Amazon Marketing

While there are many different options in market for promoting and advertising your shop, some of these solutions are clear winners. Find out the best solutions for your Amazon business.

The Best Tools for Amazon Marketing

There are lots of apps and tools to assist with Amazon marketing. In the list below, we've ranked some of the best tools you can use to run successful Amazon marketing campaigns and grow your brand over time.

Trellis Logo
1. Trellis

— Trellis is an Amazon ad management software that allows sellers to optimize advertising campaigns. It generates more… Read review

Great to find profitable ad placements
Provide targeting across all of Amazon’s ad types
Dynamic pricing prioritizes sales growth
Starting Pricing$299/month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
Metaprice logo
2. Metaprice

— Product Details The Metaprice Amazon and eBay repricing tool optimizes your items every 2-3 minutes and works… Read review

Excellent customer service
Highly efficient yet easy-to-use system
Unique and custom features
Starting Pricing£39
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free Trial10 days
Free VersionNo
Levanta Logo
3. Levanta

— Service Details Levanta is a new Amazon Affiliate Platform that allows Sellers to connect with creators, affiliates and… Read review

Easy payments
Quick integration
Creator Marketplace
Starting Pricing$150
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
Teikametrics Logo
4. Teikametrics

— Teikametrics provides a platform for Amazon and Walmart sellers to manage ads. Also, Teikametrics allows sellers to… Read review

Real time tracking metrics
User-friendly interface and exceptional customer service.
Completely managed services that save you time
FREE TRIALGet your free account today!
PRICING MODEL3% of sales over 10000$

— Seller Snap offers a fully automated, AI-powered Amazon Repricer and Analytics Tool. Their AI Algorithmic Repricer will… Read review

Stable and reliable system
Great customer service
Simple to use
STARTING PRICE$250 per month
m19 logo
6. m19

— Product Details m19 is an Amazon advertising automation tool, using AI technology to optimize ads. m19 works… Read review

Easy to Use
Good Customer Suport
Unique Features and tools
Starting Price400$
Pricing modelTiered Pricing
Free trialYes
Free VersionYes
Sellozo Logo
7. Sellozo

— Product Details Sellozo provides a suite of management and optimization tools for Amazon Sellers, powered by real… Read review

Unique product features
Responsive Customer Support
Starting Pricing149 $
Pricing ModelTiered based
Free trialNo
Free VersionNo
Seller Labs Logo
8. Seller Labs

— Seller Labs is a platform for digital businesses that uses data, software, and services to drive income,… Read review

Easy to use platform
Good Customer Support
Unique Features
Starting Pricing49 $
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Alpha Repricer Logo
9. Alpha Repricer

— Alpha Repricer is an artificial intelligence tool for repricing on Amazon. It allows sellers to reprice instantly…

FeedbackWhiz Logo
10. FeedbackWhiz

— Recommended for… All Amazon sellers who want to manage feedback, improve product reviews and track profits and…

PPC Ninja Logo
11. PPC Ninja

— Product Details PPC Ninja provides Amazon Sponsored Products ad management software and services for sellers and agencies.…

Profit Protector Pro Logo
12. Profit Protector Pro

— Recommended for… Amazon sellers who want to increase their sales and profits using hands-free, fully automated repricing…

Rebaid Logo
13. Rebaid

— Product Details Sellers can use Rebaid to create and launch Amazon product rebate promotions which are visible…

RevenueWize Logo
14. RevenueWize

— Product Details RevenueWize is an advanced Amazon ads management solution.  It helps sellers to manage PPC ads…

ChannelMAX Logo
15. ChannelMAX

— ChannelMAX is a cloud-based software enabling retailers to manage their online sales channels in one central platform.…

StreetPricer Logo
16. StreetPricer

— Product Details StreetPricer is an Amazon and eBay repricing tool that allows sellers to set optimal pricing…

BQool Repricing Central Logo
17. BQool Repricing Central

— BQool Repricing Central is an Amazon AI repricing tool that optimizes prices and increases sales. It is…

Feedvisor Logo
18. Feedvisor

— Product Details Feedvisor is the end-to-end optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon.…

