The World’s Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers 2018

Worlds top Amazon sellers 2018
Photo: Used by kind permission of S. Pines. All rights reserved.

UPDATED: This post has been updated in November 2018. Many thanks to ecommerce intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse for their help with the data.

Here’s the third edition of the world’s top 1,000 Amazon marketplace sellers, updated from our last edition published in 2016. There’s a breakdown for each of the thirteen Amazon marketplaces, and additional data on cross-border trade across Europe and North America.

We also publish a list of the world’s top eBay sellers.

Want to jump ahead? The global 1,000 list is just below, followed by the top marketplaces overall.

Then there’s a breakdown of the top 500 sellers on Amazon’s unified marketplaces in Europe and North America. Finally, there are lists of the top 500 merchants for each of Amazon’s thirteen established marketplaces – U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India and China.

For the first time we have included data for Amazon Brazil, which opened for third-party sellers from April 2017, and for Amazon Australia, which opened for third-party sellers in December 2017. Amazon Turkey launched in September 2018 so will not feature this time around.

Who are the top 1,000 Amazon sellers?

The sellers here are ranked by feedback. We’ve used feedback received in the past 12 months, so sellers of highly seasonal products shouldn’t be at an advantage.

Feedback isn’t a direct measure of success, of course, but it is an indicator of sales volume. Amazon says that most sellers receive feedback on 10% – 20% of their sales, so the number of units sold is likely to be 5x to 10x more than the feedback shown below. This does vary very widely, however, with feedback percentages between 2.5% and 18% claimed by sellers in the comments below.

So here it is: the full list. Use the “View More” link at the bottom to load one hundred more sellers each time you click.

# M’place Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 MEDIMOPS 5,842,090 455,367 103,684 34,848 39
2 musicMagpie 6,490,043 306,723 71,507 22,778 19
3 Pharmapacks 777,151 174,319 47,148 18,935 65
4 momox fr 1,006,471 157,634 35,265 9,810 19
5 World of Books Ltd 1,961,468 150,744 38,306 12,574 19
6 reBuy reCommerce G… 1,417,237 129,435 34,228 10,504 76
7 (株)バリューブックス 365日毎日… 727,931 104,634 27,948 9,361 97
8 Appario Retail Pri… 100,205 100,171 40,793 16,215 98
9 AnkerDirect 792,718 100,142 26,631 6,892 33
10 AnkerDirect 426,336 93,891 17,106 4,511 99
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Note: The country flags above indicate the marketplace where each seller makes most (or all) of their sales. The feedback shown is the total of feedback for all the marketplaces they sell on under the same seller account, so can include multiple marketplaces for unified European and North American accounts.

Which Amazon marketplaces have the most top sellers?

The table below shows the Amazon marketplaces with the most sellers in the top 1,000.

The top three marketplaces are the same as in 2016. The United States still dominates with 484 of the top 1,000 sellers (down from 584 in 2016). The U.K. is next with 260 (up from 205 in 2016), and again in third place is Germany with 101 sellers (up from 86 in 2016).

The U.K. gained the most sellers in the top 1,000, adding 55 to the list, followed by France with 18 new sellers on the list – a huge 90% increase from 2016.

Although still takes the lion’s share of the list, they have lost the most sellers in the top 1,000 – down 100 from 2016. Italy has the next biggest loss of 11 sellers, representing a 30% decrease from 2016.

There are no sellers whose primary marketplace is Amazon Mexico in the top 1,000, and Brazil is also yet to make a showing. However, two sellers on Amazon Australia – Book Depository UK and BuyGlobal – have made it into the top 1,000, which is no small achievement considering Amazon Australia has been operating for less than a year. Clearly, both these sellers are importers into Australia rather than home-grown businesses.

# Marketplace Sellers Feedback
1  US 484 7,206,691
2  UK 260 3,689,792
3  Germany 101 2,085,979
4  Japan 44 812,201
5  France 38 1,032,034
6  Italy 26 636,798
7  Canada 22 474,094
8  India 11 318,472
9  Spain 11 467,185
10  Australia 2 18,700
11  China 1 8,964
12  Mexico 0 20,199
13  Brazil 0 0

Note: The feedback shown is the total feedback received for sales on that marketplace by the top 1,000 sellers.

Who are the top Amazon sellers in Europe?

Amazon has unified its European marketplaces in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy. That means that a single seller account can be used to sell on all of those marketplaces. Feedback is tied to a single seller ID for sellers using unified accounts, so it’s possible to report on the proportion of feedback they have gained from each European marketplace. You can see that breakdown in the table below.

Cross-border trade appears to be on the increase, with fewer sellers sticking to just one marketplace. This year, only 25% of the 500 biggest sellers in Europe get all their feedback from only one marketplace, down from 46% in 2016.

