Top 10 Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Are you looking to improve your Amazon product visibility and sales? Our article reveals the best Amazon keyword research tools that we recommend.

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1. Helium 10

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2. MerchantWords

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3. SellerApp

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4. AMZ.One

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5. SellerSonar

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What is Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

The Amazon keyword tool is a research tool that shows you the exact search terms ideal buyers use when searching for products on Amazon. It provides valuable insight from these search queries, so you can analyze and include them in your product listing to appear in the search results of customers. 

Amazon keyword research is a crucial practice you need to adopt to successfully sell on Amazon. By doing keyword research using Amazon keyword research tools, you gather valuable information to increase the visibility and ranking of your products and, overall, fine tune your Amazon marketing strategy.

Free Isn’t Always Free

What exactly do we mean by “free”? There are so many shades of free these days that it needs a little explanation. The software we’re looking for should be free forever, not just a free trial for 14 days before you have to pay.

Free plans will usually have limits, or come with ads or promotions for paid tools, but that’s OK as long as they provide genuinely useful features for free. After all, companies have to make money somehow or they won’t be around for very long.

Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

The following are the best Amazon keyword research tools that we recommend to help you find the right keywords for your product listing. 

Amazon keyword research tools

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

If you’re looking for an easy to use Amazon keyword research tool, the Keywords Everywhere tool is a simple and freemium browser add-on that reveals the search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data for every search term directly in your search bar. 

With competition data provided, you can look out for low-competition keywords to include in your product listing. 

This way, you increase the odds of your product listing ranking highly on the search result page.

The Keywords Everywhere tool is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers, is easy to install, and has an excellent reputation for providing accurate keyword suggestions. 

The tool has a 4.5 star rating from 1 million users using it across Amazon, YouTube, Google, Etsy, and eBay. 

The tool offers three payment plans, with the lowest plan starting at $21/year ($1.75/mo) which gives you 100,000 credits that last a year. 

A credit gives you search volume, CPC, competition, and 12 month trend data for one keyword. 

Keywords Everywhere pricing

Pros of Keywords Everywhere

  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable. 

Cons of Keywords Everywhere

  • Has no free version. 

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2. Keyword

Keyword is a free and user-friendly Amazon keyword research tool that uses Amazon Autocomplete to generate longtail keywords. The tool allows users to generate keywords for their products across Google, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, Pinterest, and many other platforms. 

Like Keywords Everywhere, this tool also provides an accurate readout of search volume, CPC, competition data, and search volume trends for a keyword to optimize your product listing. 

However, what sets apart is that it provides suggestions for negative (unwanted) keywords to exclude from the search results or your campaigns. 

For example, let’s say you sell men’s pants. You might want to add the term ‘kid’s’ to your negative keyword list so your product listing won’t appear to buyers searching for ‘kid’s pants’. 

Excluding negative keywords from your search results ensures that your listing does not appear in the search results of an irrelevant audience. allows you to filter out these negative keywords so you can add them to your listing. 

By doing this, your product listing only appears to a relevant audience that is more likely to convert.

Unfortunately, this tool does not offer a free version or free trial to access this feature. You can only access it with the paid version, KeywordTool Pro. 

Keyword pricing

Pros of

  • You get keyword analysis across global amazon marketplaces 
  • Ability to filter out negative keywords

Cons of

  • Does not offer free plan or free trial

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3.  Sonar 


Sonar is a simple Chrome extension tool that provides keyword data to help you increase your product listing discoverability. 

The keyword research tool only reveals keywords and product listings that are ranking on the first page of Amazon search results in real time. 

This means that if a product or keyword isn’t ranking well, it may not appear in the keyword database. 

The keyword database uncovers competitor keywords with reverse ASIN lookups and real customer search queries. 

It is a free and beginner friendly Amazon keyword research tool, but it also has a paid version, if you want access to its services. 

Pros of Sonar

  • Free to use 
  • Beginner friendly 
  • Supports reverse ASIN lookup 

Cons of Sonar

  • Doesn’t provide deep keyword insights 

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4. Keyword Tool Dominator

The keyword tool dominator is a free Amazon keyword research tool that allows you to generate keywords in three research modes: normal, precise, and broad. 

It enhances your keyword search efficiency by providing a readout of hot Amazon keywords with score values that represent the search popularity of a keyword. 

Including these hot keywords and the highest scored Amazon keywords in your listing will boost your search traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates.

The tool also provides keyword analysis across 18 international Amazon marketplaces, so you can find popular search queries for a  keyword in a country.

