Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation

Here you will find the best wholesale marketplaces to source products, the best wholesale liquidation stores to compare, and closeout wholesalers to help you with your clearance sale. We help you find the best b2b wholesale marketplaces.

List of the best B2B wholesale marketplaces

If you want to get the best value for money on clearance goods and have access to hundreds of thousands of wholesale products for your online store, this is the place to be. The list below shows some of the top-rated and most recommended sites to use.

SaleHoo Logo
1. SaleHoo

— Service Details SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional… Read review

Pricing$27 / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Worldwide Brands Logo
2. Worldwide Brands

— Worldwide Brands is a leading wholesale directory that provides access to over 16 million products from certified… Read review

Starting Pricing299$ for Lifetime
Pricing ModelFixed One Time Payment
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
BoxFox Logo
3. BoxFox

— BoxFox is a versatile and flexible inventory management software solution for small businesses. It provides real-time visibility…

BritDeals Logo
4. BritDeals

— BritDeals is an online liquidation website and wholesale procurement platform for discounted items. It is a unique…

Miami Lots
5. Miami Lots

— Service Details Miami Lots is a wholesaler that offers inventory, from Amazon’s Lost & Found, at below…

888 lots logo
6. 888 Lots

— 888 Lots is a wholesale liquidation platform that offers a wide range of products. The company sources…

BlueLots Logo
7. BlueLots

— BlueLots, an online wholesale marketplace, connects retailers with wholesale suppliers. It offers a comprehensive and efficient platform…

direct liquidation logo
8. Direct Liquidation

— Direct Liquidation is an online marketplace that provides an efficient and hassle-free solution for businesses. It helps…

AML things to resell logo
9. American Merchandise Liquidators

— American Merchandise Liquidators is a wholesaler of merchandise such as customer returns, closeouts, and stockouts. AML simply…

10. BULQ

— BULQ helps e-commerce sellers source for liquidation goods such as returns, shelf pulls, and overstock. It is…

Liquidation logo

— is an online auction marketplace. This platform connects buyers and sellers of surplus inventory, returned merchandise,…

Closeout Central Logo
12. Closeout Central

— Closeout Central provides quick access to the most recent liquidations and closeouts from major suppliers. The platform's…

B-Stock Logo
13. B-Stock

— B-Stock, a leading B2B marketplace, offers retailers and manufacturers access to over 100,000 approved buyers. The platform…

Gem Wholesale logo
14. Gem Wholesale

— Service Details Gem Wholesale are one of the largest dealers in clearance, end of line and return… Logo

— Service Details is a portal for online trade auctions, covering a range of discounted new, surplus,…

Stocklear Logo
16. Stocklear

— Service Details Stocklear is a B2B marketplace based in France, dedicated to overstocked inventory from brands and…

Wholesale Clearance UK Logo
17. Wholesale Clearance UK

— Service Details UK supplier of distressed inventory. Free delivery on orders over £250, a seven-day return policy,…

Use Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation to Make Big Profits or Sell Off Excess Stock

The eCommerce industry is booming, with countless sellers setting up successful stores on major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Finding the right products to buy and sell is a vital part of this business, and product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation sites can help with that.

On that note, the best websites and directories make it easy to find high-quality wholesale and clearance items to buy and then resell through your store. And in this guide, we’ll help you find just the right sites to use.

How We Ranked the Best Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Sites

There are many sites out there that focus on the B2B wholesale marketplace. So, how do we rank them? Well, the first thing we do is look at user reviews, testimonials, and expert reviews of each site to see what people have to say about them.

We then dig deeper, investigating the pros and cons of each site and seeing how they work, what kind of value they can offer, and what products they sell. We then use this information to rank and rate the best product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites.

What Is Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation?

Let’s begin with a brief explanation of what product sourcing is. Product sourcing is simply the process of finding products to sell. It’s a skill that eCommerce business owners need to master, and there are various ways to do it.

