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Find out the most important pillars of your amazon account health. The most important metrics and performance indicators that will help your keep track of your accounts progress.

Best Amazon Tools For Tracking Account Health Performance

There are many different pieces of software that can assist with managing your Amazon Account Health. The list below highlights some of the top tools we've reviewed and tested so far.

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Tracking Your Amazon Account Health

Running an Amazon account can be tricky, and it can be especially challenging to maintain a good Amazon Account Health Rating. Furthermore, by looking at the following statistics, it goes without saying that with the share size of Amazon as a marketplace, companies can not afford to have their seller account suspended. Even a one day suspension, can have a very large impact on a companies revenue.

Stats about Amazon's global brand value from 2006 to 2022

Fortunately, various pieces of software exist to help. There are tools that can get your account unsuspended, as well as apps to inform you about risky listings that could harm your account health. 

It’s important to choose the right tools. This list will help you with that through expert recommendations and explanations.

Did you know?

Your AHR is green if your score is between 200 and 1000. It implies your account is safe.

How We Ranked the Best Amazon Account Health Tools

In order to rank and rate the best Amazon Account Health tools, we take a look at the top-ranked products available. We then review each one, focusing on a range of key features like ease-of-use and effectiveness. 

We read through both user and expert reviews to learn more, as well as reviewing and testing demos of each product. And after taking all of those factors into account, we decide on a final score and rating for each one.

What Is Amazon Account Health?

If you run an Amazon account, you may have noticed that one of the pages in your account management area is called “Account Health“. But what exactly does this term mean?

Well, Amazon Account Health is a system set-up by Amazon for third-party sellers to use. It shows how well your account is adhering to Amazon’s metrics and standards.

Put simply, Amazon has certain rules and policies in place. All sellers on the site are expected to follow these policies at certain levels. 

How well you follow these policies determines your “Account Health Rating“, or AHR. Your AHR can be seen at any time and is subject to change over time.

Amazon focuses on various metrics like the amount of cancellations you have, late dispatches, on-time deliveries, and so on. It uses this data to work out your AHR.

How to Check Your Amazon Account Health

The Amazon Account Health system can seem confusing at first. Fortunately, Amazon makes it quite easy for sellers to view their current Account Health Rating at any time. 

To do this, all you need to do is head to the Seller Central section. Then click on the Performance Menu, and finally, select Account Health. This will take you to the Account Health page. 

There, you can see your current rating and view how well Amazon believes that you’re complying with its various policies and key metrics.

You can view your AHR, which is numbered from 0 to 1,000, for a quick and easy view of how well your account is doing. Anything above 200 is considered a “Good” rating.

You can also take a more in-depth look. The Account Health page shows three main categories: Customer Service, Policy Compliance, and Shipping Performance. Each table shows various percentages and pieces of data for how well you’re performing in these three areas.

Amazon Account Health Metrics

There are six main metrics that Amazon focuses on to calculate your overall Amazon Account Health Rating: 

tick new Order Defect RateThis measures your ability to provide good quality products and experiences. It’s measured based on things like negative feedback and chargebacks. 
tick new CancellationsThe cancellation rate of your account is measured based on how many orders were canceled by the seller over a set period of time. 
tick new Late DispatchThis metric measures how often you tend to dispatch items later than the expected shipping date. 
tick new On-Time DispatchThis metric measures how many shipments get to their destination on-time. 
tick new Valid TrackingThis metric looks at the percentage of orders you send out with valid tracking numbers. 
tick new ReturnsThis metric looks at the returns process and is affected by negative feedback and situations where you fail to respond to return requests. 

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How Amazon Account Health Tools Can Make Life Easier for Sellers

Amazon Account Health is a useful system for Amazon to keep good sellers on its service and suspend sellers who fail to meet its standards. However, maintaining your Amazon Account Health Rating and monitoring those various metrics can be a challenge.

In fact, a lot of Amazon sellers find it difficult to keep track of their ratings. Just one problematic listing can impact your account in various ways, and it’s not always easy to find the source of problems when your rating starts to drop.

Amazon Account Health tools can help with this. These tools are specially designed to assist with your Amazon Account Health, making it simpler to understand and improve your rating. Here are some ways in which these Amazon tools and services can help.

Account Suspensions  

One of the worst possible scenarios for an Amazon seller is to have their account suspended. This can happen if you fail to adhere to Amazon’s policies, but Amazon Account Health services can help you get your account reinstated.

Negative Feedback  

Every account gets some negative feedback from time to time. But too many bad reviews could damage your AHR. Some Amazon tools offer feedback repair services to get rid of bad or fake feedback and improve your listings’ scores.

Listing Issues 

If you run a large Amazon store, you might have lots of different listings, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Amazon Health tools can automatically monitor your listings and send out alerts if any problems or changes are detected.

