Amazon Consultants & Agencies

For those looking to outsource their marketplace sales and marketing , there are some very effective consulting agencies that will help you get up to speed. You can also find agencies that will take care of every step of the process from setting up your accounts, marketing campaigns, performance reporting and more.

The Best Amazon Consultants & Agencies

Looking for the best Amazon tools and top-rated Amazon consultants and agencies to help grow your business? If so, the list below shows some of the top-rated and most recommended Amazon consultants you can contact today.

Marketing by Emma Logo
1. Marketing by Emma

— Service Details Marketing by Emma provides Amazon sellers with ecommerce copywriting and Amazon listing optimization services to… Read review

Free consultation
Free shop analysis
Good Customer Support
PricingContact MarketingByEmma
Pricing ModeCase dependent
2. Got Suspended

— Agency description Losing access to Amazon or Walmart as a seller can be a devastating blow to… Read review

Insights on Amazon & Walmart Business
Handle everything in the reinstatement process from A-Z
Very good on customer support
PricingContact the company
Free ConsultationYes
Black Label Advisor Logo
3. Black Label Advisor

— Black Label Advisor is an Amazon business consultant and optimizer service. This platform uses advanced analytics to…

eComAttorneys - Rafelson Schick logo
4. eComAttorneys – Rafelson Schick

— eComAttorneys – Rafelson Schick offers legal support to e-commerce businesses such as Amazon or Shopify merchants. The…

eStore Factory
5. eStore Factory

— eStore Factory is an e-commerce agency helping businesses establish and scale their online stores. Their services include…

Seller's Arena Logo
6. Seller’s Arena

— Service Details Seller’s Arena is a team of experienced Amazon sellers providing services including coaching, consulting, B2B…

Bobsled Marketing Logo
7. Bobsled Marketing

— Bobsled Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. Its services include SEO optimization and…

Channel Key Logo
8. Channel Key

— Channel Key helps businesses manage their product listings, descriptions, and images. The platform also offers a comprehensive…

AMZ Advisers logo
9. AMZ Advisers

— AMZ Advisers is an e-commerce consultancy that focuses on generating development opportunities for brands and private labels.…

tinuiti Logo
10. Tinuiti

— Service Details Tiuiti offer integrated digital marketing solutions specialized in eCommerce. Services include Google Shopping management, paid…

amazowl logo
11. Amazowl

— Amazowl is a fully remote, international Amazon marketing agency that enables sellers to maximize their potential. The…

AsteroidX Logo
12. AsteroidX

— AsteroidX uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to handle Amazon PPC management. The marketing company reduces ACoS…

Awesome Dynamic Logo
13. Awesome Dynamic

— Awesome Dynamic is a cutting-edge platform offering e-commerce businesses a suite of tools to enhance online sales…

eCommerce Nurse logo
14. eCommerce Nurse

— Ecommerce Nurse is a marketing support service for Amazon sellers in Europe and North America. The service…

ecommerceChris logo
15. ecommerceChris

— ecommerceChris focuses on Amazon account protection and also specializes in appealing suspensions. The service includes follow ups,…

Egility logo
16. Egility

— Egility enables businesses to manage inventory, optimize pricing, and increase profitability. This platform helps businesses track inventory…

factor-a logo
17. factor-a

— Service Details factor-a is an agency that offers a variety of services for Amazon Vendors and Sellers…

Kaspien Logo
18. Kaspien

— Service Details Kaspien (formerly etailz), one of the world’s top Amazon sellers, provides a range of agency…

Orca Pacific Logo
19. Orca Pacific

— Service Details Orca Pacific is a full-service agency working exclusively with Amazon vendors and sellers. They offer…

Product Labs Logo
20. Product Labs

— Service Details Product Labs offers a wide range of ecommerce management and consulting services, including full marketplace…

System & Sales Logo
21. System & Sales

— Service Details System & Sales is an Amazon advertising and marketing agency that manages and optimizes Amazon…

Use Amazon Consultants & Agencies to Succeed on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world, and it’s a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to set up businesses and sell products around the globe. However, succeeding on Amazon can be a challenge, and you may want outside help.

That’s where Amazon consultants and agencies come into play. Amazon consultants and agencies can offer a range of services to help you set-up, grow, and succeed in your Amazon business endeavors. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best Amazon consulting agencies.

How We Ranked the Best Amazon Consultants & Agencies

There are lots of different Amazon consultants and agencies out there. In order to separate the best from the rest, we focused on finding out more about the top-rated options, reading through both expert reviews and user testimonials to learn more about their services.