FeedbackFive Logo
19. FeedbackFive

— Automatically request and monitor Amazon reviews and feedback with FeedbackFive. Get product alerts (search suppression, hijackers, and…

InformedRepricer logo
20. Informed Repricer

— Product Details Informed Repricer is an intelligent repricing platform that helps professional online sellers grow their business…

Boostmyshop myPricing Logo
21. Boostmyshop myPricing

— Boostmyshop myPricing is a powerful pricing optimization software helping e-commerce businesses to stay competitive. The software offers…

Sellery Logo
22. Sellery

— Product Details Sellery by Seller Engine is an Amazon real-time repricing tool. It allows hundreds of unique…

logicsale logo
23. logicsale

— Product Details logicsale repricer updates prices on Amazon and eBay every 2 minutes. Win, hold and increase…

repricer logo

— Product Details is a multichannel repricing tool that combines rules and algorithms to reprice Amazon inventory…

Wiser Price Intelligence Logo
25. Wiser Price Intelligence

— Product Details Wiser Price Intelligence is software that allows online sellers to monitor and compare prices, and…

Landing Page Promoter logo
26. Landing Page Promoter

— Product Details Landing Page Promoter helps Amazon sellers increase external traffic. Landing Page Promoter allows users to…

AMZDiscover logo
27. AMZDiscover

— AMZDiscover is an online search tool that assists sellers in locating Amazon reviewers and prospective clients. The…

LandingCube logo
28. LandingCube

— Product Details LandingCube creates customizable landing pages for Amazon listings. The landing pages provide promo codes in…

Perpetua Logo
29. Perpetua

— Product Details Perpetua is an AI-optimized solution for brands and sellers to manage advertising campaigns on Amazon,…

Product Testing Group Logo
30. Product Testing Group

— Product Details Product Testing Group helps sellers promote their Amazon listings. Sellers can post their products on…

RepriceIt Logo
31. RepriceIt

— Product Details is a price management solution that helps maximize profits by keeping an online merchant’s…

SageMailer Logo
32. SageMailer

— Product Details SageMailer is Amazon feedback and review software. Sellers can automate requests via the Amazon “Request…

SellerMobile Logo
33. SellerMobile

— Product Details SellerMobile is business management software for Amazon sellers. It has more than 40 tools and…

SixLeaf Logo
34. SixLeaf

— Product Details SixLeaf is an Amazon listing promotion service, that allows sellers to offer product discounts to…

Zonmaster Logo
35. Zonmaster

— Product Details Zonmaster helps Amazon sellers monitor, manage and automate emails, product reviews, orders, and feedback.  Sellers…

Making the Most of Amazon Marketing

Marketing is hugely important in today’s world, and Amazon marketing is absolutely vital for any seller or business that wants to be a success on Amazon. The right Amazon marketing can help you get more clicks, more customers, and more sales.

As you can see in the following figure, the market segment specializing in marketing resource management software is showing steady growth and there is a reason for that.

Stats marketing resource management software revenue worldwide from 2021-2027

Various tools and pieces of software can help with your Amazon marketing. However, it’s not always easy to know which is the best Amazon software. In this Amazon business review, we’ll help you find the best Amazon tools to assist with your marketing.

How We Ranked the Best Amazon Marketing Tools

Since there are so many Amazon marketing apps out there, we have to test and rate a lot of options to find the best possible tools. To do this, we first look through both expert and use reviews to find out more about the various pieces of software on the market.

We find out as much as we can about each product from the reviews and information provided by the developers. Then, we review demos of each product and have our experts test out the top-rated pieces of software, assigning each one a score and rank for our list.

What Is Amazon Marketing?

So, what exactly is Amazon marketing? 

In simple terms, Amazon marketing is simply the process of marketing or promoting your products and brand on the Amazon website and marketplace. 

Amazon marketing is absolutely essential for any business or seller that wants to operate on Amazon. The site is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, with a huge number of sellers, and a good marketing strategy is one of the best ways to stand out.

There are a few different ways in which you can invest in Amazon marketing and develop your own strategy. This includes using exterior marketing tools and software to promote your brand, or using Amazon’s own Amazon Ads system.

