really depend on the sort of service you need, as well as the size of your business and the kind of products you’re buying and selling.

eCommerce entrepreneurs are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest trends and changes in their industry, as this information can be invaluable when it comes to making future decisions for your business and choosing which tech tools and firms you want to make use of. Here are some import-related trends to be aware of:

  • Rules and Enforcement – More and more eCommerce sellers are choosing to source and import products from other countries. In response, there’s also been an increase in the amount of trade rules and import compliance regulations for these sellers to deal with, and this should continue in the years ahead.
  • Increased Focus on Sustainability – Sustainability is one of the hot topic buzzwords in the eCommerce industry right now, and many sellers are trying to make changes to the way they operate in order to be more eco-friendly to meet customer expectations. This may influence which suppliers you partner with for future imports.
  • The Chinese Influence – China has been repeatedly mentioned throughout this guide as one of the main markets targeted by eCommerce importers, and for good reason. Statistics and studies show that China is the primary location that many eCommerce brands choose when looking for products to import.
  • Cross-Border Purchases Are the New Norm – Statistics also show that cross-border trade has never been more prevalent, and online international shopping is growing at an incredible rate. As people become more and more used to buying products from other countries, it makes more sense for eCommerce brands to invest in international suppliers.

How to Choose the Best Partner for Your Store?

If you’re looking to get the best value for money and best results from product sourcing and importing, you may simply want to find and use the top-rated importing company. However, as each company is different and can offer various services, the best choice for you will depend on your business’ needs. That’s why we recommend trying a few options from our list to find the right partner for your online store.

How to Choose the Right Product Sourcing Importing Tools

The best product sourcing importing services and partners can help you find the best products to sell, the right partners to trust, and the smartest and safest methods of importing goods from around the globe.

But how do you choose the right company to work with? Well, our list of the top-rated product sourcing importing can help, and our experts have carefully compiled this list to include only the finest and most trusted services.

To pick the right company for you, it’s important to consider what your business needs help with. Are you looking for product sourcing assistance? Do you require help with shipping and imports? Or maybe you need aid with finding a trusted supplier?

Once you’ve identified the areas where your business needs improvement or assistance, you can narrow your search and find a product sourcing and importing partner or specialist to help you. And don’t forget to try multiple companies to find one that works best for you.


Importing products from overseas markets can be a great way to build a successful eCommerce brand. But, in order to find the right products to sell and proven partners to join forces with, you may need some help.

As we can see, product sourcing importing firms and specialists are the perfect people to turn to when it comes to help with importing goods from countries like China, and we hope that this guide has given you the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In short, it's the process of finding products to buy from a supplier that you can then resell in your own online store or physical retail space.

It's the process of sourcing products from foreign countries and then importing them into the seller’s homeland or shipping them directly to customers worldwide.

Specialists can help you with various aspects of sourcing products from other countries, finding suppliers you can buy from, carrying out quality checks of those products, and making arrangements for overseas shipping.

When it comes to importing, a company contacts a foreign firm about products that have already been made and can be shipped overseas. As for outsourcing, a company contacts a foreign vendor in order to produce a product for them.