We visited the websites of each consultant and agency to find out what kinds of services they offer, along with their pricing and value for money. In addition, our experts evaluated the demos and offerings of each agency, assigning each one a score and overall rating.

The annual growth rate is an ideal way to evaluate an Amazon advertising agency. For example, the average growth rate of digital advertising revenue on Amazon for the last three years has been between 24%-55%. The best agencies are usually those that can show a larger growth rate than the average. Here follows the annual growth rate for Amazon advertising revenue in the united states between 2019-2023.

Data about annual digital advertising revenue growth of Amazon in the USA from 2019 to 2023

What Are Amazon Consultants & Agencies?

If you’re new to the world of Amazon, you may not know exactly what an Amazon consultant or agency actually is. It’s important to know what Amazon consultants are and what makes them so important for Amazon users, right up there alongside the best software for Amazon sellers.

In simple terms,

Amazon consultants and agencies are consulting professionals who specialize in all things related to Amazon. They’re Amazon experts who are willing to share the benefits of their experience and expertise with businesses and sellers.

These eCommerce agencies can offer a wide range of services, such as helping you set up an Amazon seller account, grow an existing Amazon store, maximize your Amazon marketing strategy, and optimize your overall Amazon experience for total success.

In other words, Amazon consultants and agencies are people who can give you professional advice, coaching, and recommendations to run a thriving Amazon business, helping you overcome many of the challenges and obstacles that sellers often face on this platform.

How Do Amazon Consultants & Agencies Work

In general, a typical Amazon consultant or agency will offer a range of services that are designed to help you maximize profits and value from your Amazon account, while also streamlining and simplifying many of the processes involved in running the account.

However, the precise way in which Amazon consultants and agencies work can vary quite a lot. Some Amazon consultants and agencies may assign you your own dedicated account manager or one-to-one trainer, for example, who will offer custom advice tailored for your business. 

Other consultants and agencies may offer more generalized services, such as assistance with PPC campaigns and creation of unique storefronts and content pages for your product listings. The type of service you get will depend on which agency you choose to work with.

More Information

When you search for Amazon consultant, make sure they tick the following expertise:
– Great Amazon SEO knowledge
– Knowledge about good reviews
– Difference between 1P and 3P selling
– and more

Amazon Consultants & Agencies Methods

The table below shows some of the different methods and services that Amazon consultants and agencies may offer.

tick new Branding and Design Amazon consultants and agencies can assist with the branding and design of your store, creating graphics, visuals, and logos to help you stand out.
tick new Marketing Assistance Marketing is a big part of running a successful Amazon business. Amazon agencies can offer marketing advice or manage ad campaigns on your behalf.
tick new Launch Assistance If you’re just getting started on Amazon, Amazon consultants can help you get set up on the site. They can help you have a successful launch.
tick new Copy and Content Writing Amazon consultants and agencies can also assist with services like copywriting and content writing, generating SEO-optimized listings and product descriptions.
tick new Strategy Development Amazon consultancies can also offer general strategy advice and assistance. They can help you identify your business goals and devise ways to reach those goals.
tick new Staff TrainingAmazon agencies can also offer staff training. This can be useful in terms of helping your staff members understand the best ways to succeed and grow on Amazon.

How Amazon Consultants & Agencies Software Can Help You

Just like the best Amazon tools and the best Amazon software, Amazon consultants and agencies can make a massive difference to any Amazon seller. The right consultant could be the X factor your business needs to start succeeding or turn your fortunes around.

With Amazon becoming increasingly competitive and new sellers arriving on the platform all the time, it’s harder than ever before for smaller shops to get noticed and bigger brands to cement their status in the market.

Amazon consultants and agencies can help all of those different kinds of sellers to enjoy more success on the Amazon marketplace. Here are some of the main problems that consultants can help you overcome.

tick Getting Started 

Reports show that a lot of sellers on Amazon fail to make profits, and this is particularly true for new sellers, who can find it hard to establish themselves on the platform. Consultants can guide you through those difficult early stages and help you set up a super new account.

tick Getting Noticed

Once you’ve got a store set up on Amazon, the next step is getting noticed and attracting people to your products. Consultants can help with your branding, copy, and design to get eyes on your store.

tick Making Sales

Sales are key for any Amazon business, but it’s not always easy to turn leads into paying customers. Consultants can give you tips and advice to generate more leads and find new ways to target your audience and encourage them to buy the products you’re selling.

tick Growing Your Brand

Every Amazon store starts off small, but has the potential to grow and develop into something larger. Consultants and agencies can give you the tools and knowledge needed to turn your brand into a burgeoning success.

tick Advertising Effectively

Advertising is really important on Amazon, as it helps to get eyes on your products and build brand awareness. Consultants can assist you in terms of understanding Amazon marketing and making it work for you.

