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The World’s Top eBay Sellers 2021

By Andy Geldman

The top 1,000 eBay sellers worldwide, updated for 2021, including country lists for the US, UK, China, Germany and Australia.

The World’s Top eBay Sellers 2021

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Jack Phillips

You didn’t say but I assume this list was by revenue. One thing that I noticed is that there is a lot of media sellers in this list: books, video games, music, and DVDs. One wonders how sustainable this business is or whether they are just serving as liquidators for other companies.

I see you make note of sellers having a premium store outside of their home country. I have never considered this myself. What advantage would it be? I sell in UK, OZ, and other english speaking countries by just extending my listings.


Replying to Jack Phillips

2nd on the list estocks AKA MusicMagpie.

Jack Phillips

For media you would definitely need volume. I was grocery shopping at my local wal-mart today and was amazed at the amount of media product in bins at insanely low prices. Perhaps I am just ahead of the curve but I haven’t paid for real media (non-downloadable) in a couple of years so selling it seems a bit dated.

Katrina Hess

Wonder what the ASP is for these sellers and what return rate or non payment rate might be for them.
Non payment rate and return rate is significant in many categories and may not be taken into account in this if its mostly feedback related.

Dave Sharpe

It would be interesting to see the results from sellers with anchor shops

Dave Sharpe

Andy yes as a separate list as that would help us lesser mortals to gauge whether or not anchor shops are worth the extra bucks, since we signed up for an anchor shop we haven’t noticed any increase of sales and considering we have gone from 1000 items to nearly 2500 listings now.
Cheers Dave

Jack Phillips

Replying to Dave Sharpe

I made my decision for an Anchor shop (yes, I got one) because I evaluated the number of free listings versus what i would pay for listing fees. My total fees are much less. This is in the US, your mileage may vary elsewhere. Easy enough to do the math based on your local marketplace’s rule.


Hi Andy, thanks for your list.
Do you know why most of the chinese cross boarder seller have no more active listings??


Hi Andy, interesting post! I was just wondering, what do you mean by they are based in ine country but “have a featured store” (or anchor) in another? Do you mean their store comes up on the list for featured stores in that other country, eg in the US for a seller based in china, say?
And, they are still shipping from overseas to the customer, correct? Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t muddling it or missing something. Thanks again 🙂


Thanks, Andy!

Stephen Walder

I was amazed to find such a comprehensive list, but I was totally stoked to find us on this list. I’m so proud of our team for making this achievement in under 16 months and I must give a big thankyou to you Andy for giving us a benchmark to work towards.


Replying to Stephen Walder

Hi there, I noticed your comment and I’m writing a paper on what makes a sensational ebay seller – would you please be able to give me some hints and tips on why and how you have become so successful? I’m based in Australia, so, would really appreciate your feedback. thanks Jules.


Whys Babz Media not included?

Stephen Walder

Replying to Andy Geldman

It did cross my mind too Andy, I’d be interested to know why it was missed. For me, its always the one that springs to mind for the bigger eBay sellers.


Replying to Matthew

Babz Media is the name of an eBay shop owned by Babz who came #1 on the list cheers Michael

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