For example, some wholesalers will look around in actual retail stores for products that are very cheap or available at discounted prices and then buy those items in bulk to resell them in their online stores. This is known as reselling.

Other sellers operate exclusively online, using a method known as online arbitrage, which involves buying cheap items from one website and then selling them at a higher price on a different platform.

Another popular and proven method is product sourcing which focuses on wholesale, clearance, and liquidation items. As the name suggests, this kind of product sourcing involves buying items at wholesale prices, as well as clearance items and products sold off at low prices when a company liquidates its stock.

How Does Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Work

This particular approach to product sourcing is focused exclusively on buying items at massively reduced prices since they are being cleared out to make way for new stock or are part of a company’s liquidation process (otherwise known as wholesale clearance).

Obviously, the advantage of buying such items is the fact that their costs are significantly lower than standard retail prices. You may find some items for only a small fraction of the price you can sell them at, giving you lots of profit potential on each product.

Of course, there are also some downsides to buying such items, as quality levels may vary, and you can only sometimes be sure that these items will sell successfully. That’s why getting minimum order quantities is recommended before investing in large wholesale orders. By choosing the right items and having a sensible strategy, it’s possible to be successful.

There are various websites and wholesale suppliers out there that are dedicated to product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation. Sellers can use sites to find items to buy, locate wholesalers, as well as potentially sell off their old stock.

Reasons to Try Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation

Is this method the right one for your eCommerce business? The table below shows some of the key reasons that might tempt you to try it.

tick new Huge PotentialOne of the best things about the wholesale and clearance sale method is that it provides huge amounts of potential profit, if you can choose the right items to buy.
tick new Low Cost per ItemNaturally, since wholesale, clearance, and liquidation sites specialize in heavily discounted goods, you won’t have to pay a high price for each item. 
tick new AccessibleThe sites are accessible and understandable for all, so even beginners can get started with this method.
tick new Varied GoodsOn typical wholesale suppliers’ websites, you can find all kinds of products, from household essentials to cooking implements and office supplies.
tick new Useful for SellingIn some cases, you might have excess inventory that needs to be sold quickly and reliably. You can use the wholesale marketplace to do this. 

How Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Sites Can Help You

Buying and selling online through product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation sites is a great way to start a new eCommerce business or build up an established brand. There are many ways in which these sites can prove to be helpful.

Finding the right products and running a successful eCommerce brand isn’t always easy. There are inevitable challenges to overcome along the way, as well as problems that need solving and decisions that must be made.

In section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the problems these sites can solve.

Finding Quality Products

One of the big challenges of running an eCommerce brand is finding the best products to sell. We recommend checking out wholesale directories, where you’ll have lots of websites (and products) to choose from.

Getting the Best Prices

Pricing and budget management are other significant factors associated with running an eCommerce business, and it’s easy to make mistakes or overpay for certain items. Fortunately, in B2B wholesale marketplaces, you can purchase products cheaply. Speak to dropshipping suppliers and compare prices.

Reducing Wasted Time

Your business might be wasting huge amounts of time and resources if you’re using manual or outdated methods to find products to buy and sell. Find wholesale suppliers online, check out liquidation sales, and ship products quickly in large quantities all thanks to product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation sites.

Making Your Business More Efficient

You need to prioritize efficiency to keep up with the competition and ensure that your brand has the best chance of success. These sites can help you increase efficiency and minimize risk from top to bottom of your business operations.

Helping You Keep Up with Your Competition

There’s a lot of competition in the world of reselling, and many of your rivals may be using different tools and tech solutions to try and get ahead. By finding the right sites, you can keep up with your competitors or surpass them.

ProblemHow Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Help
tick new Struggling to Find ProductsChoose from a huge range of clearance items
tick new Overpaying for ProductsGet the best prices and biggest discounts
tick new Wasting Hours on Manual SearchesSave hours of time rapid product sourcing
tick new Low Levels of EfficiencyMake your business more efficient
tick new Fierce CompetitionKeep up with your rivals through smart use of tech

Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Meaning

The term is generally used for websites and services that offer large amounts of clearance or liquidation products for sale to business buyers.