ProblemHow Amazon Consultants & Agencies Help
tick new Start-Up DifficultiesConsultants can help you set up a store
tick new Attracting CustomersDesign logos and branding for your business
tick new Low SalesFind ways to generate leads and customers
tick new Lack of GrowthDevelop strategies to grow your brand
tick new Poor Ad PerformanceMaximize your Amazon marketing strategy
Data about the average ROAS from Amazon advertising

Amazon Consultants & Agencies Meaning

The definition of Amazon consultants and agencies generally applies to people or organizations who offer services that specialize in helping Amazon sellers with various aspects of setting up or running their accounts.

Main Features of Amazon Consultants & Agencies 

One of the best things about Amazon consultants and agencies is that they can offer quite a broad range of features and services for users to enjoy. Each consultancy may offer different services to suit your needs.

Some of them will focus on helping new users get up and running on the Amazon Marketplace, as well as establishing marketing strategies to grow their brands. Others will be aimed towards helping existing, established stores grow further.

The table below shows some of the main services that are offered by some of the best Amazon consultants and agencies:

tick new Set-Up Assistance Amazon consultants can help you with setting up your account and getting started on Amazon.
tick new Branding Consultants and agencies can also help out with branding your store and creating a distinct identity for your business.
tick new PPC Management Amazon consultants and agencies can handle PPC marketing campaign set-up and management for you.
tick new CopywritingSome agencies will also offer content creation and copywriting services to optimize your product pages.
tick new Product Sourcing An Amazon consultant may also be able to help you find new products to sell at the best prices to boost your profit margins.
tick new LogisticsAmazon consultants and agencies can offer logistics advice to help with things like FBA and shipping.

Benefits of Using Amazon Consultants & Agencies 

plus Experienced experts on your sideminus Costs can add up
plus Peace of mindminus Not a guarantee of success
plus Get ahead of the competition
plus Enjoy various services
plus Best chances of success

There are a lot of benefits associated with working with Amazon consultants and agencies. Here are some of the biggest advantages and explanations of how the best consultants can help you become a big success on the Amazon Marketplace.

tick Experienced Experts

One of the main advantages of trusting in the services of Amazon consultants is simply the fact that these people are undisputed Amazon experts. And many of the best consultants have years of experience in helping people on Amazon.

If you’re new to the platform, or even if you have some Amazon experience, you can definitely benefit from having a team of experienced experts on your side, helping you to create and grow a successful Amazon store.

tick Peace of Mind

Another major advantage of working with the best consultants and agencies on Amazon is the peace of mind that these people can provide. After all, running an Amazon account can be a stressful matter, as Amazon is a very competitive space with a lot of challenges to overcome.

Many people worry about failing to market their stores effectively or not making enough sales to succeed. With Amazon experts working for you, you can feel more comfortable and confident about the direction in which your store is moving and your chances of success in the future.

tick Staying Competitive 

The Amazon Marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, with literally millions of sellers and many more creating their own stores every single year. In order to thrive on Amazon, it’s crucial to keep up with the competition.

Staying competitive alone can be a challenge, but it becomes much easier with the aid of trusted consultants and agencies. These Amazon experts can provide the advice and support any store needs to keep up with its rivals.

tick Versatile Services

Another unique benefit of choosing to work with Amazon consultants and agencies is the fact that they can offer quite a broad range of services, making their work relevant to almost every kind of seller, from start-ups and small businesses to major stores.

From help setting up your new account to assistance with marketing or independent store audits to show you what you could be doing better, Amazon consultants offer so many different services.

tick Succeed on Amazon

Ultimately, the aim of any Amazon seller is to be successful, making sales, attracting attention, building up brand awareness, and cementing their store as a trusted option for people to find and buy the products they need.

Becoming successful on Amazon isn’t always easy, but if you have hard-working consultants and agencies in your corner, providing useful services to help you grow and make the right moves, you’ll have a much better chance of experiencing that kind of success.