Using this tool, you can find hot trending keywords across 18 countries and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Pros of Keyword Tool Dominator

  • It’s free
  • Provides keyword analysis across 18 amazon marketplaces
  • Lifetime access to it’s advanced plan

Cons of Keyword Tool Dominator

  • The free version is limited to two searches per day. 

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5. Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool

When it comes to more advanced and accurate keyword metrics, Ahrefs takes the crown. 

The tool gives you reliable and accurate keyword analysis that shows you the organic keywords bringing interested buyers to Amazon pages. 

It also shows the global search volume, competitor data, number of clicks, CPS, and return rate (the value that shows how often customers search for a particular keyword over the course of a month).

Unlike some keyword research tools that get this data from Amazon Autocomplete and Google Keyword Planner, which are not particularly reliable. 

The Ahrefs keyword tool produces this data by analyzing the browsing habits of Amazon users, known as clickstream data.

No other Amazon keyword research tool comes close to Ahrefs when it comes to providing such deep insights, which makes it a smart choice for Amazon SEO. 

However, getting this benefit doesn’t come cheap. The Ahrefs keyword tool is quite expensive, and its subscription plan starts at $99/mo to as much as $999/mo for agencies. 

If you’d like to give Ahrefs a try, you can use their $7 trial, where you’ll have full access to all its features for seven days. 

Pros of Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool

  • Provides deep keyword insights 
  • Uses clickstream data analysis 
  • Provides keyword metrics in 170 countries

Cons of Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool

  • Steep price plans 

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6. Seller app 

Seller app

Seller app is an all in one keyword tool with amazing features that can help optimize your Amazon listings and more. 

Like every other keyword tool we’ve mentioned, this tool provides monthly search volume, CPCs, relevance scores, and competitor data. 

But it doesn’t stop there – the tool also performs Amazon reverse ASIN searches, which allows you to look up top ranking keywords that you and your competitors listings rank for. 

With this, you can refine your SEO content strategies to improve the visibility of your product listing and outperform your competitors. 

The Amazon keyword research tool comes with a free plan that gives you access to its primary features, such as product optimization features. 

However, if you want to have access to its advanced features, you can sign up for the DIY Professional Plan starting at $99/mo or the Smart Plan with Automation at $145/mo.

The subscription plan has a free trial period of 7 days and 14 days, respectively.

Pros of SellerApp

  • Free keyword research 
  • Supports reverse ASIN lookups 

Cons of SellerApp

  • Paid plans have a limited trial period. 

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7. Helium 10 

Helium 10 

If you’re looking for a free keyword tool with advanced features, Helium 10 is a great SEO tool with pretty advanced features that simplifies keyword research and analysis for Amazon sellers. 

The tool doesn’t only provide keyword data for listing optimization, it also gives you trending product niches to capitalize on. 

The keyword tool allows you to monitor your trending keyword data in real time and also helps filter out unwanted keywords so you get hyper-relevant keywords for Amazon SEO. 

Unlike many other Amazon research keyword tools, Helium 10 has a free version that doesn’t expire. However, the downside is that this version is limited to two searches per day. 

If you want to have access to premium features, you can subscribe to either of its three subscription plans: Diamond, Platinum, Starter. 

Pros of Helium 10

  • It provides accurate keyword data for product listing optimization and the development of precise SEO campaigns
  • Lifetime free plan
  • Monitors keyword metrics in real time 

Cons of Helium 10

  • Free version is limited to two searches per day

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8. AMZ One


AMZ One provides a suite of individual tools to help you have an edge over your competitors. 

The keyword tool allows you to perform reverse ASIN lookup which helps discover search terms that your competitors rank for. 

With this data, you get insights to optimize your product listing for better visibility. 

AMZ One also features a keyword rank tracker that lets you monitor daily rankings of your product listing for any keyword.  

The tool has a free trial period of 14 days that is only accessible when you subscribe to a paid plan: Basic ($15 per month), Standard ($30 per month), Advanced ($67 per month), and Professional ($135 per month). 

Pros of AMZ One

  • It has a free trial
  • It supports reverse ASIN lookup 
  • It has keyword rank tracker 

Cons of AMZ One

  • It has no free version 

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9. MerchantWords 


Merchant words provide keyword data tools and services that uncover product listing opportunities. 

It helps you understand the competitive landscape and create effective marketing campaigns that increase your traffic and boost your sales.

This Amazon keyword research tool shows you precise data on the top search terms that customers use and the ranking keywords of your competitors. 

