Sunscreen Powder: Protecting Your Skin on the Go

Summer is in full swing, and, as expected, seasonal products are peaking in interest. For the last few weeks, we discussed summer products, such as a countertop ice maker and mini fans. This week’s trending product is in a similar fashion – powder sunscreen, perfect for (re)applying sunscreen on the go.

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What Is Powder Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is one of the most important skincare products we can use during the summer. It helps us not get sunburned and prevents skin aging, wrinkles, and sagging. More importantly, it decreases the risk of skin cancer and other disorders caused by excessive sun exposure.

That sounds all fine and dandy when you’re at a beach, with the only plan in mind being to get a tan. However, we’re exposed to sun rays throughout the day, regardless of where we are, and experts recommend that we should reapply sunscreen every two hours to keep our skin healthy.

Sunscreen doesn’t mix well with most skincare routines and makeup, it’s greasy and can ruin our clothes. The solution for this? Powder sunscreen.

Like with any powder cosmetic product, you apply powder sunscreen with a brush, making it especially fitting for face protection. It usually contains UV filters, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Aside from sun protection, sunscreen powders give your skin a matte finish and are better than regular sunscreen for acne-prone users.

Bear in mind that powder sunscreen is not as powerful as lotion-based ones, so if you’re exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, make sure to combine the two types.

Product Examples

Powder sunscreen has a long shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about overstocking. Still, if you need help with managing your storage, you can benefit from using some of the best warehouse management systems.

If you don’t already have a supplier you work with, you can find various product-sourcing tools and services online, such as Alibaba. You can also avoid the whole sourcing and storing process if you opt for dropshipping or online arbitrage.

Check out some of the best-selling powder sunscreen products on top marketplaces:

  • Amazon: Sold by Amazon. The product comes with 30 SPF without chemical UV filters. You can apply it under makeup as a face primer or over it as a finishing step. Price: $19.99. 
  • Walmart: Sold by Holly Hill Health Foods. This product is 100% transparent for all skin types and helps soothe the skin that’s showing mild signs of sunburn. It comes in 0.14-oz packaging with a brush applicator. Price: $19.34. 
  • eBay: Sold by 1-perfumes. Colorescience’s powder sunscreen has a 50 SPF and comes in 0.21-oz packaging. The product is rich in antioxidants and protects from UVA/UVB, pollution, and blue light. Price: $25.33.

Other examples:

Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen PowderPrice: $46.00

Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun DefensePrice: $19.49

Bada Boom Mineral Translucent Sunscreen PowderPrice: $26.00

Colorescience Brush-On Sunscreen Mineral PowderPrice: $69.00

Selling Sunscreen Powder Successfully

The powder sunscreen market isn’t overly saturated, and while the product is trending, there is a catch. Most people still rely on regular sunscreen, and the majority of us don’t use sunscreen outside of a sunbathing setting.

You can market the product to health-conscious consumers that want to protect themselves on the go, even when they have makeup on.

Selling Powder Sunscreen on Top Marketplaces

You should always be on the lookout for ways to beat your competition and increase the exposure of your products. While it’s too late to participate in this year’s Prime Day, you can get your sunscreen powder ready for next year’s event. 

If you want to make the most out of your efforts on top marketplaces, consider incorporating tools and services made specifically for sellers on these platforms, such as Amazon and eBay.

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