All of these different tools and options serve the same basic purpose: drawing more attention to your brand and your products. And with a strong marketing strategy, Amazon businesses can eventually make more sales and start to grow.

Interesting Facts

More than 98 million people use Amazon each month (only in the US); therefore, if you market your product appropriately, your sales will flourish.

How Does Amazon Marketing Work

Amazon marketing generally works like any other kind of marketing; sellers can use tools and systems, like Amazon Ads, in order to boost the visibility of their brand and products and get more people interested in what they have to offer.

With more eyes on your products and brand, it’s more likely that you can make additional sales, stand out from the competition, and grow over time. This is how most of the big brands on Amazon got to their position, through shrewd and smart marketing.

The best Amazon tools and software can assist with this. These tools offer a range of features like automatic Amazon repricing, feedback management, and keyword identification to strengthen your Amazon marketing strategy.

Amazon Marketing Methods

The table below shows some of the many ways in which sellers are able to market on Amazon.

tick new SEOSEO stands for search engine optimization. Amazon SEO involves using the right keywords in product listings and pages to make them appear higher in search results.
tick new PPCPPC stands for pay-per-click. This is part of the Amazon Ads program. With this system, you can set up ads to make your products more visible and pay for every click.
tick new Review/Feedback ManagementReview or feedback management on Amazon is another part of Amazon marketing. This involves getting more positive reviews and fewer negative ones for your brand.
tick new Email MarketingEmail marketing involves sending out emails to let people know about your brand products. You can build a subscriber list and send emails automatically to all your subscribers.
tick new Social Media MarketingSocial media can be a powerful marketing tool. This kind of marketing uses sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about an Amazon store or product.
tick new Search Engine MarketingThere’s also search engine marketing, which is mainly focused on Google. You can use Google ads to link people to your Amazon products or store page.

MORE: Amazon FBA Calculator.

How Amazon Marketing Software Can Boost Your Business

It’s clear that Amazon marketing is vital for any business that wants to succeed on the Amazon platform. However, running successful marketing campaigns and getting eyes on your products isn’t always easy.

It can be hard to boost sales and drive brand growth in an efficient way that matches your business’ budget. This is why a lot of sellers struggle to get the results they’re looking for when using Amazon Ads and other advertising tools.

The best Amazon tools for marketing can help with this. These pieces of software are able to improve your marketing campaigns, strengthen your feedback, and help you get the real results you want from your campaigns.

tick Boosting Visibility 

With literally millions of sellers on Amazon, it can be hard to stand out. Many brands simply vanish or blend in with all the others. Amazon marketing software can help you stand out, giving your brand and your products more visibility.

tick Improving Feedback

Another issue with selling on Amazon is bad feedback. Negative reviews can harm your brand in more ways than one and encourage shoppers to look for alternative products. The best Amazon tools can give you more positive reviews and a higher average rating.

tick Getting More Sales

Sales are the driving force for any Amazon business, and you have to have consistent sales to make profit and keep your company going. Amazon marketing software can help you not only get more eyes on your products, but also more paying customers.

tick Promoting Brand Growth

Every Amazon seller dreams of building up their brand and becoming a major player on the platform. But it can be hard to grow as quickly as you want to. The right Amazon marketing tools can help with this and drive serious growth and development.

tick Saving Time and Resources

Many companies, especially small ones and start-ups, simply don’t have the time or resources to focus on responding to customer reviews or sending out marketing emails. Amazon marketing software can save you so much time through the power of automation.

ProblemHow Amazon Marketing Software Helps
tick new Lack of VisibilityMakes your brand and products more visible
tick new Negative ReviewsIncreases the amount of positive reviews
tick new Low Sales NumbersDrives lead generation and conversions
tick new Slow GrowthIncreases your business’ rate of growth
tick new Difficult Resource ManagementUses automation to save you time 

Amazon Marketing Tools Meaning

When we talk about Amazon marketing tools, this refers to any app, tool, or piece of software that is designed to assist in some way with the process of marketing an Amazon store, brand, or product. These apps can vary in terms of their functions, but all aim to help Amazon businesses with sales and growth.

