Amazon Analytics & Reordering

Find the best tools for Amazon Analytics and reordering. We will help you decide on the most suitable product based on integration, accuracy and usefulness. The following article describes the utility of using external software for market Analysis.

List of the Top Amazon Analytics & Reordering Tools

Find out the most accurate analysis and reordering tools as rated by our audience. This list will help understand customer perspective. Furthermore you can read more about individual products in our review list.

DataHawk Logo
1. DataHawk

— Product Details DataHawk is a software analytics platform that helps increase sales, optimize margins, boost productivity, and…

Flieber Logo
2. Flieber

— Product Details Flieber provides software that helps online retailers optimize and efficiently operate their supply-chains, reducing both…

sellerboard Logo
3. sellerboard

— Product Details sellerboard is a profitability analytics and stock management software for Amazon sellers. It provides a…

SellerFlix Logo
4. SellerFlix

— Product Details SellerFlix provides a variety of tools for Amazon sellers including automated inventory forecasting, spotting stale…

SellerTools Logo

— Product Details provides tools for FBA and FBM Amazon sellers, including browsing orders and buyers, revenue…

Sellics Seller Edition Logo
6. Sellics Seller Edition

— Product Details Sellics is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers featuring profit calculation by SKU and organic…

tool4seller Logo
7. tool4seller

— Product Details tool4seller is an Amazon seller tool that provides data analytics and translates it into reports,…

Shopkeeper Logo
8. Shopkeeper

— Product Details Shopkeeper is a profit dashboard. It tracks sales, calculates profit, and forecasts inventory. Shopkeeper helps…

Feedvisor Logo
9. Feedvisor

— Product Details Feedvisor is the end-to-end optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon.…

ManageByStats logo
10. ManageByStats

— Recommended for… Amazon sellers of all sizes who are looking for comprehensive and time-saving tools to manage…

RestockPro Logo
11. RestockPro

— Product Details RestockPro is a tool for Amazon FBA sellers that provides restock suggestions and creates reorder…

Sellerscale Logo
12. Sellerscale

— Product Details Sellerscale is a financial management app for Amazon sellers that allows customers to monitor real-time…

CashCowPro Logo
13. CashCowPro

— Product Details CashCowPro includes a range of marketing, analytics and inventory features for Amazon sellers. Report on…

Profit Phoenix Logo
14. Profit Phoenix

— Product Details Profit Phoenix is a set of product research, feedback, rank tracking and keyword research tools…

Captain BI Logo
15. Captain BI

— Product Details Captain BI is a platform for Amazon sellers that covers: market research, sales analytics, FBA…

eva logo
16. Eva

— Product Details Eva is an Amazon repricer that optimizes prices in real-time to maximize profit and win…

ForecastRx Logo
17. ForecastRx

— Product Details ForecastRx is a targeted solution for intelligent inventory reordering. It forecasts demand by feeding historical…

Gorilla ROI Logo
18. Gorilla ROI

— Product Details Gorilla ROI connects Google Sheets to Amazon, importing Seller Central data into Google Sheets without…

HelloProfit Logo
19. HelloProfit

— Product Details HelloProfit provides Amazon sellers with sales and profit analytics, both in aggregate and in detail,…

Inventory Planner logo
20. Inventory Planner

— Product Details Inventory Planner is an analytics and reordering tool for ecommerce. It can forecast sales to…

SalesDash Logo
21. SalesDash

— Product Details SalesDash provides Amazon inventory monitoring and supply chain forecasting, showing which products are out-of-stock or…

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