There is a definite trend towards more European cross-border trade. Many more businesses are evenly distributed across the European marketplaces. This is a big achievement when you consider the different language and marketing efforts required in these countries.

% of top 500 European sellers
No cross-border sales 25%
Less than 10% cross-border sales 11%
10% to 50% cross-border sales 30%
More than 50% cross-border sales 34%

Selling on Amazon Europe and unified accounts

Despite this trend towards more cross border trade, at first glance, seven of the top ten European sellers appear to have sales just in one marketplace. In some cases, this is because they are using a different account on each marketplace instead of one unified European account.

This year’s top seller in Europe and worldwide, MEDIMOPS, only uses that account in Germany. They sell using other accounts, under the name Momox, in France and the U.K. We interviewed Medimops/Momox founder Christian Wegner in 2015.

World of Books has different accounts for each of the five European marketplaces (although not all in the top 500). Dodax has separate accounts for the U.K., Germany, France and Italy, which are all in the top 500.

# Top m’place Store name Feedback
Total GB % DE % FR % IT % ES %
1 MEDIMOPS 455,367 100
2 musicMagpie 306,723 100
3 momox fr 157,634 100
4 World of Books Ltd 150,744 100
5 reBuy reCommerce G… 129,435 85 10 3 3
6 AnkerDirect 93,891 40 39 8 11 2
7 Warehouse Deals 92,379 100
8 OnlineMusicFilmsGa… 87,239 100
9 CSL-Computer 84,164 11 55 12 13 9
10 dodax-online-uk 82,467 100
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Note: The country flags above indicate the marketplace where each seller makes most (or all) of their sales.

Who are the top Amazon sellers across North America?

Amazon has also unified its North American marketplaces, so sellers can sell across the United States, Canada and Mexico from one account. This is the first time we have included a North American breakdown as previously there was little international trade using these unified accounts.

75% of the top 500 North American sellers still sell just on one marketplace, but this does mean that 25% now trade across multiple marketplaces – to some extent.

% of top 500 North American sellers
No cross-border sales 75%
Less than 10% cross-border sales 16%
10% to 50% cross-border sales 9%
More than 50% cross-border sales 0%

It will be interesting to see if this cross-border selling follows the European trend and increases in future years, particularly as the market in Mexico matures. It is worth remembering, however, the large size differences between these economies, compared to their European counterparts.

As with the European sellers, is not always easy to identify cross-border merchants if they are not using one unified account. At first glance, five of the top ten North American sellers appear to sell on one single market. But at least two of these are not using unified accounts: Anker and etailz, who sell on both Amazon U.S. and Canada.