Main Features of an Amazon Marketing Tool

So, what sort of features can you expect to find when using the best Amazon software for marketing? Well, different tools and apps will have different features and functions, and each one usually has its main area of focus or specialty.

Some apps are focused on feedback management, for example, so they’ll work to help you get more positive reviews and reduce the amount of negative feedback you have. Others will automatically reprice your PPC ads to get the best value out of each click.

The table below shows some of the main features that are included with the top-rated Amazon marketing software:

tick new Keyword Optimization The best Amazon software can help you identify and utilize the most effective keywords for your industry or product niche.
tick new PPC Budget Automation Amazon marketing tools can also automatically adjust or reprice your Amazon PPC ads to get more clicks.
tick new Amazon Product RepricingSome Amazon marketing software is also able to automatically reprice your products to keep up with competitor price changes.
tick new Feedback ManagementYou can also use Amazon marketing software to manage feedback, getting rid of negative reviews and gaining more positive ones.

Benefits of Using Amazon Marketing Tools

plus Get more sales and more customersminus You have to pay for these products
plus Boosts brand growthminus Results can vary from app to app
plus Keeping up with the competitionminus Can be difficult to choose the best software
plus Saves time and resources for your staff
plus Helping with feedback and ratings

There are a lot of advantages that come along with using Amazon marketing tools and software. Here are some of the main benefits that you should be able to experience if you use the right pieces of software for your future marketing campaigns on Amazon.

tick Boosting Sales 

Obviously, the main aim of any Amazon business is to sell products and generate profit. If you don’t sell enough goods, your store simply won’t succeed. And when it comes to selling on Amazon, marketing is absolutely crucial.

Amazon marketing can be the make-or-break factor for getting sales and being successful. The best marketing tools for Amazon help you to get more sales in various ways, such as optimizing your PPC campaigns or automatically emailing previous customers about sales and new products.

tick Driving Brand Growth

Another big target for any Amazon business is growth. Every company starts off small but hopes to get bigger and more successful as times goes by. However, on such a crowded and competitive platform, it can be tricky to grow.

Amazon marketing software can help with this. It offers useful automation features and marketing optimization functions to help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. With more sales and more brand awareness, your business will start to grow.

tick Staying Competitive 

As mentioned throughout this Amazon business review, Amazon is a very competitive site. There are literally millions of sellers on Amazon, and many of them are trying to target similar audiences and demographics.

A lot of your rivals will be using Amazon marketing software to try and get ahead of one another. So, using your own set of Amazon marketing tools can be the best way to not only keep up with the competition, but to surpass it.

tick Saving Time 

Time and resource management are crucial skills to learn if you want to run a successful business on Amazon. You have to know how to devote the right amounts of time, labor, and effort into different areas of your business.

A lot of small businesses on Amazon struggle with this and can waste so much time on manual marketing that they don’t have any resources for other areas of the business. The best Amazon software has smart automation to carry out tasks automatically, letting you and your staff focus your time and energy elsewhere.

tick Strengthening Feedback

Another big advantage of using Amazon marketing software is how much it can help with your feedback. Feedback is really influential on Amazon, as shoppers will often flock to the products with the best average star ratings and the most positive reviews.

Negative reviews can be damaging to any brand, but certain Amazon marketing tools can help to get rid of negative reviews or add many more positive ones to your products, improving your overall score and standing on the site.

Who Should Use Amazon Marketing Tools

Not sure if you should be using Amazon marketing tools or not? In general, anyone who wants to sell something on Amazon can benefit from these tools, and there are certain specific groups, in particular, who can really get a lot of value from such software.

tick Independent Sellers

If you’re an independent seller on Amazon, without your own team of staff, it’s important to use tech tools and software to help you as much as possible. Amazon marketing software can help you focus on other things without having to worry about updating listings and prices manually.

tick Small Businesses and Startups

A lot of start-ups and small businesses are forming on Amazon all the time. When you first start out on this site, it can be hard to stand out. Marketing tools can give you that extra head-start you need to emerge in your chosen market and start making sales.

tick Bigger Businesses

Even if you’re running a large and established Amazon store, you have to invest in Amazon marketing strategies like email marketing and Amazon PPC ads to avoid being overtaken by other brands.

tick Sellers with Poor Feedback

If your products have been bombarded with bad reviews and low scores, your store may seem doomed. The right Amazon marketing software can turn things around for you, improving your average rating and driving more sales and growth.

