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Amazon Brand Registry: Everything You Need to Know

By Leah McHugh

Brand Registry is powerful and sophisticated, but also complex and often misunderstood. Here are all the answers for brands and sellers.

Amazon Brand Registry: Everything You Need to Know

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Thanks for the great information. We have been trying to figure out our options for listing our in house Brands on Amazon as we don’t have UPC codes for all of the items.


Replying to Sergei

Thanks Sergei! You could also apply for a UPC exemption- details on that can be found here ->


Thanks for sharing. In which market (US, EU, JP..) we can use the transparency program?

Andy Geldman

Replying to Bryan

Transparency is currently U.S. only.

Amazon says over 1,000 brands have enrolled to date.


We are working with an Italian coffee business as their only US distributor. Been trying to get some guidance/help from Amazon regarding specific steps we need to take to get on brand registry to no avail. Any suggestions?



I have applied for 2 trademarks through the USPTO and was recently given serial numbers for my brands. I now want to apply for the amazon brand registry. I have a few important questions. I would appreciate if you can shed some light on them. Please let me know.



Hi great article – most info I’ve seen out there on this. We have a real specific question and were wondering if you might know – If getting brand registry requires that the trademark owner company matches the company name in seller central? Our structure is a little complicated at the moment. I know Amazon sends a verification email to the trademark holder, which makes me think the details don’t have to match but we were wondering if this is the case.



I have a specific qs.

I have a brand and I am brand registered.

There are some listings where there is another seller which has jumped onto my listing.

How do I get rid of them?

Kind regards

Tara Bennett

Hi, Our brand was registered when we were selling as a Vendor, we have now switched to Seller Central, Amazon has delisted some of our products indicating they are or may be counterfeit. How do we register on Seller central if we have in the past been registered when selling on Vendor.

Thank you

Leah McHugh

Replying to Tara Bennett

Hi Tara, You can add your seller account as an agent of the Brand Registry you set up with your vendor account.

Marshall Fleisher

I’m an attorney. My client signed a form authorizing a third party to act as brand manager on the Amazon Brand Registry. The client now wants to revoke that authorization. How can we do it?

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