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The Best Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

By Kate Merton

We walk through the best keyword research software Amazon sellers can use to improve their listings and marketing efforts, for absolutely nothing.

The Best Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Grow your Amazon business with the best tools for optimizing listings, managing ads, improving your feedback and much more.





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Great article.
If someone can’t find actionable ideas here they aren’t trying. Thank you very much


Is Sonar Free? I am asked to pay 9.90$ a month to download the app.


Replying to Osnat

Osnat, Sonar is free on their site. But you pay to have the Google Chrome extension

Dennis C

This is just what I’ve been missing all along! I can’t thank you enough

Maor gabai

Hi, how i can contact with sonar customer service?


Awesome share. Thanks…


highly recommend using amazeowl


These search tools are not free. I tried all of them and they are all free trials! which is the oppersite of what was said at the beginning if this article.

Andy Geldman

Replying to Chris

Hi Chris, the article is a little out of date now but only because Algopix no longer offers free research, only a free trial. The others do still have “free forever” versions. Unicorn Smasher and Sonar are still free. Both are free because their companies also have paid tools which they promote (AMZ Tracker and Sellics respectively). But Unicorn Smasher and Sonar are definitely not free trials, because there are no paid plans to sign up to. Scientific Seller also still has a free Amazon keyword research tool, but they also have paid plans. The free tool is not a… Read more »

Adriana Jenson

Unicorn Smasher is no longer free. They want $49 for it and it’s now called Unicorn Smasher Pro. Pro is the only available version these days.

Andy Geldman

Replying to Adriana Jenson

Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll add a notice to the article and update it fully in the future.

It is actually still possible to download the free Unicorn Smasher from the Chrome store (link), but it looks to have some bugs – probably not being maintained.

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