What Do Amazon Marketing Tools Cost?

In general, Amazon marketing apps and tools will have monthly subscription fees that you need to pay to access and use their services. 

  • Entry-Level – Entry-level marketing tools for small sellers can cost $20 – $30 per month 
  • Mid-Level – Mid-level services cost from $40-$100 per month 
  • High-End – The top-tier services can cost several hundred dollars a month

Overall, pricing for Amazon marketing tools will vary based on the size of your business, how much advertising you need, and how many sales you make.

Since Amazon is such a huge company, the world of the Amazon Marketplace is always changing. It’s important for sellers to be up to date and informed on the latest trends and changes so that they can adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Increasing Ad Spend – The competitive nature of the Amazon Marketplace is not going away, any time soon. Reports show that, due to increasing levels of competition, sellers are spending more on ads than ever before. This makes it increasingly relevant and recommended to use marketing software that can adjust PPC prices to fit your budget.
  • Pay-to-Play – Some reports suggest that Amazon is increasingly moving towards a “Pay-to-Play” model, in which sponsored ads are the only way to make serious sales and build up your brand. This shows that advertising on Amazon has never been more important, and the right software is crucial to fine-tune your strategy.
  • Fake Feedback and Ruthless Rivals – Reports suggest that the number of so-called “ruthless sellers” is on the rise on Amazon. These sellers will use underhanded tricks to get ahead of the competition, like leaving fake, negative reviews on rival products. This makes feedback management tools more important than ever.
  • Attracting Gen Z Shoppers – Gen Z represents a major consumer force for the coming years, and one interesting trend on Amazon is how sellers are adapting their ad strategies to cater towards this younger demographic, with an increasing focus on video marketing and visuals to grab Gen Z attention.

Which Is the Best Amazon Marketing Tool?

Naturally, a lot of Amazon sellers don’t want to waste their time with low quality tools and only want to use the best marketing software. So, which is the best tool of all? Well, the truth of the matter is that the right tool for you will depend on your specific needs. Each tool has pros, cons, and best features, and it’s wise to try a few options to see which one works best for you.

How to Choose the Right Amazon Marketing Tools

With so many great Amazon marketing tools and programs to choose from, you might not know which one to start with. We understand that the choice can be tricky, especially for businesses that are small or new to the world of Amazon marketing.

Each seller has their own needs. Some may want to improve feedback, while others might be more focused on driving clicks and sales for specific products in their store catalogs. That’s why we offer a wide range of tools to suit different businesses.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend thinking about what exactly you want to get from an Amazon marketing tool. When you’ve identified your objectives, which might be more sales, growth, brand awareness, or better feedback, you can find a tool to fit your goals.

As stated in the previous section, we also strongly recommend trying out multiple apps to see which one offers the best features and functions for your store. A lot of these apps have free trials or demos you can use to figure out how they work with committing to a payment plan.


It’s clear to see that Amazon marketing is absolutely crucial for companies that want to succeed on Amazon, and it’s becoming more and more important as Amazon’s seller-base increases in size and the levels of competition continue to rise.

Amazon marketing tools can make a huge difference to your advertising strategy. The best software can boost sales and trigger major growth. Check out our list of the best tools and read each Amazon business review to learn more about them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon's marketing, or Amazon marketing, is the process of marketing your Amazon store brand and products. This can take various forms, such as using Amazon's PPC adverts to get more clicks and sales to using Amazon marketing software to help optimize your marketing strategy.

The point or aim of Amazon marketing is to help promote a brand, store, or set of products in order to get more people to click on that store and view those products. Ultimately, this can result in more sales for a seller, wider levels of brand awareness, a broader base of customers, and faster business growth.

Amazon marketing tools, apps, or pieces of software are helpful programs that are designed to assist with your Amazon marketing. These apps can help in various ways and provide different features and functions, like helping you get more positive reviews after product sales or optimizing the keywords in your product listings to get more clicks.