How to Sell on eBay and Make Money

Making money on eBay has never been easier, and if you’re planning to become an eBay seller, the time is definitely now. In this article, you will learn how to profit from eBay and increase your eBay selling skills.

Selling on eBay can be a profitable endeavor if approached with strategy and consistency. Whether you’re decluttering your home or scaling up as a business, eBay provides a vast platform with millions of buyers. Below are some tips and insights to optimize your eBay selling experience.

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Make Money Selling on eBay!

How to Make Selling on eBay: 12 Tips

Whether you’re a new seller or have been on the platform for years, there’s always room to optimize and enhance your sales strategies. By staying informed, reinvesting in your business and providing excellent customer service, you will be sure to win over loyal customers. Check out our top tips for selling on eBay to start making money with your eBay store in no time. Here’s our list of tips:

  1. Research trending items
  2. Start small
  3. Optimize listings
  4. Offer competitive prices
  5. Provide excellent customer service
  6. Consider eBay store subscription
  7. Diversify inventory
  8. Stay active
  9. Calculate costs
  10. Package professionally
  11. Stay informed
  12. Reinvest in your business

As in any market, certain products become trending or in-demand on eBay. Knowing what’s currently hot can give you a selling advantage.

Example: During the holiday seasons, collectible items such as vintage ornaments might see an uptick in demand. Utilizing eBay’s trending page can reveal such insights.

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Start Small

Before making significant investments, familiarize yourself with eBay’s system by selling personal items you no longer need. Remember that it’s better to start selling items you bought for cheaper, rather than going all in with more expensive things at the beginning. 

Example: If you have unused electronics, vintage clothing, or collectibles, list them first to get a feel for the selling process.

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Optimize Listings

In  online shopping and e-Commerce, grabbing potential customers’ attention is essential. Keywords amplify your search visibility, ensuring your products reach the right eyes. Meanwhile, detailed descriptions cement buyer trust, assuring them of what they’re purchasing. By intertwining these elements, you enhance product visibility and foster confidence among prospective buyers..

Example: For a “1970’s Levi’s Denim Jacket,” highlight its vintage nature, size, condition, and unique features.

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Offer Competitive Prices

Price your items competitively based on current market conditions. Auctions can sometimes fetch higher prices than buy-it-now listings, especially for collectibles.

Example: If similar vintage toys are listed for around $50, pricing yours at $100 without justification might dissuade potential buyers.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Building a reputable seller profile can increase buyer confidence, leading to more sales. Make sure your seller ratings stay as high as possible and encourage customers to offer feedback.

Example: By responding promptly to a buyer’s inquiry about a product’s dimensions, you not only increase the chance of that sale, but also enhance your reputation.

Consider eBay Store Subscription

As your business grows, this subscription becomes invaluable, providing you with tools tailored to enhance your operations. Additionally, the discounts offered can significantly reduce your costs, thereby amplifying your profit margins. This step ensures you leverage every advantage to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

Example: An eBay store can provide marketing tools and discounted listing fees, which can be beneficial if you’re listing over 100 items a month.

Diversify Inventory

Diversifying protects against market volatility and taps into different buyer segments. By diversifying your inventory, you’ll be sure to cater to a broader audience, and make a significantly larger profit. 

Example: Instead of just selling vintage clothing, consider adding accessories, footwear, or even memorabilia.

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Stay Active

Maintaining a regular presence is vital for success on eBay. Relist any unsold items, refresh old listings, and consistently add new products to keep your store updated and engaging. 

Example: If a listed item doesn’t sell within a week, consider revising its description or reducing its price before relisting.

Calculate Costs

Calculate selling costs with an eBay Fee calculator. Setting the price for your product and knowing how much you will earn from it is not so straightforward if you want to calculate it by yourself. With our eBay calculator you will be able to find out just how much you can earn on a certain product, once you extract the shipping fees, international fees etc.

Example: eBay Fee Calculator 

Package Professionally 

It’s not just about what you sell, but also how you deliver it. Ensuring items are safely packed and presented professionally can enhance the buying experience, leading to positive reviews and fewer returns. 

Example: Instead of just using old newspaper as padding, invest in bubble wrap or foam peanuts to ensure the product reaches the buyer undamaged.

Stay Informed

The e-commerce landscape, especially on platforms like eBay, is always evolving. Stay updated with any policy changes on eBay and be aware of market trends to stay competitive and compliant. 

Example: eBay occasionally offers promotional days with reduced listing fees. Keeping informed can help you take advantage of such opportunities.

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Reinvest in Your Business

Success in business often requires reinvestment. Allocate a portion of your earnings to expand your inventory, enhance your packaging materials, or even promote your listings to reach a wider audience. 

Example: If a particular product category is performing well for you, consider sourcing similar items or buying in bulk to improve your profit margins.

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How much does an eBay seller make? 

Profits vary based on numerous factors. For instance, a seller specializing in rare vinyl records might have fewer sales, but higher profit margins per item compared to someone selling common household goods. Top-rated eBay sellers, especially those with niche products, can make upwards of $100,000 a year, but these numbers are not typical for everyone. Deducting expenses such as eBay fees, shipping, product acquisition, and taxes is crucial to determine net profit.

According to analytics, the average seller will make around $42,000 annually. Remember that a beginner seller will not make as much money as an experienced one – this is due to eBay seller limitations that are set on the account from the beginning, as well as factors like seller ratings. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Research is essential. For example, if fidget spinners are trending, capitalizing on that demand could yield short-term profits.
  • Presentation matters. Think of a listing with low-quality images and scant details versus one with HD photos and thorough descriptions—the latter invariably attracts more buyers.
  • Reputation is gold. By gaining customer reviews and testimonials you will gain consumer trust and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Stay adaptable. For example, in 2019, eco-friendly products might be in vogue, but in 2023, it could be VR gadgets. Being versatile boosts longevity in the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, many sellers make a significant income on eBay. However, like any business, success requires research, dedication, and consistency. Some sellers specialize in niche products, while others focus on sourcing items at low costs and selling at a profit.

Earnings on eBay vary widely based on factors like product type, volume, pricing strategy, and competition. Some occasional sellers might make a few hundred dollars a month, while high-volume sellers or those dealing in high-demand or rare items can make thousands or even tens of thousands monthly. It's essential to account for costs like shipping, eBay fees, and product sourcing when calculating potential profits. According to statistics, the average seller will make around $42,000 annually.

Beginners can start by selling unwanted items from around their home. This familiarizes them with the platform and reduces initial investment. Over time, they can explore garage sales, thrift shops, or wholesale suppliers to find items to sell. Good product descriptions, clear photos, and excellent customer service are key to building a reputation and trust with buyers.

eBay's final value fee is typically 5% to 15% of the total sale amount, including shipping, but it can vary based on the category of the item and whether you have a store subscription. eBay indicates that the final value fee for the majority of categories is at most 13.25% of the selling price, in addition to a $0.30 charge per transaction.

Selling on eBay for the first time can feel challenging due to the learning curve with listing products, understanding fees, and navigating shipping. However, with research and persistence, most new sellers can quickly get the hang of it. It's advisable to start small, learn from each sale, and gradually scale up.


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