# Top m’place Store name Feedback
Total US % CA% MX %
1 Pharmapacks 174,319 95 5
2 AnkerDirect 100,142 100
3 SquareTrade 89,056 100
4 etailz 78,532 100
5 JEDirect 75,891 91 8
6 Fintie 73,305 97 3
7 Decluttr Store 73,165 100
8 Patozon 64,053 85 15
9 Utopia Deals 61,496 82 18
10 BuyBoxer 61,182 100
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Top Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the U.S. marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other North American marketplaces using a unified account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 Pharmapacks 763,557 166,252 45,460 18,357 99
2 AnkerDirect 792,718 100,142 26,631 6,892 99
3 SquareTrade 363,067 89,056 27,497 10,374 88
4 etailz 632,635 78,532 20,148 5,564 99
5 Decluttr Store 541,290 73,165 18,566 5,977 96
6 Fintie 552,097 70,766 14,262 3,872 98
7 JEDirect 251,497 69,310 15,513 4,238 100
8 BuyBoxer 362,888 61,061 16,686 5,108 99
9 OxKom 403,855 59,043 13,916 5,204 100
10 6pm, LLC 258,558 57,720 20,332 6,331 99
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Top Amazon U.K. Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the U.K. marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other European marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 musicMagpie 6,490,043 306,723 71,507 22,778 97
2 World of Books Ltd 1,961,468 150,744 38,306 12,574 95
3 OnlineMusicFilmsGa… 415,567 87,239 21,280 7,250 97
4 dodax-online-uk 653,664 82,467 831 97
5 WeBuyBooks 496,089 80,637 18,478 6,066 98
6 Book Depository 3,893,792 79,103 16,578 5,243 98
7 momox co uk 640,212 74,564 20,512 7,158 97
8 Wordery 660,617 66,609 11,861 3,836 98
9 all your music 1,690,705 51,501 12,462 4,543 98
10 DOMU UK 274,011 48,845 9,826 3,829 98
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Top Amazon Germany Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the German marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other European marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 MEDIMOPS 5,842,087 455,367 103,684 34,848 97
2 reBuy reCommerce G… 1,396,742 109,703 27,549 8,603 96
3 Warehouse Deals 1,891,610 92,379 19,059 6,049 95
4 PEARL Versandhaus 411,161 48,016 10,564 3,085 97
5 CSL-Computer 444,033 46,224 7,904 2,354 99
6 ZOverstocksDE 624,092 37,207 8,261 2,867 94
7 AnkerDirect 49,100 36,786 7,145 1,948 100
8 KW-Commerce 213,228 34,908 7,841 2,352 97
9 dodax-shop 124,098 34,295 477 10 97
10 ZOXS GmbH 225,169 31,266 5,854 1,759 96
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Top Amazon France Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the French marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other European marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 momox fr 1,006,471 157,634 35,265 9,810 95
2 RecycLivre 245,664 49,160 10,491 2,867 95
3 dodax-online-fr 302,142 24,551 1,463 1,053 97
4 musique-pour-vous 1,003,297 23,578 4,302 1,258 96
5 ZOverstocksFR 307,509 17,216 2,985 1,082 95
6 P & F France 43,576 15,085 3,020 836 97
7 A-MONTAIN 23,743 14,861 3,470 825 100
8 UGREEN GROUP LIMIT… 38,600 14,640 2,390 654 100
9 Spigen France 40,763 13,802 2,492 687 99
10 worldofbooksfr 93,879 13,455 2,863 858 94
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Top Amazon Italy Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the Italian marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other European marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 Sunvalleytek-UK 103,687 21,714 2,936 796 100
2 KW-Commerce 206,121 19,388 4,397 1,266 94
3 Spigen Italy 59,112 17,353 2,810 789 97
4 longtop 18,288 15,351 3,656 858 99
5 iVoler EU 56,896 15,261 1,885 323 99
6 follettostore 26,215 13,334 2,321 868 99
7 UGREEN GROUP LIMIT… 37,348 13,173 2,235 556 99
8 Songmics 46,368 12,695 2,370 648 99
9 and-on store 17,472 12,085 2,445 707 94
10 AICEK DE 26,173 11,820 1,265 183 100
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Top Amazon Spain Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the Spanish marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other European marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 Productos Reacondi… 49,676 19,212 4,235 1,226 77
2 Electrónica Rey SL 72,620 16,492 2,907 748 95
3 CABLEPELADO 18,673 14,828 5,211 1,704 100
4 KW-Commerce 68,075 11,608 2,964 769 93
5 Songmics 25,176 8,646 1,624 390 99
6 UGREEN GROUP LIMIT… 25,316 8,476 1,581 421 100
7 Spigen Direct ES 14,905 7,735 1,580 430 98
8 Sunvalleytek-UK 32,141 7,714 1,286 330 100
9 Trend Mall 19,972 7,427 1,429 487 89
10 CSL-Computer 38,925 7,372 1,325 369 99
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Top Amazon Canada Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the Canadian marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other North American marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 importcds__ 399,621 41,207 8,996 3,070 96
2 JEDirect CA 75,092 26,254 3,507 1,024 100
3 Spigen CANADA 81,541 20,942 3,903 1,176 99
4 UrbanInspirations 93,724 20,779 1,832 596 93
5 AnkerDirect-CA 71,831 17,725 3,068 855 99
6 Round3CA 79,336 16,775 3,166 851 97
7 Rarewaves-CA 73,469 16,772 3,438 1,136 98
8 Northern Shipments 18,844 13,773 3,954 1,107 92
9 BSCstore CA 65,596 13,502 2,279 650 99
10 Book Depository CA 209,372 12,919 3,118 1,191 95
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Top Amazon Mexico Sellers

Here are the top 100 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the Mexican marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other North American marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 UGREEN GROUP LIMITED 10,089 7,858 3,765 1,033 98
2 JEDirect 7,587 5,749 1,031 173 100
3 I-tx envio gratis … 8,246 5,529 2,029 684 97
4 PUBAMALL MX 4,732 4,684 2,490 615 95
5 Redlemon 5,090 4,031 1,089 209 99
6 GRUPO DECME 3,919 3,919 2,513 568 97
7 VicTsingDirect 5,679 3,479 1,645 451 99
8 Aromanza 5,574 3,476 1,544 441 97
9 Jasinber 3,298 3,109 1,689 454 93
10 Ibushak 5,014 2,874 891 189 97
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Top Amazon Brazil Sellers

