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eBay vs Amazon: The World’s Top Marketplaces Go Head to Head

By Andy Geldman

These online retail giants have millions of buyers and sellers, but in the battle of eBay vs Amazon, which is the best marketplace for you?

eBay vs Amazon: The World’s Top Marketplaces Go Head to Head

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I considered using Amazon rather than eBay but believe Amazon is focused on large purchases from China and individuals with more investment cash and the ability to hire outside help. EBay fits smaller sellers but in an effort to compete with Amazon it has become easy for buyers to steal. Ebays puts on constant seller pressure to lower prices, refund and treats sellers like the enemy. Nothing is perfect but I expect eBay to fail in its attempt to become Amazon. The net result will be the growth of other sites that don’t hate their sellers, like Bonanza, Etsy and… Read more »

Patricia Robinson

Amazon are incredibly arrogant and difficult to deal with. It is an ongoing fear that you will invest a great deal of money in to searching, purchasing and launching a product on to Amazon and have them suspend your account with out explanation. There are many sellers who have invested a great deal of money only to have their listing ‘hijacked’.
Amazon need to become more respectful and supportive of sellers.


Replying to Patricia Robinson

Amen sister.


Replying to Patricia Robinson



Replying to Patricia Robinson

Agree 100%


Amazon beats ebay in every way. Anyone who doesn’t think so itsn’t a prime member. The bottom line is Amazon offers a VIP option that Ebay can only dream of. I pay for Prime every year, and year after year if ANYTHING goes wrong, amazon handles it. Credits, replacements, and even full refunds. Ebay is the poor mans marketplace. No VIP option, horrible shipping, horrible service, and if something goes wrong, get ready for a fight. As a prime member I am always right. One call and everything is taken care of. No fight, no BS. You know why? Because… Read more »


Replying to Melanie

That is absurd and you must be new. You are not a smart buyer if you don’t purchase on ebay, it’s that simple. I had ebay for 15 years and Amazon is not even close when it comes down to listed items selection. Also ebay is international do I can buy in foreign markets with Amazon that is not the case. eBay is also cheaper. eBay you can find unique vintage material and with a greater selection. Also second hand material ebay is the way to go. You are probably not a good shopper, and Amazon prime is NOT that… Read more »


Replying to Junior

As a buyer I compare Amazon & eBay prices. My experience is that an identical item on both sites will be cheaper on eBay 80% of the time. It is not unusual to identify a person selling on both sites with their eBay item priced cheaper than on Amazon.


From the buyer point of view Amazon is better, but from the seller side is no doubt better ebay. You say it is a draw in the seller fees, but it is not correct, if you add the cost of unmotivated returns, customers trying to rip you off with amazon’s complacency, etc, amazon fees are much higher.

Dean K.

I’ve been selling on eBay since 2006 to present as well as And Although eBay isn’t what it used to be like back in the day, It’s still the best place to sell used and hard to find items whereas Amazon caters more to current new items. eBay will never be like Amazon and vice versa. Two totally different platforms, (Even though eBay is trying to lose their Flea Market image). eBay is trying to change to offer a better seller’s experience but the current eBay’s CEO is doing more harm than good. Why change what works? With eBay,… Read more »

Jack Phillips

You left out a crucial feature. Seller support. Amazon is horrible and arbitrary and you cannot get any solution. eBay generally responds with real person and logical responses. Not just a “close the ticket” mentality.


Replying to Jack Phillips

that right Jack, it true too. I like deal with “little guy”

Joe Cortese

Andy, Excellent analysis overall. However, Amazon’s CFO is recently on record to say they could be out of business in 10 years if they don’t innovate. Here’s why. First, Any marketplace that competes with its sellers defines an elemental non-collaborative culture that stifles the potential for true economic growth. That a marketplace is willing to subordinate the raw source of innovation may produce some short term shiny objects, but it will almost certainly find a definitive implosion point down the road. Because any marketplace that is willing to obsicificate the sharing of predictability is closing more doors than it opens.… Read more »

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