Who Should Use Amazon Consultants & Agencies 

So, who can benefit from the services of Amazon consultants and agencies? Well, just like with the best software for Amazon sellers, the best consultancies can appeal to almost any Amazon seller, and are particularly helpful for those in the following categories.

tick New Sellers

If you’re just getting started on Amazon and want to kick off your account correctly and not make any early mistakes, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an Amazon agency or consultant. They’ll be able to guide you through the early stages of your account creation.

tick Small Businesses 

Small businesses can have the toughest times on Amazon, as there’s so much competition out there, and if you don’t have huge amounts of resources, you might find it hard to keep up with your rivals. A good Amazon consultant will be able to help you keep your business going.

tick Independent Sellers

If you’re an independent seller, without staff or team members taking care of things like logistics and marketing, there can be a huge amount of pressure on your shoulders. Having an agency on your side allows you to balance out your workload and focus your efforts on growing your brand.

tick Established Sellers

Even if your Amazon store is already well-established and successful, things can change quickly on Amazon. It’s important to keep going with strong marketing and management, and agencies can help you keep your store in the best possible position for future success.

What Do Amazon Consultants & Agencies Cost?

In general, Amazon consultants can have a wide range of fees for different kinds of services, and some may be much cheaper than others.

  • Initial set-up fees can vary from around $1,000 to $3,000 
  • Monthly management fees range from $2,000 to $5,000 
  • One-off audits and reports can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000

Overall, pricing for Amazon agencies will all depend on which agency you choose to work with, the size of your business, and what kind of service you require.

The world of Amazon selling is always changing and evolving as time goes by, and it’s vital for Amazon sellers to stay up-to-date with recent trends so that they know which services are most relevant for their future on the platform.

  • Increased Competition – Statistics show that the number of sellers on Amazon is set to continue rising in the coming years. With more and more sellers arriving on the platform, the levels of competition will increase, and it’s up to each individual seller to take action to remain competitive and get ahead of their rivals.
  • Increasing Ad Spend – Not only is Amazon becoming more populous in terms of the number of sellers, but those sellers are also spending more on ads than ever. If you’re not managing your marketing correctly, your products might not get noticed, which is why so many sellers are seeking agents to help with their PPC campaigns.
  • Retargeting – Another trend we’re seeing on Amazon right now is an increasing level of focus on retargeting. Retargeting is all about tracking the behavior of your customers and using that information to bring people back to your store in the future. This can be confusing for many sellers, but agencies can help you understand it.
  • Amazon Posts – Another major change we’re seeing on Amazon is the growing power of the Amazon Posts feature, which allows sellers to share images in users’ shopping feeds. This can be a vital tool to build brand awareness and fuel growth, but it has to be managed with care.

Which Is the Best Amazon Consultants & Agencies Tool?

So, if you’re interested in the idea of working with an Amazon consultant or agency, you might simply want to know which is the best one. Well, just like with the best Amazon tools and best Amazon software, the right option for you will depend on your specific needs. That’s why we recommend contacting a few agencies and seeing what they can offer before deciding which one to work with.

How to Choose the Right Amazon Consultants & Agencies 

There are a lot of terrific Amazon consultants and agencies out there, and you might not know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help, providing a ranked list of some of the best consultants and agencies we’ve seen so far.

You can start at the top of the list and work your way down. Or, if you’re looking for something specific, try to think about what kind of consultant services you require and then find an agency or consultancy that can meet your specific needs.

It’s also a good idea to read through an Amazon business review of each consultancy or visit their website to learn more about the kinds of services they offer. You can also view past customer testimonials and reviews to learn even more.

As stated in the previous section, we strongly recommend checking out several different agencies and consultants before hiring any of them, as this will allow you to compare your options before making a decision that could have big effects on the future success of your store. 


Overall, Amazon consultants and agencies do really important work and help countless Amazon sellers to succeed, from small businesses that are just getting started to bigger and better-established brands looking to continue their history of success.

Amazon consultants and agencies can help you in so many different ways and can handle almost any aspect of Amazon account management. Look through our list of the best consultants and reach out to those that interest you if you’d like to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon consultants carry out a range of duties and functions for their clients, with a general focus on helping people set up and succeed with their Amazon businesses. They can help with everything from the initial set-up phase of your store to things like branding, copywriting, PPC campaign management, marketing, and more.

Yes, it is possible to hire an Amazon consultant or agency to assist with setting up your account. In fact, a lot of new users on the Amazon Marketplace choose to hire an agency to help with the initial set-up phase for their stores. There are a lot of advantages to doing this, as expert consultants can set your account up correctly, avoiding any mistakes or pitfalls, and help you get off to the best possible start.

The cost of working with and hiring Amazon experts, like Amazon consultants and agencies, can vary greatly depending on which company you choose and what kinds of services you require. One-off services and relatively minor levels of assistance may only cost a few hundred dollars, but regular monthly management services or extensive services may cost thousands.