Here are the top 100 sellers on the marketplace. The feedback shown is only that received from sales on the Brazilian marketplace. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other North American marketplaces using the same account.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 LT2 SHOP 2,562 2,415 649 92 80
2 Webookers WB 884 880 231 62 91
3 Club Net 719 719 292 121 92
4 Livraria 30porcento 719 693 163 48 98
5 Magazine Gaya 597 597 338 143 75
6 Imperio Shop. 394 394 207 87 93
7 Center Smart 389 389 129 54 97
8 Livraria Martins F… 409 344 64 17 85
9 Cidade de Papel 335 335 88 20 99
10 Libri/RS 370 318 98 27 99
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Top Amazon Australia Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 Book Depository UK 10,563 10,563 2,518 800 91
2 BuyGlobal 7,231 7,231 2,564 754 88
3 Artiss Furnishings 1,417 1,417 293 100 95
4 OZSTOCK 1,309 1,309 400 107 98
5 Rarewaves UK 1,166 1,166 579 212 99
6 shipping_aaa 1,001 1,001 430 133 89
7 MagiDeal 982 982 362 121 90
8 JEDirect 832 832 304 115 100
9 Auveach 751 751 206 40 85
10 Wordery AU 722 722 384 143 97
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Top Amazon Japan Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 (株)バリューブックス 365日毎日… 727,931 104,634 27,948 9,361 97
2 もったいない本舗 ※通常24時間以内… 703,588 88,590 21,658 7,363 95
3 ネットオフ 999,912 67,571 16,040 5,304 96
4 Amazonアウトレット 225,650 29,468 5,540 1,811 95
5 AnkerDirect 143,053 28,355 6,432 2,200 99
6 宅配買取のエコマケ【365日毎日発送】 328,223 27,169 6,274 2,138 98
7 KAUZO(嵯峨野株式会社)★年中無… 189,604 26,933 5,842 1,973 97
8 ブックサプライ北大阪DC 77,857 25,400 7,001 2,083 96
9 importcds_com 643,063 20,322 3,718 1,150 94
10 ネット買取の「買取王子」前後店 68,950 20,097 3,562 1,247 96
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Top Amazon India Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 Appario Retail Pri… 100,205 100,171 40,793 16,215 98
2 Cloudtail India 1,054,787 76,514 20,187 8,653 88
3 Darshita Electronics 48,542 29,915 7,905 2,950 96
4 Rocket Kommerce LLP 40,598 20,788 3,441 704 97
5 GreenMobiles 58,124 16,217 1,765 350 99
6 uRead-shop 129,611 15,903 1,848 428 97
7 Amazing Buy 182,813 15,025 1,602 453 92
8 Mittal Books 23,309 12,622 1,633 439 98
9 GreenMobiles! 20,857 11,666 2,203 435 98
10 UBSPD 152,145 10,458 813 200 94
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Top Amazon China Sellers

Here are the top 500 sellers on the marketplace.

# Store name Feedback
Total 12 mo 3 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 新华文轩网络书店(本店已全面采用电子… 160,618 8,964 1,532 574 88
2 博库网官方旗舰店 (博库网络传媒集团… 54,729 3,670 955 387 84
3 亚马逊香港/保税仓 (亚马逊(香港)… 2,705 2,704 84
4 北京人天书店 (北京人天书店有限公司) 2,043 1,865 520 200 81
5 北发图书网旗舰店 (本店已全面采用电… 15,779 1,371 210 61 87
6 黑驰书店 (重庆黑驰商贸有限公司) 6,565 1,127 296 132 65
7 江苏凤凰新华书店集团有限公司(本店已… 6,994 953 99 34 86
8 顺电官方旗舰店(默认开电子发票 实体… 1,099 919 258 102 98
9 中关村图书大厦专营店 (北京中关村图… 10,616 900 124 45 92
10 Z实惠 (亚马逊) 17,162 833 87 24 85
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About the Data

This is the third edition of The World’s Top Amazon Sellers, following 2015 and 2016. There was no update in 2017.

The top seller lists were provided by ecommerce intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse in October 2018, with further data gathering and research on cross-border selling undertaken by Web Retailer. In previous years, all the data was sourced by Web Retailer.

The list is ordered by positive feedback in the last twelve months. Feedback is an indicator of sales volume, but not revenue. Not all buyers leave feedback, so the number of units sold will be higher than the volume of feedback received.

If you have any questions just let us know in the comments below!