Main Features of Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation 

What can you expect from the sites in terms of functions and features?

Well, it will all depend on which sites you choose to visit. Some are simply marketplaces for wholesale goods and raw materials, selling a wide range of clearance and liquidation products in various categories at super-low prices.

Other sites and services offer additional features, such as dropshipping services for companies wanting to cut out the middle man, educational courses to learn more about growing your business, and negotiable prices to help you get the very best deal.

tick new Clearance & Liquidation ProductsAll of these websites have a large collection of clearance and liquidation products that you can buy. These products can vary in terms of size, price, and category. If you want to target a specific niche, you’ll be sure to find great products here.
tick new Educational ServicesA lot of the top-rated wholesale product sourcing sites also offer expert advice and guidance to teach new business owners about the best ways to build up their brands.
tick new Dropshipping ServicesYou may also find that some of the sites you visit offer dropshipping services, meaning that they can directly send products to your customers, rather than your warehouse. If a dropshipping business is what you’re aiming for, then make sure to look around these websites!
tick new Negotiable PricesSome product sourcing sites also offer negotiable prices, which means that you can potentially buy items in bulk quantity for less than expected, saving even more money.
tick new Alerts and AutomationFinally, many of the best clearance and liquidation sites also have automatic alerts and notifications features to let you know about new products that might interest you.

Benefits of Using Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation 

plus A huge range of productsminus Product quality may vary
plus Great pricesminus It’s up to you to choose the right items
plus Save hours of time
plus Additional services
plus Large profits

Before choosing any site or piece of software to use as part of your business strategy, it’s essential to weigh up the pros and cons. In this section, we’ll look at some of the biggest advantages associated with product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites.

Plenty of Products

One of the best things about product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites is that they have huge amounts of products. In effect, many of these sites have tens or even hundreds of thousands of items for sale. In many cases, you’ll be able to get order samples shipped directly to your front door before you seal the deal with the right wholesaler.

What’s more, due to how clearance and liquidation websites work, you can expect to see new products added regularly, so you can keep checking in to view the latest additions to the catalog. A liquidation warehouse is the way to go if you want to check out many items for low prices.

Value for Money

Since product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites specialize in products that are part of clearance collections or inventory liquidation, the prices of these products tend to be very low.

You can get fantastic value for money when ordering your inventory from such sites, and it’s possible to find popular items for small fractions of their usual price. This is ideal for brands that may have limited or restricted budgets to work with.


Another big advantage of using product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites is the fact that these sites can save you hours of time in product sourcing, especially when compared to manual methods.

Instead of spending so much of your time manually searching through online stores or physical brick-and-mortar retail spaces, you can log on to a site and instantly access many products at low costs.

Other Services and Functions

As explained earlier on, many of the best websites aren’t just marketplaces for wholesale products; they also offer additional services like dropshipping or educational resources.

These bonus services can give you new options to explore when it comes to growing your brand or learning more about the world of eCommerce, and they can be immensely valuable for beginners in the eCommerce industry, in particular.

Profit Potential

Arguably the most important advantage of product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites is the profit your company can generate if you choose to buy your products from these sites.

Since the prices are so low and the quality of the products on offer is generally relatively high, it’s possible to earn a lot on just a single order. Indeed, many businesses make large parts of their profits through the products they find on these kinds of websites.

Who Should Use Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation

A wide range of different businesses can use the best product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites. Here are some of the main types of businesses that can benefit from these sites.

Small Businesses

If you’re running a small eCommerce business, you might not have a huge budget or lots of resources to invest in other reselling methods. Liquidation and clearance sites can provide a good stock of products at fair prices.