Unhealthy or At Risk Health Rating 

If your Account Health Rating drops below 200, it will be classed as either “At Risk” or “Unhealthy”. This means that your account is in danger of being suspended. Amazon Account Health tools can provide help to boost your rating back into the “Good” zone.

High-Risk Brands

High-risk brands are companies that have a history of taking action against sellers who list certain items. This can damage your rating in a big way. Some of the best Account Health tools help to let you know if high-risk brands are detected on your account.

Amazon Account Health Tools Meaning

The term “Amazon Account Health Tools” refers to any kind of tool or service that exists to help with your AHR. These tools can vary in terms of their functions and features, but they all aim to help users have healthier accounts.

Main Features of an Amazon Account Health Tool

So, what sort of features can you expect when you make use of Amazon Account Health tools and services? Well, as stated above, these tools can vary a lot and may have different focuses or features.

Some of them might be focused on helping people who already have low AHRs to improve their accounts or get them reinstated. Others are more oriented towards helping you maintain a high AHR and avoid any issues with your account.

Here are some of the main features that are included with some of the best Amazon Account Health tools:

Listing Tracking

Many of the best Amazon Account Health tools are able to track and monitor your listings for you. They can look out for any possible warning signs or problems, like negative reviews, the presence of high-risk brands, piggybackers, and so on.

Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts

Another key feature of the best Account Health tools is their ability to automatically let you know about any issues that need fixing. These tools can detect problems and notify you, removing the need to manually trawl through all your listings or track them yourself.

Account Restoration

Amazon Account Restoration

If your AHR drops too low, your account may get suspended. Various Amazon Account Health tools aim to help you restore your account. They can help with things like suspension appeals, as well as restoring your account and boosting your AHR.

Feedback Repairs

One negative tactic that some brands use is to bombard their competitors with fake, negative reviews. This can severely damage your account’s health rating. Some Amazon tools work to fix feedback and get rid of bad reviews.

Benefits of Using Amazon Account Health Tools

plus Keep your Amazon Health Rating in the “Good” rangeminus Many tools come with monthly fees
plus Saves your business time and moneyminus Prices can vary for certain services
plus Prevents problematic appeals and suspensionsminus Some tools are more effective than others
plus Cost-effective for the majority of business users

There are many benefits associated with Amazon Account Health tools and services. Here are some of the main advantages that you might be able to experience when working with these tools on your account.

Saving Time

Running an Amazon seller account can be a lot of work. There are many things that you need to take care of, and a wide range of responsibilities for every seller, such as managing listings, adding new listings, responding to customers, and so on.

With so much to do, sellers don’t always have the time to manually check on their listings and look for errors or problems. Amazon Account Health tools often have automated features and look over your listings for you, saving you huge amounts of time in the process.

Effective Resource Management

Following on from the previous point, many businesses on Amazon have to dedicate lots of resources to managing Account Health. You might even have an entire team of staff members focused purely on things like feedback management and health tracking.

This can drain a lot of resources, and it means that workers’ energy and focus might be wasted. When you use Amazon Account Health tools, your workers can be freed up to focus their efforts and resources on other tasks, like growing your brand.

Maintaining and Improving Your Rating

When it comes to running an Amazon seller account, you need to have a good Amazon Health Rating. Your AHR is, in many ways, a make-or-break factor for your entire account. If it drops too low, the account could be jeopardized or removed entirely.

Useful Amazon Account Health tools and services exist to help you not only maintain your rating, but also to improve it. They do this through things like feedback repair, automated alerts, listing monitoring, and so on.

Safeguarding Against Suspension or Deactivation

For any seller, account suspension or deactivation is the worst case scenario. If your account gets suspended for any reason, you won’t be able to make sales or generate profit, and your business could have to shut down altogether.

The best Amazon Account Health tools help to safeguard against this eventuality. They use a range of features and functions to protect your account, keeping it alive and active, even in difficult circumstances.

Providing Peace of Mind

Another big benefit of using Amazon Account Health tools is peace of mind. It can be quite stressful to run an Amazon seller account. Many sellers worry about their AHR and fret about how it might decrease due to bad reviews or a particular product listing that isn’t working out.

Amazon Account Health services are able to calm your fears. It can feel much more relaxing to know that you don’t have to deal with AHR management all on your own, and it’s helpful to have experts and powerful tools on your side, defending your account and keeping you safe from suspension.

Who Should Use Amazon Account Health Tools

So, who are Amazon Account Health tools actually aimed at? Well, the truth of the matter is that these tools and services can be used by almost any seller on Amazon. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve got a big, established brand, these tools can help you.