67 comments on “The World’s Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers 2018

    1. I’m really struggling with my online business. Could you please me with product sourcing? I’m in the United Kingdom

    2. Hello Liz, My name is Matt Taylor, I have a friend that has been selling on Amazon for a while and seems to be making a small profit of maybe 30k a year. Its been about 3 years now and he is consistent. I noticed you said that you had clients you helped that I am assuming are doing the same kind of thing probably at a larger scale. I also noticed you mentioned smiles. I only came on here to see what kind of market there was for rosary beads, because I was looking for my calling. I was wondering if you would like to help 2 very motived people. I want you to know that we would be totally open to even working for you if that’s what you feel could work. I am in the flooring industry and I know in any industry its who you know. I like smiles too!! if it sound like a small piece of your calling then please contact me. or 8562987776

  1. This is a fantastic list to motivate current and new sellers. It is well thought out, detailed and well presented. Well done! Amazon do get bad press time to time. What most sellers forget is that Amazon only charges on the sale of the item. Unlike Ebay or PPC where it is a pure gamble unless you know what you are doing. I would however add caution to ensure offline and other sales channels are also utilised and not rely 100% on Amazon sales.

    1. Thanks for the question Dirk. I have some data on product volume but it doesn’t include all the media categories so would not be accurate for all sellers.

      If you are interested in the product volume for just a few sellers you can click the links to their seller information pages on Amazon. The product widget there includes a page count which can be used to calculate how many products they have listed.

      1. It would be interesting to see Amazon’s own accounts to see how they rank against the rest of us… even if you list them with an asterisk… would they take the top four spots or is there a top seller 3rd party that does better than the host?

      2. Hi Jake, interesting question! Amazon’s “main” accounts like, do not have a feedback profile but I’m sure they would be far ahead of the third-party sellers.

        The Amazon accounts for Warehouse deals and acquired companies like do have feedback. Here’s the top 10 with the marketplace they sell on and feedback in the last 12 months:

        Amazon Warehouse Deals (US) 381,112
        Warehouse Deals (DE) 201,005
        Amazon Warehouse Deals (GB) 73,215
        Amazon – Offres Reconditionnées (FR) 62,064 (US) 11,769 (US) 9,329 (US) 7,738
        Amazon Warehouse Deals (IT) 6,686 (US) 5,792
        Warehouse Deals (CA) 3,750

      3. Sorry I’m so late to the conversation but I just saw this and wanted to reach out to you, Andy,

        First off, this is a fascinating list and article. Thanks for putting this together.

        I’m the Amazon sales manager at one of the companies listed above and can definitively say that the idea of 10-20% of transactions getting feedback has some limitations as an indicator for units sold.

        My company is fairly well ranked on this list and our units sold in a 12 month time are more than 40 times the number of feedback comments received. That means we only get feedback on about 2.5% of transactions…and we actively request feedback from every customer.

        I’m confident that there is a correlation between feedback and orders, but there are so many factors that throw that number off that I don’t think it’s enough to base volume off of feedback alone.

        For example, we sell in multiple product categories and find that we receive proportionally more feedback in some categories. The dollar amount of the transaction also has a correlation to likelihood of feedback. Additionally, some items lend themselves to buying multiples while others do not. If a customer buys 5 units in one transaction, that will still lead to a maximum of one feedback.

        So while the metric you used certainly is better than nothing, I think it will overrate some while underrating others based on what they sell.

        Our seller account may be an outlier of course, but I thought I’d share either way.

        Thanks again!

      4. Thanks for the comment Steve.

        Absolutely, it will overrate some and underrate others. However, it is comprehensive and transparent and, I believe, the best possible without making a lot of shaky assumptions on average feedback rates, sales prices etc. etc. So I prefer to keep it simple, and be upfront about the source of the data and its shortcomings.

        I think the variation in feedback rates is fascinating. Some sellers like Pete below do report up to 20% while others just get feedback on 2-3% of sales like you. It seems to vary by country, but I’m guessing product category, price and other factors also play a part.

      5. Very nicely broken down Steve! I def agree with you; from my experience (I run an app called Feedbackz and see/work with feedback/reviews all day long!) I see the same of the notion that.. it’s many, many factors associated with conversions.

        With that said; I’ve would have to give ballpark of around 5-7% for seller feedback (even worse conversions for product reviews) averaging the highs and lows of niches, marketplaces, product quality, etc. etc… high end is about 20-23%.

        We actually worked with 2 sellers out of this list and improved their feedback from ~5% to about ~21% on all orders.. essentially doubling their monthly totals from previous months. (without going into super data). Anyways.. I think they probably climbed up this list since.. =)

        With that said.. there’s a few tactics that’d definitely up that ~2.5 mark. I’d be open to any questions, suggestions, etc. if increasing feedback is of any interest to you. (without any annoying pressure sale of an app!)

        I can be reached at

        Regarding Andy’s comment; I think it’s a good base to go from seeing as how there isn’t much other data that Amazon is willing to make public. A few of the listed companies can probably shuffle around in hierarchy (if given 100% data) but I’d say for the general,.. those listed def earned to be “nominated” of making it on the list lol!

