Amazon – Account Health

Find out the most important pillars of your amazon account health. The most important metrics and performance indicators that will help your keep track of your accounts progress.

Best Amazon Tools For Tracking Account Health Performance

The following list shows the top rated tools for mainlining your Amazon account health and keeping track of the most important metrics.

amz sellers attorney logo
1. Amazon Sellers Attorney

— Recommended for… Amazon sellers who need legal advice to get their Amazon account or listings reinstated

Feedback Repair Logo
2. Feedback Repair

— Service Details Feedback Repair offers a range of services for Amazon sellers including feedback removal, metrics health…

Get Unsuspended logo
3. Get Unsuspended

— Service Details Get Unsuspended is an Amazon suspension appeal service for all sellers but with particular expertise…

Riverbend Consulting Logo
4. Riverbend Consulting

— Service Details Riverbend Consulting provides Amazon seller account services, account suspension appeals, and ASIN suspension appeals. Account…

amazon seller lawyer logo
5. Amazon Sellers Lawyer

— Service Details Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a law firm that provides a licensed attorney to address Amazon…

AMZ Alert Logo
6. AMZAlert

— Product Details AMZAlert monitors sellers’ Amazon listings, and automatically sends alerts by SMS or email when it…

Thompson & Holt Logo
7. Thompson & Holt

— Service Details Thompson & Holt provides customized Amazon appeal letters and Plans of Action for sellers who…

eGrowth Partners logo
8. eGrowth Partners

— Service Details eGrowth Partners provides a range of services to help Amazon sellers grow and protect their…

AmzMonitor Logo
9. AmzMonitor

— Product Details AMZMonitor is monitoring software for Amazon sellers that allows users to track and monitor competitors’…

Bindwise Monitoring for Amazon Sellers Logo
10. Bindwise Monitoring for Amazon Sellers

— Product Details Bindwise provides real-time email notifications to warn Amazon sellers about ASINs being blocked or merged;…

Captain BI Logo
11. Captain BI

— Product Details Captain BI is a platform for Amazon sellers that covers: market research, sales analytics, FBA…

ecommerceChris logo
12. ecommerceChris

— Service Details Ex-Amazonian Chris McCabe specializes in Amazon merchant account protection and suspension appeals. Account protection services…

IP Alerts logo
13. IP-Alerts

— Product Details IP-Alerts monitors Amazon listings and sends the seller an alert as soon as any high…

Joshua Price - SuspensionExperts Logo
14. Joshua Price

— Service Details Joshua Price offers outsourced marketplace management including creating listings, listing optimization, customer service, growth consulting,…

LA Law Group logo
15. LA Law Group

— Service Details LA Law Group consists of licensed attorneys who were prior Amazon sellers and vendors. Services…

Monitor and Protect Logo
16. Monitor and Protect

— Product Details Monitor and Protect constantly monitors listings on Amazon and notifies the seller of any potential…

SellerSonar Logo
17. SellerSonar

— Product Details SellerSonar is software that monitors changes to sellers’ Amazon listings and sends alerts and notifications. …

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