Low-Budget Businesses

Similarly, businesses with low budgets or small amounts of initial capital might like to start with product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites. These sites are ideal for finding large amounts of stock without paying too high of a price.

Niche Sellers

If you specialize in a specific niche or category of products, you might find it hard to find items that fit your audience’s needs. Luckily, clearance sites tend to have a lot of product variety, so you should be able to find products that suit your brand. Check with closeout wholesalers where they recommend looking.

Big Stores

Even if you’re running a big and profitable store, investing in some clearance or liquidation stock to supplement your existing product catalog is not a bad idea. It’s low-risk, and there’s a good chance of making significant profits on the products you buy. The lower your cost the bigger the payoff!

What Do Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Sites Cost?

Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

  • Prices of individual products can vary wildly from less than $1 per item to $100 or more, depending on what you buy.
  • Some sites may charge an annual or monthly subscription fee for access, with prices ranging from $50 to $100 per year.
  • You may also have to pay regular or one-off fees for additional services, like dropshipping, and prices will vary depending on the type of service you need.

As you can see, costs massively vary, so it’s best to visit some sites for yourself and calculate how much you would need to spend on the products and services that interest you the most.

It’s always a good idea to stay informed and up-to-date on eCommerce trends if you want to be successful in this kind of business. Knowing about trends will allow you to take action and make smart decisions to suit the changing conditions of the modern market. Here are some key trends to be aware of.

  • Inflation a Primary Concern – Surveys show that many consumers’ minds are focused on inflation rates. Because of this, people are still spending, but they’re being more cautious about how they spend their money and looking for better value purchases, like the kinds of products you could provide if you use liquidation and clearance sites. 
  • Trending Products – Each year, major stores and marketplace platforms release lists of the top-selling products and most popular product categories. According to recent data, home, and garden items, pet products, and clothing are some of the top trending items to buy and sell. Trade shows are the best places to find out about the latest and most trending products.
  • Supply Chain Difficulties – The COVID-19 pandemic and other recent events have impacted the global supply chain, making it harder for certain eCommerce companies to get products in their stores and warehouses. Buying from clearance sites may be a simpler and faster alternative for getting items to sell.
  • Cross-Border Sales – If there’s one thing that many eCommerce experts agree on, it’s that now is the best time to start selling internationally. Cross-border sales potential has never been higher, and if you shop on clearance sites, you can find products that appeal to a truly global audience of customers.

Which Is the Best Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Solution?

The best site for you will depend on what kinds of products and additional services you require, which is why we encourage business owners to try multiple sites and compare them to see which one works best.

How to Choose the Right Product Sourcing Wholesale, Clearance & Liquidation Site

The best sites could change your business model entirely, allowing you to invest in low-cost goods that you can resell for a hefty profit.

But how do you know which site to buy from or use? Well, one of the first things to do is to think about what kinds of products you would like to buy and sell and consider any additional services that your business might benefit from.

Once you’ve identified your business needs and requirements, you can start comparing the sites recommended on our list. This will allow you to find a site that meets your needs.

Once again, we strongly recommend trying at least a few different sites to see what each one has to offer. If you only try one place, you might miss out on valuable services or items only available elsewhere.


As we can see, product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation sites are super sources for high-quality goods at discounted prices. They can be veritable goldmines for eCommerce brands looking for new stock to buy and sell.

We hope that this guide has shown you how and why it might be in your best interests to make use of such websites, as well as providing the right tips and advice to help you choose the best site for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation sites are websites that stock and sell heavily discounted items that are being cleared out or liquidated by other businesses. Such items usually have very low prices, providing lots of potential for high profits.

You can find quite a wide range of items available on product sourcing wholesale, clearance, and liquidation websites. This can include anything from home goods and office supplies to clothing, accessories, electronics, and more.

Many experts recommend buying inventory from such websites as the prices are so low, so there’s a minimal risk when you purchase these items. In addition, there’s a good range of items from various product categories and brands, so you should always be able to find at least something that suits your store’s niche or specialty.