        – James A.

      6. Is there a way to rank top US sellers within each marketplace – UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, India, Japan and China? I am willing to query on my own, I just do not know where to start. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for the comment.

      I agree that’s a big concern, but it’s worth taking into account the volume that these sellers do. hippo books got 131,628 feedback in the past 12 months so probably had well in excess of a million orders. If they got 99.9% of the orders right, which would be fantastic, that would still be 1,000 orders they got wrong. I don’t think 30 complaints on the BBB is a lot for a business doing that volume of sales.

      1. Great point, I just realized that if a product has even maybe just a couple hundred of reviews, probably means that they’re doing a couple hundreds sales a month or more.

        Some of the reviews can have nothing to do about the product itself and something the customer did wrong. Like order the wrong size, or be to click to purchase and order the wrong item entirely. One can never reverse engineer enough, worked for China! Lol.

        This is a very informative article and thanks for taking the time to put this together.

      2. You can address and satisfy all BBB complaints if you care to as a company. We do. Was very disappointed in that outfit when I approached them for our company to be a “rated” member. The more of our companies I wanted to have BBB endorsement, the more money they wanted- BBB is BS.

        D&B same way- they want money to make you look good- we do it the old fashion way- we earn it!

    2. I totally agree Cheryl. Many of the sellers listed on the top list published here are downright crooks. Many have ridiculously bad BBB ratings as well as many complaints on the internet.

      Some of these companies pay even their own employees to write feedback (they have the employee “buy” something, pay the employee plus give free incentives/product Many of the book dealers are the worst..

      Another thing is that even though their seller feedback rating might be stellar, you will see if you read back in their 40/50 feedbacks per day that negative feedback gets buries almost instantly (and funny…most the positive feedback after negative feedback will take a point or two of the negative feedback proceeding it and comment in the positive on those points.

      So, yep, lots of phony feedback. Many of these sellers will get nasty if you ask questions prior to a sale; some downright lie in their answers. OR they send answers not even pertaining to the questions.

      Essentially many of the sellers on this list will ship late, (I guess Amazon requires sellers to send out within two business days after the order is placed)…these sellers sometimes take weeks Many do not provide tracking so if something gets lost in the mail, they don’t know where it is…so good luck getting a refund.

      They also package poorly…so your purchase will no doubt look like road kill by the time you get it…and they lie about condition of product (outright lies or instead of condition they state they have thousands of satisfied customers…then you get some smelly, torn up product).

      Their warehouse packers at the warehouses some sellers I guess send their product into so the seller does not have to ship the product themselves will throw product into a big box with no padding to take up the extra room (I had an MP3 player come in a box that was about 14″ x 20″x 12 inches high with no padding what so ever, it was so damaged by flouncing around in a huge box that it look like it had been thrown against a wall many times). Again, try sending it back for a refund.

      The sellers above do not have to follow Amazon rules because they sell a lot for Amazon. If you buy from Amazon, find yourself the little seller who has great feedback and has described what they are selling. Question the seller before buying (I’d stay away from every seller listed above, they have no time for answering question and no time for customer service).

      What many of these sellers do not understand is that part of internet selling is that you are the eyes and hands of a buyer who isn’t there to look at the product themselves. The sellers on this list lack integrity, honesty, service and if there were employees they would be fired (but they are not employees).

      Oh, and then there are the ones who claim to have U.S. warehouses and even state they send from such and such a state…many of these are located overseas and your purchase takes up to three months to get.

      Also, there are sellers above that are overseas, copy loose leaf and print on demand textbooks, they illegally copy to sell to U.S. students. Students wait months to get their textbooks and they come in as different editions (because they lie about them), loose leaf, or illegally printed (meaning they bought a book, made copies of it and sell the book).

      Amazon does nothing to stop any of these practices. Also, quite a few on this list are drop shippers and spider sellers. Some do not have inventory, so if you need to return a product what happens is you are suppose to ship it back to whoever they buy it from, who many or may not reimbursed the seller you bought from…you end up not getting reimbursed. It’s a whole scam. Also, many of these stores are the same store (they hire others to open a store on Amazon, they have no product, but the same book is listed almost the same wording and same condition (or in the condition, they tell you they have a bunch of satisfied customers), just a few pennies difference…want to know if they really have the book…ask a question and they will say ‘we can’t answer you because it is in a warehouse in bumf*** wherever, lol)

      Some of the worst are Silver Arch Books (huge offender), Hippo Books (huge offender), Free State Books, World of Books, Yankee Clipper, friendly books for you, melisasandy, the book guyz, YOB (your online bookstore), book depository US, booKnackrh, PBShop US and UK (claims to send from US, they don’t ) Anybook (a huge offender), academic book guy (REALLY a rip off artist).