Independent Sellers

One of the main groups of people who should consider Amazon Account Health tools are independent sellers. Trying to run a seller account by yourself can be a huge challenge, and individual sellers often need all the help they can get in the form of tools and software.

Small Businesses

If you’re setting up a start-up or new small business on Amazon, it helps to have useful apps and tools to save time and maximize resources. Amazon Account Health tools can save you time, letting your small team focus on other matters.

Bigger Businesses

Even if you’re running quite a big business, it helps to have Amazon Account Health services. Big brands can be victims of fake feedback and other underhanded tactics from their competitors. Amazon Account Health tools help to protect against these threats.

Sellers with Low AHR

It’s also recommended to invest in Amazon Account Health services and tools if your AHR is low. A score above 200 is in the “Good” category, but if your score starts getting too low, it could fall into the “At Risk” level. Using Amazon Account Health tools can boost your rating higher.

What Do Amazon Account Health Tools Cost?

Since Amazon Account Health tools can vary quite a lot in terms of what they do, prices can also vary. 

tick new Automated tool for monitoring listings$20 to $30 per month
tick new General Health Assessment Service$200 to $300
tick new Account Reinstatement or Suspension Appeals$2,000+

As you can see, different services and tools can have very different costs. It all depends on the level of work required.

The world of Amazon selling is changing all the time. It’s a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, and it’s important for sellers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes. Here are some examples of trends connected to Amazon Account Health.

  • A Rise in Ruthless Sellers – Recent data suggests that the rise in ruthless sellers on Amazon isn’t slowing down. Across the site, many sellers are prepared to use different attack methods against their competition. This includes hi-jacking listings, editing tools, and leaving fake reviews or negative feedback to damage rivals’ health ratings.
  • More Sellers Worldwide – Graphs and statistics also show that Amazon continues to grow in terms of the number of third-party sellers using the platform. As more sellers arrive from around the world, competition levels will only increase. It will therefore become increasingly important for each seller to have a good AHR.
  • Reliance on Technology and Tools – Statistics also suggest that more and more Amazon sellers are starting to rely on technology in various forms. There are lots of tools out there that can help sellers get ahead of the competition. In order to keep up with their rivals, sellers are having to make use of the best software and services they can find.
  • Strict Account Health Services – Amazon’s Account Health Services is responsible for communicating with sellers. They often get in touch about potential suspensions and enforce suspensions due to low AHR scores or other issues. Research suggests that the Account Health Services team may become stricter with suspensions in the future.

Which Is the Best Amazon Account Health Tool?

Many Amazon sellers want to know which is the best tool that they can use to protect their accounts. But, in reality, each tool is different and they all have pros and cons. The best thing to do is try out multiple recommended tools to see what works best for you, and you can use our list to help with that.

How to Choose the Right Amazon Account Health Tools

So, which of the many Amazon Account Health tools and services is right for you? Well, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your business, and that’s why we’ve recommended a range of different Account Health tools and services.

We understand that each seller is different. Some sellers are small and independent, while others are part of much bigger and established brands. Different sellers will have different needs when it comes to Amazon Account Health Tools.

That’s why, when choosing which tools to use, it’s important to think about your specific business needs. Consider what you want to use the tools for and how your account can benefit from each one.

Again, we also strongly recommend trying out multiple tools to see which ones work best for you. The best way to learn more about these tools is to see them in action, and you may be able to request demos, consultations, or trials of some of them.


Overall, running a healthy Amazon account is crucial if you want to avoid any problems or suspensions. But it’s not always easy. Negative reviews can start to pile up and problems with your listings might overwhelm you.

Amazon Account Health tools can help with this in a big way. The best tools can keep your AHR high and your account in good standing. Check out our list of the best tools and give one of them a try to help your Amazon account stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can view your current Amazon Account Health Rating at any time. To do this, head to the Seller Central menu. Then, from there, click on the Performance Menu and select Account Health. This will take you to a page showing an overview of your current health metrics.

Amazon Account Health matters because it's used by Amazon to determine how well your account is meeting the company's standards and expectations of sellers. If your health rating drops too low, your account could be suspended or deactivated entirely, preventing you from making any more sales.

The Amazon Account Health Rating system is measured using a score range from 0 up to 1,000. If your score is anywhere above 200, your AHR is classed as "Good". Scores under 200 are "At Risk" and need to make changes to improve.

A range of different “Account Health Metrics” can affect your overall Amazon Account Health Rating. These metrics include things like how much negative feedback you get, how often your items fail to arrive at their destinations on-time, how punctual or slow you are with shipping out orders, and how you respond to return requests from your customers.

The best way to get a good Amazon Health Rating is to follow Amazon's guidelines and best practices. Send out deliveries on time, provide tracking numbers, respond to customer return requests, make sure your products are of good quality to avoid chargebacks or other issues, and use Amazon Health tools.