It also allows you to exclude irrelevant keywords, track consumer demand on Amazon, and features a powerful reverse ASIN tool – ASIN Plus, that performs bulk ASIN searches. 

Pros of MerchantWords

  • Reliable and accurate keyword insights
  • Allows bulk ASIN searches 
  • Provides free keyword insights

Cons of MerchantWords

  • Prices may be too high for beginner sellers

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10. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout

Keyword scout by Jungle Scout is a keyword research tool that helps you discover keywords that draws in traffic to your listing and provides accurate and deep insights into your competitors keyword strategy. 

The tool allows you to reverse-search multiple ASINs to discover the keywords your competitors’ products use and find out which keywords these products rank for. 

Keyword scout gives you precise keyword search volumes and reveals the keywords that have the most impact on your product listing and PPC advertising. 

You can try its 7 days free trial, where you can access all advanced features for a limited time. 

If you’d like to fully access its advanced features, you can subscribe to one of its plans: Basic ($29), Suite ($49), or Professional ($84). 

Pros of Keyword Scout

  • It has a free trial 
  • Allows reverse-search multiple ASINs 
  • Accurate keyword analysis 

Cons of Keyword Scout

  • It has no free version 

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Why is Amazon Keyword Research Important?

Amazon keywords are search terms customers use to find items they want to buy on Amazon. 

By not including the right keywords in your product listing, buyers won’t find your listing in their search results, leading to a poor conversion rate. This is why proper Amazon keyword research is important. 

Performing keyword research can significantly improve your product’s visibility. 

Incorporating the right keywords people use to find items similar to yours in your listing will make your product listing more visible in Amazon’s search result pages. 

And with this visibility comes more clicks, resulting in more sales. 

By using Amazon research keyword tools that allow you to filter out negative keywords will also help you target your ideal customer. 

Filtering negative keywords through research will make sure your listing is exposed to your target market, improving your rank, your CTR, and sales.

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Takeaway Points 

Amazon SEO and listing optimization is crucial if you want to improve sales. And as the competition on Amazon continuously increases, you need to use Amazon keyword research tools to improve your product visibility.

Using any of the Amazon keyword tools that we recommend can help you analyze consumer search patterns, competitors data, and gain insights to optimize your listings and boost sales. 

Although the tools mentioned above are unique and might have similar features, you need to identify which tool is within your budget and is the best fit to achieve your business objectives. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, there are Amazon keyword tools that you can use for free. However, some keyword tools have a lifetime free version, while others have free trials that last for a limited time. Tools with free versions have limited features, so you'll have to subscribe to a plan to access advanced features.

You can try the following free keyword research tools: keyword Scout, keyword, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool Dominator, Sonar, Helium 10, Amazon search autocomplete, and Moz keyword explorer.

By using Amazon keyword research tools like Sonar, Helium 10, AMZ One, keyword scout, and seller app, you can get free data on the search terms people use on Amazon.

To find keywords for your listings, type a search term that's related to your product into google search bar or search bar of any other keyword tool. Doing this will give you keyword insights you can use to optimize your product listing.



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Is Sonar Free? I am asked to pay 9.90$ a month to download the app.

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Osnat, Sonar is free on their site. But you pay to have the Google Chrome extension

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Dennis C

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These search tools are not free. I tried all of them and they are all free trials! which is the oppersite of what was said at the beginning if this article.

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Hi Chris, the article is a little out of date now but only because Algopix no longer offers free research, only a free trial. The others do still have "free forever" versions.

Unicorn Smasher and Sonar are still free. Both are free because their companies also have paid tools which they promote (AMZ Tracker and Sellics respectively). But Unicorn Smasher and Sonar are definitely not free trials, because there are no paid plans to sign up to.

Scientific Seller also still has a free Amazon keyword research tool, but they also have paid plans. The free tool is not a trial, you can just use it for free.

Why did you think they were free trials? You need to avoid clicking on any promotional buttons or ads to sign up for other services, and don't upgrade to a paid plan with Scientific Seller.

Just because the service you are using is free doesn't mean that everything mentioned on those sites is also free - maybe we need to make that clearer.

Adriana Jenson
Adriana Jenson

Unicorn Smasher is no longer free. They want $49 for it and it's now called Unicorn Smasher Pro. Pro is the only available version these days.

Andy Geldman
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In reply to Andy Geldman

Thanks for pointing this out, we'll add a notice to the article and update it fully in the future.

It is actually still possible to download the free Unicorn Smasher from the Chrome store (link), but it looks to have some bugs - probably not being maintained.

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