      This is my method for buying on Amazon (eBay in disguise), eBay, Abes: ask questions before sale about packing, when product will really be sent, do they provide tracking, have they described condition, what is their feedback like (go back and see how many people are dissatisfied each day for a month or so…tedious, but if you have people every day saying you screwed up, something’s wrong), do they respond to emails and do they answer the questions asked?

      What is not important: the amount of feedback, the amount of product sent over over time, how they tell you how great they are, price.

      I tend to buy from the little guys now instead of the people on this list…just because they are listed as top sellers, top seller is really misleading. If they screw me over once, I will leave a neutral feedback with everything about the sale as neutral does not count against them (I just don’t want to ruin business, but do state what went wrong), then I never buy from them again…and I mention to family, community members, friends, colleagues to not buy from this or that seller (and then sometimes those people warn other not to buy). Also, I tend to buy from those who respond to inquiries with actual answers (even ‘I don’t know’ is better than a lie) . I buy from those who describe what they are selling (instead of may or may not have chips in case, may or may not have accessories…WHAT???) and I will pay more for service and honesty than for the cheapo prices given by the above sellers.

      Oh, one more thing. Sometimes I buy books…I never buy books from the above as they are allowed to defy Amazon’s two day to ship product rule and wait until they have a couple thousand orders to send by bulk mail (sometimes takes a week). They also send product under media mail sometimes which is not media, thereby ripping off the post office and they have the audacity to send as printed bound material (meant for looseleaf bound, velostrip bound printed material, etc).

  2. This right here is GOLD! Very nicely put together.. so roughly 1 in 20-25 people will leave a seller feedback.. that means:

    Feedback total x 20 = total sales.


    1. Hi James, thanks for the comment.

      There’s probably a lot of variance in the % of buyers who leave seller feedback. Amazon’s own statistic of 10%-20% does feel high though. I’m hoping to get data on it sometime and might be interesting to see if it varies by country, category etc.

  3. Hi,

    you write this:

    So those merchants have really embraced selling on multiple marketplaces. You don’t have to go far down the list to find a seller whose largest marketplace is not their home country – KW-Commerce. They are actually based in Berlin but their biggest marketplace (by feedback) is Italy.

    KW-Commerce is a german seller, but you but an italian flag…

    Best Regards

  4. Sadly Amazon is not available in Australia, not for buyers or sellers,only Amazon books….even though Australia is one of the highest online purchasing population there is, but I guess Ebay isn’t complaining.

  5. I’m pretty sure you’re missing a class of sellers. These are both long-time Amazon Sellers that I’ve had experience buying from and both are missing from your list but clearly have the feedback scores to make it.

    bull_moose – 11,178 in 12 months, 169.000 total

    ZiaRecords -14,393 ratings in the past 12 month, 150,000K total

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for the comment.

      Amazon does not provide a seller directory for every category in every country in which they have a marketplace. There’s quite a lot of variation but specifically does not list sellers of books, DVDs/Blu-rays and CDs. (As an aside, even when there are seller directories some of the top sellers are missing.)

      So we supplemented data from the seller directories by looking at all sellers with an offer for any of the top 100 products in any of the top-level categories. (So they don’t have to be in the Buy Box for those products, they just need to have an offer at any price.)

      We think the two sources together provide good coverage but it’s not going to be 100%. A seller that’s missing from the seller directories (or who only sells in categories without a directory) and does not have an offer for any of the top 100 best sellers won’t be on the list. A summary of the methodology is in the “About the Data” section at the end of the article, but in less detail because it gets pretty complex.

      In the future we’ll see if we can improve the methodology but while there is no perfect (public) source of Amazon sellers there will be the potential for omissions.

  6. This is great! The “Top Amazon Marketplaces” list is like a road map of where to start selling next.

    I have started an “International Fulfillment Mastermind”, which is … A MasterMind group for power sellers selling products to consumer via fulfillment services worldwide such as Amazon FBA, where we help and advise each other.

    If you are selling over $10,000 a month online and are currently international or plan to go international, “reply to me” and tell me generically about your business, yourself, monthly units and monthly sales. Sincere replies will be invited to our “International Fulfillment Mastermind”.

    If you don’t sell $10,000… please do yourself a favor and focus on your local country sales.


    1. Hello
      Am interested in the International Mastermind
      Currently approved in Amazon .UK and Amazon,jp, have not sold there yet. VAT driving me crazy.
      Selling around 30K / month currently


    2. Interested in the international fulfillment mastermind. We are currently generating sales of 15-20k / month but gearing up for expansion both at home and the European marketplaces. Our database provider has recently added ISBN search capability in Europe and we are in France now doing a little recon. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  7. Hi guys,

    the list is great. Good job!

    I am a Part of one of the top 6 Amazon companies in the world. We are selling in com, de, fr and uk and our feedback rates are: com 1 out of 7, uk 1 out of 5.5, fr 1 out of 6.5 and de 1 out of 11. maybe that helps to interpret the feedbacks better 🙂

    1. Thank you Pete, glad you like it.

      Very useful information on your feedback rates, thanks. Better than many sellers report, but in line with what Amazon says publicly (10% – 20%).

      Do you use a feedback solicitation tool like FeedbackGenius? Any ideas why DE is the outlier?

    2. Hey Pete,
      I agree with Andy, that is excellent, excellent info. Thank you..

      As he said; do you use any feedback software? If you don’t.. I’d love to have you on-board with my company I think you’d be quite impressed with getting those conversions even higher.. and we support all those international marketplaces as well.

      – James

    3. Would you share your feedback solicitation approaches?
      Do you employee any service provider to assist, or just emailing customers?
      Seems to me that when you are high up enough, Amazon solicits feedback for you.

  8. Not very good quality. So much sellers are missing. Sometimes a seller is missing only in one marketplace. For example KW-Comerce in europe. There you have only two markets instead of 5. And KW is one of the biggest. ?

    Also a lot of others are missing, the last update in 2015 was a lot better

    1. OK we have now updated all the data – global, Europe and all the countries. I think we have picked up a lot of the missing sellers and additional marketplaces for sellers with unified European accounts.

      Thanks for your patience!

    1. Cloudtail is a 49:51 joint venture between Amazon Asia and Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy’s personal investment vehicle Catamaran, says India’s Economic Times.

      So while not technically an Amazon company, the intent of this list is to show third-party sellers so we will exclude it when we put out an update within the next few weeks.

    1. Yes, you can use some free/paid tools that give you a detailed report on the list of products and other insights. Some tools to look at are Jungle scout, SellerPrime, Sellics etc,

  9. Hi Andy – how was this information pulled by marketplace? I’d like to see if there is a complete list for the Canadian marketplace.

  10. Andy, this is a brilliant article! Can I kindly ask you what name you think would work better for my store? Bennett’s Shopping Emporium? Or Depot 33?

    Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you,

  11. Hi guys,

    I am practically new in this amazon selling journey, and i will like to learn from any top Amazon sellers in US/EU (for I am willing to make my journey and fly up) perhaps learning from the founders of pharmapacks, for a start?

    Am not sure, but a few name drops would help

  12. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the 2018 report on the World’s Top Amazon Sellers and it’s great to see the new marketplaces being added.

    Am quite surprised how little cross border activity is going on in the North American Amazon marketplaces, a lot more going on in Europe, but as you say this could change with time.

  13. When it comes to Amazon’s seller feedback ratings, you cannot always believe what you read. Several months ago I discovered that Amazon frequently removes or strikes out three stars and less ratings while leaving four and five star ratings with similar content for many sellers. This manipulation activity is far from being an isolated incident.

    Over the last several months, I’ve been sending proof of the manipulation to Amazon, but as far as I can tell, they are unwilling to stop the malicious activity.

    It’s not very difficult to find sellers where their feedback ratings are being manipulated. All you need to do is keep an eye on the sellers with close to 100% positive ratings. It’s amazing how many three stars and less ratings will show up, then disappear. While some of them might be removed by the customer, it appears to me that the majority are removed or struck out by Amazon.

    When Amazon is confronted about the issue of feedback removal, Amazon will give a URL along with a song-and-dance statement about why the removals happen. But the one part they always ignore has to do with why the removals only happen to three stars and less feedbacks while four and five star feedbacks with similar content (which violate Amazon’s policies) are left untouched.

    Of course, statements without proof should not to be taken with any seriousness. But in my case, I can provide plenty of documented evidence to the malicious manipulation of Amazon’s seller feedback data.

    1. …this isn’t manipulations. Feedbacks are not meant for product reviews. Many many many feedbacks end up being related to the product. Also, any FBA order with negative feedback is also subject to removal. Feedback is and should only be for the service provided by the seller. Not how well the customer liked the product or how Amazon FBA screwed up somehow. All of these are subject for removal and it is not “manipulation”.

    1. In previous years we searched for and excluded Amazon’s own selling accounts such as Warehouse Deals, Cloudtail, Zappos etc.

      This year we have included all selling accounts (those with a feedback profile anyway, so Amazon Retail is still excluded).

      So not all are third-party sellers, but on the upside I think it is interesting to see the comparative size of Amazon’s own accounts.

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